Asperger political rant re fears of entitlements causing laziness

Reference "Right Fears Entitlements Are Killing American Dream" article by Ari Shapiro.

This article seems to me to go right to the central issues between the polarities of our political system at this time, and thus exploring so as to help my Asperger's social-dimwittedness figure out better the what and why various people do what they do.

Through the article's title itself, two thoughts pop up: one is that the "Right" folks consider that, although it is depriving them of some of the clout to make the sheeple obey them, it is really the American Dream of the Right-wingers that they see in jeopardy, not the American Dream of the peons. If the Right-wingers have to offer the sheeple more pay to entice them to do the work, then there will be less wealth for the Right-wingers to wallow in vast luxury that is their due for being Winners, the Superior Beings of mankind.

Exploring where that rant came up from, in my simple-minded Asperger's struggle to make sense of it all, I have simplified the Right-winger politicos as being the "rulers" of the system where the Left-winger politicos are the "slaves." The work-struggles of the bottom layer of the Big Org Chart consists of the hordes of "slaves", atop of which are layer upon layer upon layer of bosses, the huge pile of bosses of bosses of bosses composing the "rulers" of the "slaves."

Well, go back a bit further. Back to the schoolyard bullies and their victims; I never could comprehend why bullies were bullies, seemed insane. Why go out of one's way to attack and hurt others? Must be something broken inside the bullies, for them to wantonly cause damage to the whole, and for no apparent reason. Now I realize that it the thing that it takes to be a manager of other people, the craving to interact with other people so as to get them to do what one wants instead of them doing what they want.

Now, that is not so goofy a thing to do as it seemed to me for many years, since that control of many folks by an individual, is what can get them to produce larger and more complex things than any one could do alone. thus, bigger and better things can be built, through the action of the bully-type getting productive, instead of merely beating up on others so as to watch them suffer - and thus attract the admiration of the females which on average increases the reproduction of the bully-types enormously, and thus perpetuates itself that way down through the generations.

Now, the present political situation is not of merely a pile of Right-wing bullies having taken control of things merely through wanton destruction of everything not of their own, but instead of considerable very complex power structure through control of finances, of what resources are available to do what thing. Although the Right-wing mentality craves to play games to prove they are winners and therefor the superior beings (for the gals to notice) there has to be the games. Sports like football and baseball are pretty much used up, therefore there are games such as technology, manufacturing, intellectual as well as physical territory to be grabbed and controlled, all as part of the game playing. And as part of all this manipulation orgy ever going on, somewhere at the bottom of the heap are the losers, the sheeple, the peons the "slaves" that are ruled by the "rulers."

Back in the 1960's, there was the version of this, called "Capitalism vs Communism". The word was that Communism could only be a failure, since if everybody owned everything equally, then there would be no incentive to work, and thus nothing would get produced. Capitalism was thus far superior, because the owner-managers who were employers of the peons, could force the peons to work at minimum wages and benefits, and thus get the work done while wallowing in luxury (work that would otherwise would have to be done by the owner-managers, how horrible a thought.)

Yet back then there was also a huge "middle-class," people who were highly skilled and knowledgeable, and able to work autonomously to a large extent, thus reducing the need for some lower levels of management. But the middle-class is said to be rapidly vanishing. That leaves teh upper and lower class, to get everythign done that needs doing.

Now, it must seem silly to think that the lower class, the working class, could get things done without the directions of the ruling class; let the Democrats be on top for awhile, and show that they cannot guide themselves, through their obvious inability to guide themselves; only the superior management-minded class could do that, born and bred for that task; unlike those of the slave class. Yet there was this mode of the masses of slaves, choosing what they want to have done, be able to raise taxes from which to pay managers to guide their coordinated activities to get the needed things done. And the things that the slave-class were picking to get done, ended to be things that would benefit the whole nation of people, instead of being guided by the benefit of the various pockets of the ruling class businesses which were guided by scarcity and need manipulations, with little regard for the nation's functioning as a whole. The slave-class tended to want interstate roadways on which for them to ride freely, paid for by the whole nation. In contrast, the ruler class would instead only have roadways built where proven to be needed locally and would be used to harvest tolls by the owners of the roadway pieces. The ownership of the separate pieces of the roadway system would reap the good life due to the ruler owner-managers, yet also need to manage to keep their own little piece of roadway in good shape and useable; and if things got touch, they could hire some toughs to be trolls who allowed only certain people to pass through their piece of roadway: more leverage for bullying. The free-use interstate highway system prevailed however, at least up to this point, much to the benefit of commerce in the nation, along with the general population, rulers and slaves alike, able to freely cruise from where they were to where they wanted to be.

Yet the slave-class Left-wingers also wanted long-term functionality of the whole nation for their progeny, and that meant knowledgeable guidance of use of all resources, whether of nature's minerals or of human work capacity. This requires observation of what is happening to all those resources as a whole. Are some things becoming depleted and thus no longer available in the future, ought not something be done about this now? In contrast, the Right-winger ruler class merely considers to grab ownership of some territory and exploit it to the best re the principles of supply and demand of the moment. The right-winger ruler-class wanted the goodies of life for their progeny too, but as rulers who continue the process of forcing the masses of slaves to do the bidding of the ruler class, whether the slave-class folks thought it was wise to do that or not, s seen in the bigger picture of the nation as a whole, and as a member of a world full of nations and their various peoples.

To keep the slave-class in line and obedient to the ruling-class folks, the ruling class needs to focus on wielding the carrots&sticks. And that usually means to control the doling out of pay and benefits through employment; if the slave-class will get food and shelter even if they don't do the work for the ruler-class, how will the ruler-class function? After all, the jobs the ruler class provides, no one would choose to do without coercion of the carrots and the sticks. Letting the slave class dream of owning a nice home and having a family so as to produce more slaves, of course; they won't need much education for that, of course.

Thus this rant comes around to confront the why of the Right-wingers thinking that food stamps and free medical and shelter will just let the slaves sulk and not work anymore.

And yet I dream too: what if the ruling-class were to design jobs for the slave class that the slaves would enjoy doing, in addition to receiving enough pay to exist fairly comfortably and raise families? Then the slaves, who could otherwise loll around on the street corners munching their free food, would instead eagerly apply for those fun and interesting jobs offered by the ruling class Right-wingers.

Ah, but that is not the way the bully-mind works. It is only good if the slaves are forced to do the disagreeable tasks demanded by the bully ruler-class; is that not proof of the superiority of the ruling class, proof of the superiority of bullyhood membership? For them to design and maintain fun and interesting jobs for the peons, well, that would be a lot harder to do than just pushing the slaves around, per the instincts of bullies.

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Decisions affected by cultural orientations

The current article in Science News "Depolarizing climate science" has provided me with a feeling of understanding for what has seemed to me to be responses that are not appropriate to the situation.

Before that, I was stuck in the thought that people just like to take sides, so that games can happen, like football games that the enthusiasts can get all excited about who is winning.

But this article approaches the basic phenomena quite differently, and in a way that is more satisfying to me.

It of course applies to my already twenty-three year long struggle to get my "KESTS to GEO and Applications" project going, which could have solved huge amounts of problems including some already upon the world, and no end in sight.

The article points out that "... how people interpret facts can be colored by cultural orientations...."



Backing up protection for Fukushima number 4 pool

Although I don't fully agree with all the contentions of the article my response is to offer suggestions. As I have also done in the past. And which seems to get totally ignored. I could rant a bit about the possible causes of all that, like things getting done only by "hiearchy of bullies" type of interactions to get things done, but instead I will blithely launch into my assumption that the other mode of people getting things done is to all see the same nicer picture and each voluntarily pitch in to help make it happen best possible.

The "nicer picture" I offer here is that the world pitch in to do something about the threat to the world that the teetering Fukushima #4 pool of spent fuel 100 feet in the air, before it comes down (and then people say oh how awful tsk tsk and later eek eek the radiation all over everywhere.) Right now apparently the functional picture is of business-as-usual, keep the pumps running for delivering water into the #4 pool and melted-down reactors.

So how about this addition to the picture: ships from other nations bring the makings of lots of pumpcrete concrete and mixing and pumping it, over to Japan, and build forms all around the base of the #4 building, and pour a reinforced concrete wall that can resist quakes when full of water; and fill it with water. Thus if the floor collapses that holds the pool of spent fuel, it just dumps into a larger pool of water, instead of largely heaped into the air on the ground to roast and start making a huge mess all over the place, perhaps even bringing in the other melted down reactors into the picture as per the subject article's doomsday scenario.

Most likely there are other pieces in this picture needing filling, such as below-ground-level passageways and whatever means that are in place to keep water being pumped up into #4's spent fuel pool as-is.

And also most likely pieces of the picture harder for me to grasp, such as the "we are boss here, get back in line or get out of our business we rule here not you" mentality lurking about. That kind of mentality seems the cause of "KESTS to GEO" project not getting built starting back in 1989 (or even in 2000 when it finally got peer-reviewed and technical paper published by ASCE) and thus would be operational today providing SPS electrical power; in my mind that failure to produce KESTS to GEO transportation structure in time, is a disaster worse than the impending Fukushima disaster the article proclaims. Thus, the "we are better than you we rule get out of here" critters will continue to bring about the future we have to endure.



I told you so - or - we both goofed big time

Re :

At first watching this video and realizing it was an archetype of what mankind is doing to the whole world - and that I had, with decades of struggle and effort, found a way to solve that problem along with other major ones facing us even now - I briefly had an urge to write there "I told you so!" but then realized it is not just the "world's mistake" but my mistake too, in that it was not enough to find a way to solve the problems, but also required that I find those both able to comprehend the problems and the potential of my solutions, and to implement them in time. I got the concept created in fairly detailed integrated forms; and I made lots of efforts to communicate the concepts even to the point of preparing peer reviewed technical papers and traveling to present them at conferences - but I did not get it communicated well enough to make it happen. Thus, is not only the arrogant goofing up by the powers that be, but my own blundering effort goofing up, too.

Backing up to explore the problem a bit more, I imagine the same people who think milk is created in the grocery store shelves where they buy milk, also think that the trash they take out to the bin every day or so, simply vanishes there; or if they think about it at all, assume the trash is hauled to some landfill dump somewhere and covered up by bulldozers, much as a cat digs a little hole and poops into it and covers it up with dirt. The cat poop is recycled by insects and mostly vegetable matter which consider the nitrates and other nutrients as food for their lives - eventually to support that which again feeds the cat - but much of what we human are sending to the landfill dumps is not anything Mother Nature has any ability to recycle. Plants and insects can't deal with discarded televisions, for example; is inedible to them.

The KESTS to GEO (that recent versions even now are hard to find on search engines) had a secondary purpose; its primary purpose was to provide a way around the limitation of the anchored tether space elevator concept's tether materials' strength to weight ratio can't-do, providing a way to achieve the same thing but without that materials unsolved problem. (It would create its own internal centrifugal force as the rotating part of an eccentric hoop around the Earth, contacting the ground on the equator at its low point, and reaching into high earth orbit at its upper point above the opposite side of the Earth, thus primarily supported by stored energy within itself instead of by raw strength of materials) would first have enabled the very low cost transport from ground into GEO to finally build the solar power satellites envisioned since the 1960's. Rocketry has intrinsic limitations and is inadequate to do the solar power satellite job economically. (We try to make the SPS ever lower weight but still the rockets can't do it.)

But the secondary use for such very low cost high capacity continuous space access enabled by the KESTS to GEO, was to haul up our industrial trash, that nature cannot recycle; putting it through solar-powered mass-spectrometer mass-charge ratio separators, the broken trashed television sets get converted into containers full of the purified elements that had made up the trash, and then would be returned down the KESTS to ground for re-use, building newer kids of televisions or cars or whatever - eventually to again be trashed, sent up the KESTS to GEO and totally recycled again; a fully complete recycle system.

The other fate is like in the video at the island in the Maldives. An island once part of paradise.

And that is something else we accepted, along with having to burn hydrocarbons for most of the energy civilization has to have.

And guess what: rockets were the only allowed way to access space because ... that is where the money was, for private business to take over what NASA had so expensively taxpayer-paid developed, and add some newer manufacturing technology, and behold, slightly cheaper rockets provided by moneymaking enterprizers.

And that blocked the solar power satellites way of solving earth's energy problem ... thus the coal and oil companies continue business as usual wealth endlessly pouring in to fuel their lavish lifestyles, what fun for those few.

Grump grump. "Loser" would be the scorn of most, no doubt; yes, I have felt that "loser" not just in the lack of acknowledgement and action on the concepts I created, but also in not even having a woman to make love with at night. Yes, I know "loser" very well. Are you happy?

Yet also I know that when masses of people need to move so as to produce something - like private space launch vehicles - we just do not have the ability to self-correct enough to be able to advance more than a teeny amount at a time. And that is what we are doing. Can we get there in time? Can we ever get there adequately, stuck with rockets as the only means for space access?

Most likely there are those who smugly wait until nuclear powered ground to space rockets are desperately needed by mankind to build the solar power satellites.

Ah yes, the Fashion Police are probably even now cluck-clucking that I am not keeping my place, once again; and thus need punishing, something they know how to do very well, what fun for bullies.



Restarting of two idle nuclear reactors at Kansai Electric's Ohi nuclear plant

Re near end of article, it was mentioned that a decision about restarting some of the nuclear powerplants over on the western part of Japan.

Assuming that the nuclear reactors at Kansai Electric's Ohi nuclear plant powerplants in western Japan are newer than Fukushima - which were soon to be decommissioned anyway even before the quake - from what I have read, if the reactors are built such that they power their own pumps and control systems, and switch over to external utility energy supply only when it can't supply its own power needs, then I think that they ought to be restarted when maintenance is completed and all appears satisfactory.

We need to learn the correct lessons from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The above-mentioned obvious fix seems likely to be able to do that, if it was not already designed that way, being newer and based on more experience.

If not designed that way, well, Fukushima provided the experience.

One does not abandon use of all cars, if one of them gets into a big wreck. Instead, one then seeks to sufficiently improve the part that caused the wreck; then resume use of cars, which now are presumably a bit safer than before.



Puzzling how to deal with new kind of scam

Supposedly, even though someone is a socially dimwit naive Asperger (like me), one can still strive to learn some of the tricks people play, and occasionally recall them in time to figure it out and fend one off.

But some times, a new one pops up. One such is ongoing in my life right now, and despite lots of thinking of what to do about it, nothing comes to mind.

It started maybe a month ago. A knock at the door; was a young man with a bunch of papers in hand, and said they were for a Roberta Stark. I told him there was no one here by that name and I did not recognize the name. He said could he leave it here anyway and I said no; there was no such person here nor expected to be.

(I was also suddenly recalling a similar name, Robin Stark, secretary at a place I worked at a couple decades ago, and I was quite fond of her ... but her name was Robin, not Roberta, and Stark was her maiden name, not married name ... thoughts in my mind flashing through ... recalling how I had wanted to have a relationship with her; and how my supervisor had bragged to me about taking her to Vegas and she begging him to make love to her in their hotel room ... etc etc pile of confusing social stuff to Aspergers me.)

Anyway, about a week later, at the end of a long weary day after a sleepless night due to strange noises banging on my house at night and having to switch around where I was sleeping in effort to avoid the "heat-beam" phenomenon, at dusk another knock at the door, was the same young man. I repeated that the person he was seeking was not here and was not known by me. He said the ones in Moses Lake told him to leave the papers here regardless; that this was the last known address of the people. (I did not think quick enough to ask him when that was supposed to have taken place; nor ask how to contact the ones in Moses Lake.) I repeated that no, it did not belong here, and I shut the door, trying to be polite as possible under the circumstances.

The next day I discovered a sheaf of papers laying on my front porch, presumably the documents the guy was trying to leave here. I ignored them. The next day it was windy and someone had moved the thing closer to my door and set a telephone book on it apparently to keep it from blowing away, so it appeared the perpetrators were not far away, maybe. Days later I tossed the phone book into the trash as it was covering up the name of who the thing was for, in case the people would come by and get it; there have been lots of renters in the houses across the street, dozens of young men and women coming and going briefly living over there at times; and maybe was one of those couples.

The papers remained on my porch. I looked at them: is for a couple of people, Roberta and Robert Stark, and it is a bill for couple hundred dollar monthly child support for a child born in 2004. No address shown, so why was it on my porch.

In my many years of coping more or less with the typical games normals play on Aspergers, such as "get left holding the bag", scapegoat, set-up, and frame-up, and a seeming infinite number of variations on "the old shell game," nothing in my experience suggests how to deal with this, other than leave the thing on the porch. The documents only seemed to leave the option for reply being to return a small envelope with support payments in it, to the State, over on the coast. No indication of who the Moses Lake folks are, to return it to them; the perpetrators kept themselves unidentified.

That it most likely is a scam, is about all I can figure out. The guy was too insistent for it to be a mere error. From dim memories of playing chess as a youth, it looks a bit like a "move" that is preparing for something else to happen; that this is a set-up for something else. Any way I can anticipate what that could be, and take steps to protect myself and property, I wonder. Such a thing could be used for an excuse to stalk and maybe even assault; to gain access to my physical property and thus intellectual property, on the pretense of me "avoiding paying the child support" claimed by the document, even though am not one of those people nor do they live here, and this address is not shown on the document.

There might be connection to the occasional indications, over the years here, that my house had been entered and stuff accessed, particularly when I was shopping over at the Walmart store, which I have to do at times, since I have no woman to be my companion and help with shopping while one person guards the home. And am "straight" and would not tolerate a male companion. That is part of this overall irritation, too, "they" claiming that I have a woman living here with me, while I have endless suffering due to the lack of a woman with whom to make love.

So today, since it is past time to get my porch plants out of the house back onto the front porch for the summer, I printed out an attachment with large letters saying "WRONG HOUSE" and explanatory in smaller font, taped it on the top page, hopefully visible to people, moved the document down a step so my plants can take their customary place.

I have also noticed sometimes when outside, slightly odd acting vehicles cruising slowly past, unfriendly-looking people staring at me from them; although that kind of thing has been going on ever since moving here, it seems much more frequent now. Am reclusive, not interesting to look at at all, so probably something else causing their interest.

And - now in retrospect - on another subject, I realize that maybe a woman would have to forgive my Aspergers goofy ways, to stick with me - maybe that is part of why I have no mate, along with the bunch of expert-snoopy guys that stalk me and make sure I cannot meet a woman.



Driverless cars a half century ago and now

Ref article "Google gets Nevada driving licence for self-drive car"

The technology being tested under Google sponsorship involves electronically substituting for human driving, sometimes imitating human senses and thought processes, and sometimes using radar principles to ascertain distances. The main purpose, per the article, seems to be to eliminate the major source of car accidents, driver interaction mistakes.

So it appears that this is being made into a viable technology, under test while gradually getting legality to its use on conventional streets.

The idea of a car being able to drive itself, is probably not new; and indeed, I had proposed a transportation system modification long ago, not with the intention of creating driverless cars, although that was a potential side effect, in that it enabled drivers to kick back and drink coffee, listen to fine music and even read the paper or snooze a bit, on certain long stretches of their daily commute. I had written this up in various forms, the last time was in 1973, I think. Let's see, that is some forty-nine years ago.

The system I had proposed - and I had originally thought its basics up circa 1967 - was not like Google's now increasingly operational system; but in many respects would have had similar usage. And was potentially creatable back then in the early 1970's at least, and would involve vastly simpler technology. Although, its vision back then was to utilize freeway systems like in Los Angeles, CA, and the national Interstate highway system, and not the surface street part of commutes.

Now, nobody is interested in my idea now, any more than was back then. So, I will rewrite it here, just for the enjoyment of readers who like exploring potential technologies and their usage - in imagination.

The basic concept was the PLL, the Phase Lock Loop. (The PLL was a basic concept that had fascinated me from back in the mid-1950's, note; thus I had thought about its basics in other uses, of course. The original purpose of the PLL was to generate a noise-free signal out of a very noisy one, in very weak radio communications.) In this usage, lets think of the PLL as a counter, that ever seeks to have a constant rate of something per some non-varying time increment. In this example, let's say that it seeks ten somethings per second; and if it did not get ten of them in a given second, it speeds something up until it is not only getting those ten somethings per second, but also has made up the missing somethings count. And if it gets more than ten, it slows down to get back to the ten per second, while also making up for any count that had been extra.

Let's make the things that are counted, be the dashes as painted on a freeway. Or maybe dots, to get more of them in a given length, for a bit more precision; the space between them will be the ultimate position accuracy of vehicles using that special freeway lane. These dashes or dots would be painted down the center of the driving lane, instead of the sides, as now are used to define driving lanes. The vehicle would follow the center line of dashes.

The car will use optical sensors to follow the line of painted-on dashes; while also the PLL will speed up or slow down the car, so that always there will be a constant number of dashes passed per second. You can see that we have a system that will enable a vehicle to follow down the freeway special lane at a predetermined speed, that will vary according to how many dashes per distance are painted on the pavement.

If the traffic engineers want vehicles to go 30 mph in a given section of roadway, they paint the dashes closer than if they want the vehicles to go faster, say 70 mph, in another section of the roadway.

And since the PLL makes up for any dashes missed or gained extra in a given second, the position of any vehicle will be precisely defined, once it locks onto a given section of roadway that has been thusly painted with the dashes. So the vehicles are all locked into position with reference to the painted dashes on the roadway, and thus they are locked into relative position with each other, thus preventing them from colliding.

The concept back then was embellished with starting and stopping temporary parking areas at freeway exits, where drivers would briefly stop to let their vehicle get integrated into the system whenever a "slot" was timed to appear in the ongoing freeway traffic stream, at the starting point; and at the driver-selected freeway off ramp and temporary parking area, the driver would then take over the driving function on surface streets. Some thought was also put into a basic vehicular condition check done automatically while parked and waiting for a space to appear in the freeway traffic; the check would probably at least verify enough fuel in the gas tank for the planned trip to a specific off-ramp.

In between, while traversing the city's freeways system or the national interstate system, the driver was free to read or sleep or simply watch the world go by; which essentially was a driverless vehicular system.

Whenever there was snow or ice, the driver had to drive, of course, since the optical sensors would have their vision blocked by the snow; but then, it takes a human driver to compensate for the somewhat unpredictable slippy-slidy nature of snow and ice. Thus this was a fair-weather traffic system, which would transfer over to the human driver when road conditions got too messy. But usually if freeways and interstates are in use by cars, they are usually fairly cleared of snow and ice, anyway. It would be of special use such as in the Los Angeles county widespread system of some six million people, many of whom endure the commute to and from work each weekday; those would be the folks most helped by this concept.

The whole system could be brought to a crawl or a stop, in emergency conditions, simply by slowing the clock that was sent by radio to all vehicles, to provide the time base for the dash rate counter. Similarly, the whole system could be slowly re-started, when the emergency had been cleared, but re-starting the radio-sent clock at an increasing rate until all was up and running at the original speeds again.

The users of the interstate system, particularly in non-winter months, would also have their long trips made far easier than it would be otherwise. And presumably safer, not so dependent on driver alertness; although as in all things technological, reliability needs to be built in to match the need level for reliability.

When I proposed this back in the late 60's and early 1970's all I got in response was blank faced apathy; or worse, angry resentment that I, as a mere tech and college dropout, would dare to propose something that the obviously much-smarter college grads had not thought of. That part has not changed much, as of now.

But Google has gotten attention for its own driverless car thing; and, apparently relatively quite quickly. There appears to be a difference between me and Google. I wonder what that is ... :-)

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Response to article on runamok science and technology

Reference article "Human race being terminated by 'scientific suicide' "

Well, sometimes I consider some of my blog posts here as "ranting," but the referenced article outdoes my rants by several orders of magnitude. Yet it has much food worthy of thought, if one can look past the ranting.

Skipping the many detailed points the article brings up, the part that I came away with is the assertion that "science and technology" is insufficiently balanced by application of wisdom and wider understanding, and that with most "science" being led down channels that maximize profit for businesses (of necessity, because they pay for the science being done) instead of for maximizing benefit to the ultimate wide customer base. And that "ultimate wide customer base" is largely unaware of what is being done, in order to make profit for businesses, by offering products that in narrow focus provide benefit to a limited part of the wider customer base. The author points out ten potentially runamok technologies that could spell disaster for civilization.

(He did not bring up the assertion of the Malthusian-math-based groups that say the only problem is that there are far too many people on the planet, and so the solution is to ....)

Well, I resist the urge to bring up lots of quotes from the article, yet this post won't make much sense unless the reader actually reads the hard-hitting article by Mike Adams; it speaks for itself. What I need to write about is the effect on me.

I have written posts several times that attempted to explore what happened to me in my freshman year in college, which made major changes to the course of my career and life. Many of those disruptive changes continue with me today, like 24/7 loud tinnitus in both ears, and difficulty in remembering what I had read. From being what Adams would have called a "super-geek" but of the mid-1950's, entering college as a physic major with a tentative goal of becoming either a nuclear scientist or a thin-film researcher, yet also to learn all the sciences as a side activity. This would have been possible back then (not now) and I was well on my way as of entering college - for example, I had been looking forward to college chemistry due to my enjoyment of chemistry, but college entrance testing had found that I already knew more chemistry than one who had taken their college chemistry course. I had been reading intensively in high school, averaging a book a day in addition to my studies, mostly in the sciences and of course the science fiction which doubtless kept it all exciting for me. 750 wpm reader with comprehension, I was going to learn all of physics of the time, then on to chemistry which was based on physics, then biology that was based on chemistry, then on psychology that was based on biology, then on to sociology that was based on psychology; progress from there would depend on what I had learned in the meantime, was the way my reasoning went. To be a scientist was my primary career goal, my ultimate ideal; surely a fine woman would be my partner and mate through all of this. Well, the problem was that I needed to already know the sociology part to be able to adequately connect to my beloved girlfriend, and Aspergers (they had not given it a name yet back then) needed intensive sociology-psychology working understanding to have a chance at not making the interpersonal goofs that cost me my girlfriend when I left for college, and the resulting deep despair along with other hardships such as financial, stopped me from taking care of myself, and I had no support structure then and wheat gluten sensitivity destroyed me from the inside and Asperger's destroyed me from the outside. I changed my major to psychology for a semester but did not finish it, and became a "college dropout" and that was a position from which I lived my career.

Nonetheless my dreams of becoming a scientist were never forgotten. I continued to read and learn about all the sciences for relaxation while I was on the rough road of the real world, ever struggling to get some kind of work so as to pay my bills. After retiring I did volunteer work in the sciences at a natural history museum in the research and collections department; and still do the data processing part of that work from far away, via my computer and the internet; this activity provides me a bit more self-esteem (and my boss at the museum sends me Care Packages on my birthday and for Christmas, another incentive.)

Now reading the subject article "Human race being terminated by 'scientific suicide' " my buttons get pushed. And pushed in lots of ways; my life has covered lots more ground since those high-functioning high school days. Having to survive as a grunt in the physical world of bottom-level workers, instead of the high-flying theoretical world of my preparation for life, provided much opportunity for change of point of view.

The subject of lack of wisdom in the application of science, dredged up one of the things that I sought in my high school years, that I had two modes of thinking. There was the mode I liked the most, that was wide-ranging, big picture processing mode; and there was an analytical, detail processing mode that schoolwork required. The problem was that when I was in the well-practiced analytical reasoning mode, I could not voluntarily get switched over to the big-picture delightful mode; and worse, when somehow I found myself in the big-picture mode, whenever I had to get into the detail processing mode to resolve some item, I found I could not get back over into the big-picture mode to continue what I had been exploring.

And now I suspect that is the problem with scientists of today that Mike Adams so harshly grouses about in the subject article. I suspect that it is this unbalanced aspect, that supplies the "lack of wisdom" major problem.

And, the scientists rarely get to follow their heart in their research, since they must make a living, and their employers tell what they are to research and try to find; and their employer is probably mostly motivated by making a big profit, to gain wealth and power for himself. This "wealth and power" of the businessman, small business or corporate, motivation has almost nothing to do with wisdom for humanity, the ecosystem and the civilization on which his life so intimately depends. As well as do all we others on the planet, hapless bringer-alongs in all this.

Anyway - along with the occasional opportunity to learn a little more of the sciences by reading during my working years, I also struggled to get clues to the two modes of my thinking. And at this point I have found many such clues, and protocols that look promising for finally bringing my two types of thinking into easy back and forth mode.

Much of this, of course, was also explored starting back in the "left-right brain thinking" that was so in vogue before blood flow imaging found "left-right cognition" was a vast oversimplification as to anatomy; yet, the dual processing phenomena remains. And men, like me, have fewer corpus-collosum connections between the two halves of our brains, than do women, thus making it harder for men to integrate the two cognitive processing modes.

So my pursuit of skill at "wisdom" has long focused on the union of left-right brain thinking. Would that automatically provide wisdom for humanity, resolving the problem of insufficient integration of small scientific applications into business-profit-directed endeavors?

I suspect not adequately, because of opportunity. Scientists have to get paid, enabled to live adequate lives, get married, raise families and so forth. Their scientist skills tend to not approach that subject; employers and their management will do that part, along maybe also with investors in the company. And, those non-scientists are picking out what among the many possible paths of science and technology, that get followed. And the drive for wealth and power that businessmen and many managers, has little interest in supporting humanity and civilization, and the ecosystem, despite their very lives depending on it.

There have been many comedian teams that have shown this difficulty, by their acted out portrayals, such as Bud Abbot and Lou Costello. We can laugh at it all, and that helps see the problems and de-stress about it a bit; and I wonder maybe we learn a bit of wisdom to practice as a result, given the freedom and opportunity to do so along with remembering the lesson at the right time.

But the "left-right brain integration" stimulation and practice, looks to me like the most fruitful way to resolve the blind scientific endeavors as driven by business profit - and egos galore all over the place - of civilization blindly ending up in the ditch, as is being proclaimed by Mike Adams in the subject article.

Thus I am trying to say that it is not my beloved "science and technology" that is the leader into the ditch of civilization's destruction, but something else is. I'd grouse that it is caused by the bullies that romp amongst us; but really, the bullies often can learn to be fine managers, since they are people-oriented. How to give wisdom to bullies? Well, right now that looks harder to do. As it is said, if one does not learn the lessons of history, one is doomed to repeat the lessons - and they can be hard lessons the next time again too. Bullies tend to get the girls, often far more of them than their share; and that ensures their contributing to the future, while the other thus-mateless men vanish into the dust and the pages of the textbook knowledge.

If the article is accurate, Mother Nature seems about to get tired of our childish romps and say, exterminate-yourselves, so she can start rebuilding something else from the ashes. We were just not good enough.

But - I'd like to think we still can do it right.

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Apply Yankee Ingenuity or be roboticised parrots

Reading the article I focused on the 2nd reason per the article, that corporations have been racking up the profits but not investing much of it in their workforce. In previous recoveries the share going to profits was just 19%, compared to this recovery, 85% is going into reaped profits.

So it would seem that this is blocking the recovery, and had not been done before when the nation needed recovery. Thus it seems likely that it is just a political power grab, along with corporations funding the right-wing politicos who will cut the taxes on the big corporations so it can go into their profits and not support the country that makes their abundant businesses possible. OK so "power corrupts..." we all know that. But why did it not similarly corrupt during the prior recoveries?

After a brief moment of indulging in grousing that maybe it is a case of a bunch of Jabba-the-Huts putting the squeeze on America, and other grumping, along with thought that some of them might be saving up for some huge investment particularly in new energy and space projects ... which allows them to individually reap resulting profits instead of America as a whole being involved (or especially to cleverly take over the KESTS to GEO concept after I am out of the picture and that will make them trillions in profits, quite a lure for power grabbers) I then began to think of more factors, not so finger-pointing.

I think that the "typical American worker" is not as capable and naturally industrious as they were several decades ago ... well, at least many decades ago ... and why is that, I pondered. Our educational system has been cranking out graduates galore, yet that does not seem to adequately do the job. Is the educational system producing mere parrots, highly trained parrots that can play back the instructions programmed into them in college, whenever employers push their buttons to do so? And while businesses may think that is the ideal situation re employees - also re them desperately working at lowest pay and benefits - I think that semi-autonomous workers can be more efficient and respond more appropriately to the challenges they face to achieve their job tasks. But semi-autonomous workers need to have a different mentality than parrots; and they are more difficult to manage, making life tougher for the managers who rule the place. And, making their own life easier through controlling others, is a natural for lots of managers who are scrubbed up and brought in line bullies.

But Yankee Ingenuity has long been touted as key to America's successes. And that aspect of people has not been getting nearly enough basic support in America in the many recent decades leading up to now; the identical time span.

For example, the unemployed folks have the ideal setup re expanding their Yankee Ingenuity, by taking up constructive hobbies, learning new things by doing them, their own selves getting to pick what fields of interest those activities are in. Although they have very limited funds, they still can use their sudden surplus of time to practice handcrafts, build electronic kits, build things in their garage, just for the fun of it, finding out what it feels like to do those new kinds of things and see the results of what they created with their own hands and minds ... without being told to do so, by an employer.

But ... if all that has been developed in them is to be parrots, it is unlikely that the unemployed will be capable of self-starting new kinds of hobbies and volunteer work. And thus they are not expanding or even keeping up their job performance capacities.

Some will take more classes in college ... having been programmed to do that ... but this just adds more "words" to their parrot capabilities ... and yes some management may consider this the best for the unemployed sheeple to prepare them for getting back in the workforce at low pay and total obedience even to ruthless management, that corporate profits may expand galore.

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Thoughts about Fukushima on Steroids

Ref "Fukushima on Steroids" article by Mark Sircus.

Having pondered this subject for ages, maybe I ought to chatter here a bit about those ponderings.

Out of the chaos a few things seem to me to sift out.

One of them is the puzzlement of why don't people cease their squabbles and mutual rip-offs, to get together to resolve emerging problems that will greatly affect them all if not resolved adequately in advance?

One of the obstacles is of course the ever declaration that each bunch is the true winner and are in the right, ego stuff that has brought them fame and fortune. Understandably a tempting lure.

But I think in the more recent decades, the almost fanatic need to stick to the precept that all business must be solely guided by that which brings the most profit, regardless of the effect on the customer base, so long as they can get away with it - and, if they first establish control of the territory, it is easy to get away with most anything, in business. This seems to be the more dominant of the two forces, that is preventing us from coping adequately with these kind of major problems.

In the example of Fukushima and its horde of associated things, would it not be far better for the world to offer Japan 100% help dealing with the problem? Instead, we just eek and grouch and worry, resting on the pseudo-righteousness that somebody can get sued for the disasters.

Surely the problems there would have solutions that could help worldwide nuclear problems, too. Another reason to team up to help.

But the teaming up to help needs be done re efficacy, not egos and pomposity, as so much is done now, including in other kinds of life-effecting subjects like health.

Some of my suggestions, now:

Japan had been building a nuclear recycling plant, but has shut it down, if I remember correctly. Why this was shut down, I don't know. But the thought of handling and dealing with spent nuclear power plant fuel rods seems a "hot potato" in more ways than one.

Nonetheless, how about getting a fresh perspective on the subject of a nuclear reprocessing facility that is fully adequate and functional? And, not done only if it will bring big profit to the business of doing it, but rather for responsibility to our world.

(I resist the urge to rant on here about how I proposed a way to resolve this over a dozen years ago, but the world just romped on as before, and seemingly deliberately made it near impossible for my proposed hoop access transportation structure up to thusly-enabled total recycling plants, to become implemented. One must start from where one is really at right now, instead of where one might have been at. Doing something halfways is better than not doing it all, usually, I think, especially when desperate. And it ought to be increasingly apparent to people that there is big trouble in River City.)

I don't know what kind of technology Japan was actually exploring re reprocessing spent nuclear fuel rods, as to how feasible it could have been. So, this could just be barking up the wrong tree, re a worldwide cooperative effort, freely done, to make Japan's nuclear reprocessing plant fully operational and actively working on reprocessing Fukushima's spent fuel rods. And, can the reactor #4's especially worrisome fuel rods 30 meters up there in the blown-out building, actually be gotten to and toted over to the subject nuclear reprocessing plant, I wonder.

But the article "Fukushima on Steroids" points out the huge demand to deal with the world's growing pile of spent fuel rods. If Japan can achieve a viable reprocessing plant technology in the hypothetical worldwide cooperative effort, then most likely copies of it could be built in North America, Europe, Russia and Asia.

Look at our own (America's) efforts to clean up the nuclear waste stored at Hanford, since the building of the first a-bombs in the mid-1940's. Last responsible thing I read, was that we were pouring enormous funds into building facilities that no one knows will even work; but, pouring lots of money into it makes everyone feel we are dealing with the problem.

Science is wonderful, great of carefully assembling knowledge about the real world and how to affect it. But it tends to slip into the trap of becoming exclusively "left-brained" analytical cognitive mode, missing the lateral trails to explore, especially when research is funded by business which of necessity can afford only to explore paths that could lead to improving their profit more than their present course.

Thus it seems to me to be of essence, now that we all have fallen into the ditch together, to open both eyes and get a stereo view of the situation, get both sides of the brain into gear, and start making more progress with far fewer bad endings.

Analytical "left-brain-hemisphere" can't get there without begging help from the other halves of our brains - which often is busy doing something else, unfortunately, as it is a holistic linkage among minds far and wide and has been usurped for the exclusive betterment of a few folks, unseen by its unwitting hosts who were totally engrossed in left-brained analytical studies and tasks. Yet, each of us owns both a left and right hemisphere to our brains, and it seems prudent to find ways to get our full act together. It can be done.

Coping with Fukushima and the world's nuclear fuel rod disposition problem, needs to have our full attention (both sides of our brains in gear) to get the job done.

We might come up with such ideas as grinding up fuel rods and diluting their contents to natural ore radioactivity average intensity as mixed into concrete, and the resulting concrete be put back into the very same holes in the ground that were the mines where the uranium etc was dug out; and it all be sealed up, and so labeled. Maybe using the mine's tailings for some of the agregate in this concrete, too. Sure, it will remain somewhat nuclear-hot for eons, but the original ore that had been in the same spot, was that same level of intensity way there too.

Once we have both sides of our brains creatively coming up with lots of ideas for dealing with the nuclear waste problem, we also need to strongly establish a system for evaluating the resulting unusual ideas, by applying principles of honoring all peoples and our wonderful Mother Earth environment, among other things. That way we could trash ideas such as "dumping the ground up fuel rod stuff all over the land of our obnoxious neighbor's country" that could get proposed especially in the middle-eastern parts of the world, who sometimes seem bent on eradicating each other. Not that they are the only ones, of course. We need to get mature and honor all others - juvenile aggressive as some might be at the moment - during our search for viable solutions to this world crisis.

And hopefully our newly united two-sided cognition brains - our left-linear sequential serial processors shaking hands with our right-parallel pattern processors - will then wake up to our other big problems, like civilization's need for huge amounts of energy now and into the future. Right now those decisions seem mostly made by following the paths of easiest and greatest wealth such as oil and coal baron's business decisions. They have provided us with our wonderful energy-using ways of life; they deserve our thanks for that. Yet, getting stuck in that rut is increasingly obviously unsustainable and is crudding up our worldly nest, and our physical bodies, in multiple ways.

Can we do this? I believe we can, theoretically. Will we do this? Experience multiply says no we won't do this.

But I can burble in this apparently unseen blog about it all.

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