Repairing rule by law and enforcement

The urge to write what is no doubt another Aspie viewpoint is ongoing, so here goes again.

The evolving expression of American government seems to be turning to "rule by law and enforcement", as a response to the the prior form of "rule by business feudalism anarchy" that was a carryover from an identity reaction to the Cold War era economic principle in opposition to Communism and had sought to take over the American government ever since back then and found the public weakness in the plush times that the Clinton era had achieved for America which unfortunately produced a nation of "couch potatoes."

Each such extremism expression of governmental rule has its weaknesses, and two of the ones of "rule by law & order" is the lack of padding to forgive some tolerable level of human lack of infallibility; in a system of following the rules, people find they have made mistakes and sometimes coworkers discover those mistakes and keep them stashed away as "things they have on so-and-so" to guarantee their jobs (in the case where the subordinate has "things on the boss";) the counter force to this is the stern and ruthless penalty for "talking."

The movie "It's A Mad Mad World" in its later parts portrayed the play-out of officialdom's hoarded mistakes being used to force a decision, a retirement bonus in that case; and the movie "Untouchables" portrayed the ruthless enforcement of "not talking" when the mobster had his teeth shot out one by one; and of course the meaning of "The Untouchables" itself is involved here, the small subset of law enforcement that could not be swayed by powerful political and business forces.

The other critical weakness of a system of living strictly by the rules, the published written set of "laws," is illustrated by the old wisdom that goes "there are two things you don't want to know for peace of mind, and they are the ingredients of making sausage, and the making of laws." How crippling this system can be is currently illustrated by the law against sale of the essential nutrient L-Tryptophan as a supplement, a substance required for competent mental functioning and is very hard to get in proper ratio in the American diet; and in the law against growing and using hemp, a common native plant including in America throughout history up until it was made illegal due to some irritation about the relatively recent practice of recreational use by some segments of society to temporarily escape some of the pressures of life; yet the hemp plant had been used very beneficially as a sturdy substitute for cotton and wood pulp in the manufacture of durable clothing and paper products and of course the now ridiculed use for making rope, considering the rope was widely used, such as to tie up battleships to piers during WWII, and at that time was the highest strength-to-tensile-weight material known to civilization throughout history; and all cheaply grown and utilized for construction, clothing, writing materials, and the seed an outstandingly balanced nutritional food source. One might think that banning these two example substances, L-Tryptophan and all growth of the hemp plant, would be an action by an enemy force to weaken America; but most likely was just accidental expressions of the failure weaknesses of the law-making process along with deliberate use of those weaknesses by cunning greedy business and political special interest groups; the ploys worked and still do so, sadly for the American people. Ferreting out the real ways those laws got on the books would likely expose powerful special interests to embarrassment or worse, and thus is not likely to happen, sadly. How they could continue to consider those substances, even the "psychoactive weed" part of the hemp plant itself, as worse for the American public than, say the still legal MonoSodium Glutamate, the currently widespread food-craving obesity-inducing additive that also converts to a neurotoxic substance in the body, is quite baffling to this naive Aspie: are they really on the side of the American public? How could they be, I wonder. Big business games, I suppose, preying on the people of this nation, justified by producing maximum dividends to investors, so it is therefore OK to do.

And those laws continue to remain on the books and are currently used as excuses to destroy hemp crops and imprison people, amazing; as well as blocking the inexpensive availability of L-Tryptophane to balance the nutrition needed for adequate sleep and sleep's restoration of the ability to cope with new challenges of the day, thus enabling the sale of vast quantities of expensive sleeping pills and psychiatric drugs; all making lots of money for the perpetrators, while causing incredible aggregate dysfunction to the people of this nation. The admission that they were actually wrongful laws, and that society has committed grievous injury to vast numbers of people, perhaps the entire nation in the case of L-Tryptophan, would have quite scary implications for those responsible; and they being in power, will understandably seek to prevent knowledge of the huge problem, business-as-usual continuing to triumph; whew.

Another aspect is the hordes of enforcers of the rules, ranging from the mobsters silencing squealers, to the gun-waving flame-thrower wielding assaulters of farmers growing hemp plants, possibly are a way to cope with the otherwise unruly large number of men who find their identity in abusing other men to show superiority, a reproductive strategy that has worked from very ancient times.

How to go back and clean out such weaseled-in laws, and to prevent more such wrongful laws from getting on the books, would be very hard; perhaps as difficult as the cleaning up of the proverbial sausage's ingredients; but surely ought to be done somehow, to help the American people and nation.

So employing the innately-abusive type of people as security employees and subjecting them to a life in a hierarchy that attempts to require them to live by "the rules" somewhat brings law and order to that large subset of the population, and fulfills the urges of such individuals to threaten and sometimes visibly carry out, raids on other folks; but supposedly only when the other folks have broken the "laws" somehow.

This urge to assault is also partially controlled by the experiences of teams assaulting other teams by-the-rules, with varying levels of physical bodily violence against other men's bodies required, such as in the hallowed game of football, which also enables tolerable expression of the urge to team-participation plot and act with the sole purpose of preventing success of the opponent team's goals for their success. Unfortunately these conditioned mindsets still have the permissibility to abusively relate to others and to work to prevent others' success, beyond the confines of the football field; hardly a wholesome modality, especially when the nation is struggling as she is now.

Perhaps the enlisting of those instinctively abusively violent men, and some women similarly, into careers that are tolerable to the community, by having the hired ones express their urges in preparation, and occasional carrying-out in direct abuse-by-the-rules nominally against others of their kind who are not in their "team" who have "broken the laws" and thereby are fair game to be hunted down and righteously treated abusively. Effective supervision of such endeavors looks difficult, however, to this Aspie.

Such efforts to control the rule-by-abuse through law enforcement's stalking, spying, harassing, invasion of property, eavesdropping, and finally destruction of property, cornering and imprisoning the opponent if not killing them outright, has a very long history, of course; and if they cannot dig up excuse to assault a targeted person, then by hyping themselves up, they can become so sure of the targetability of the person as to then cunningly salt evidence to frame up the targeted person, to provide excuse for the team to righteously assault.

Getting those kind of folks into teams that attempt to live by a set of rules and rewarding them with paychecks and social position power, and hope it all adequately tames them so they are "off the streets," seems a much better mode than letting them run amok as they otherwise would be doing, such as exemplified by the rein of the mobsters of the American 1920's and the reputed equivalent tragic state of affairs in such places as Ukraine in present time.

The secret system of "who has got what on whom" is apparently an inherent weakness of the form of rule by law-and-enforcement, and its very mention can be done only at grave risk (I have yet to see if I have the courage to post this as a blog entry; and yet, the high quality of America was not created in cowardice;) yet if a whole nation is to be governed that way, then it seems very wise to find some other more hospitable means for acknowledging the occasional goofs each individual makes each day despite diligent efforts to live properly, so as to not have the secret ability to threaten to proclaim the hidden collection of someone's goofs as a way to force favoritism in certain circumstances, which are likely to be similar discovery of the other's goof too. The means to differentiate this from other forms of failures to fully perform one's duties responsibly, ought to be derivable; and if achieved, hopefully would resolve that hidden undercurrent that undermines the conduct of living by the rules at all stations in the country.

Such folks would probably read this solely with an eye for how to discredit, hide and erase its implications to the public; instead of seeking its truth and seeking ways to fix the existing system's weaknesses; since those folks are caught up in their position in the social web, and that is what they do in it.

Fortunately, (or unfortunately) all this perhaps can engage the compulsive game-playing urges of such assaultive-wannabe folks; and so the wise intelligent design and implementation of new rules for the big game might be able to increasingly harmonize the system. Well, one can hope so, anyway.

Most likely no such law-and-order system can be derived that will take the place of understanding, forgiveness and loving support of all others, while this planet of life and living grows. Yet there are some emergent very inexpensive and simple ways for each individual to clear out the embossed psyche energy of abuse in oneself, along with lots of other internally disruptive energetic patterns too; for example, the "Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT" that look like they could fix much of the problem at its root cause; but they have to be adequately used to be effective; and also are unlikely to become widely used quickly enough to help the nation through the present crisis, since it would be seen as undercutting the way-things-are that is so necessary for business-as-usual that is providing such plush times for the powerful who have their identity partially in the abuse-excuse-by-the-rule's results.

In the meantime, we continue to need, as a people, to create the goods and services that are needed by us all; and need to utilize the existing business-political structures insofar as possible to get it all done as efficiently and comfortably as possible for all.

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If only ... back in 1988 ....

Actually, the KESTS to GEO transportation structure would not only require removal of the orbiting debris field junk, but also would require the removal of both working and non-working satellites below GEO except those carefully shifted in orbit to avoid collision with the transportation structure, since they all cross the equatorial plane. Nearly all satellite-type functions could be done in GEO if not even better there, including GPS function now using stationary points instead of moving ones. And if the KESTS to GEO project had gotten started back in 1988 when I first proposed it publicly (on GEnie network; was before public internet usage) I estimated the first one could be test-built in 12 years - that would have been back in 2000, 9 years ago - and the cheap easy putting into orbit electrically from then on would have prevented the need for most of the satellites and space station etc built in orbit below GEO since then. But no, the powerful space-business-related folks back then chose to see the KESTS to GEO as a rival-to-be-beaten instead of great opportunity for all. And so we are now stuck without the abundant big solar power satellites that would have been built in GEO by now, preventing the greenhouse-effect atmospheric carbon build up, and similarly stuck without total recycling facilities in GEO with cheap to-from transportation between ground and GEO, and without electrical lift of rockets to GEO from where really interesting expeditions could go forth in style, starting and ending already 91% up out of the planetary gravitational energy well.

It is analogous to if the railroads were not built across the US back in the days of the coal-fired steam locomotive; the wagon, stagecoach, and buckboard makers prevailing against the would-have-been railroad construction; and if the Amerind Nations had to be compensated (analogous to nations with satellites now below GEO) it would have been more obstacles to the cross-continent rail system, so necessary for economical movement of the large quantity big stuff - just like the KESTS to GEO is. Then the interior of the US would have not been accessible adequately for its development and the US would largely have been focused on the east and west coast; without massive development of the interior of the country, no impetus for the interstate highway system to be built when cars and trucks came along; if the US had survived WWI in that condition, it would not have had the strength to survive WWII and at present time, Japan would own the West coast and Germany would own the East coast, two countries not one US anymore. But then, the population of the US would have been so low, that you and I would not have been born and so how could we care? Ah, but life is good.

BTW, despite the relentless pilfering of my records by the snoops, I have found a copy of my magazine article that got published back in 1990 on my KESTS to GEO transportation system concept, and can be seen at


Identifying and fixing the real problems

Re Obama's cost-effective solutions to health needs of the nation: what if the guiding goal of providing health was not to maximize business income and profit dividends, but rather to maximize the effectiveness of health provision for the cost? Levels of health could then be adjusted for what the country is willing to spend to stay healthy and fully adequately functional. The health providers and associated pharmaceuticals could then be run on a cost plus reasonable profit basis. with keen surveillance of what goes into the cost makeup. And R&D could be redirected toward that which provides the better health instead of the maximum business profit; better efficacy all the way around. There are many protocols which have historically been suppressed by the powerful business interests, that if truly honestly evaluated for health efficacy, will surely bring to light some extremely cost-effective protocols for human well-being.

Notice that in the existing health system, that it is sick people that bring maximum profit to business, instead of healthy people. So, what do you expect to happen, to gain maximum business profit? Work themselves out of a good job?

The overall picture of health goes beyond the expenses of providing diagnosis, surgery and medication. Such things as correct nutrition, emotional healing and physical exercise are important contributors; it is way cheaper to stay healthy than to get sick and be healed. More fun, too, except perhaps for soaps-like drama addicts.

For example, examination of comparisons behind causes of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) being legal and in very widespread use; while in comparison the ancient pest-resilient hemp products of paper, durable clothing, highly nutritious grain, and high tensile strength per mass rope, are illegal to grow in America in recent decades, apparently merely because of recreational escape by some people based on chemicals not unlike pharmaceuticals dispensed by medical system at vastly higher cost. MSG has been shown to be damaging in many ways to health, including neurotoxic damage and obesity complex effects, far more health-damaging than the rare smoking of marijuana-hemp does; thus the expenses of tax-paid enforcement goes to cause the worse health results; so fixing that problem ought to also improve the cost-benefit of overall health for Americans. Of course, that is a sensitive issue ... but, exactly what caused that, for real, honestly? Are we as a people able to courageously repair the situations?

The belief that profit-investment-dividends were the ultimate guide for what gets done, is possibly based on that if someone is having income via business of doing something it will get watched over by the business owner and thus done with minimum sloth and wastage of time and money; and that a something is worth doing only if others will pay money for it, thus eliminating useless endeavors. But major factors such as advertising, control much of what gets bought-paid-for, only vaguely related to the best buy potentials; thus heavily skewing the parameter supposedly of what gets paid for equals the most needed.

And corporations effectively stake out business territory, preventing competition from happening; thus neutralizing the principle that competition will spur creation of the best product for the money.

How wise it, really, to put our investment dollars into businesses solely for the larger profit dividends we receive; instead of putting our investment dollars into the businesses that provide the better stuff we need for life but at less resulting dividends to the investor? Surely there is a "bottom line" deeper than merely the dividend rolling in; what if the businesses do not provide you with what you need? Our existing American health system is a glaring example of what happens. If those fabulously wealthy business profit dividends cannot buy you fine health, what good are they?

Political-economic ideologies do help people reach for some unifying larger principle by which they can govern themselves; yet such ideologies seem to be hawked by special interest groups that would gain preferential benefit by the adoption of a specific ideology; and thus the vision falls far short of the real bigger picture of the needs of the American land and her people. The cost to the nation in recent times has been horrendous; how willing & able are we to go for identifying and fixing the real problems?

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