More on Subjectvity

Again now in a task that involves separating "subjectivity" from my observed results of testing, so as to obtain a purer evaluation of that being tested, new thoughts emerge on the subject.

Subjectivity: could it be considered "that which one is tuned to receive." I like that definition, in that it implies one gets "tuned to" receive whatever. For "signal" to output, filter bandpass and specific signal component presence needs to be happening. Too narrow of a "tuning" could pick out incorrect significance, however; for example, if the whole signal is "what a fine day it is" and one's filter is narrowly tuned to pass only the components "a fine", then one would hear only "a fine" as the message, thus stimulating worrisome wondering if the parking meter needs more coins to avoid a parking ticket fine, instead of the cheery real message about how fine a day it is.

Thus "Subjectivity" definition takes on useable modifiability, including one's own deliberate tuning via such things as "positive affirmations and visualizations" of desired events and situations. Awareness of external factors doing some of one's "tuning" such as advertisements encountered, the grapevine rumor mill, and "group think", for examples, along with the various means that aggressive others plug their demands into you.

Main part here is that the "tuning" analogy brings the modifiability factor to the definition of Subjectivity, even possible definability of the specifics of one's subjectivity ongoing. One can measure a filter's response by deliberately inputting a series of constant amplitude signals of differing frequencies, and measuring the amplitude of the signal that outputs from the filter.

Yet also am now seeing the analogy of a billiard pool table event, the input signal could be like a "cue ball" which dependent on its input vector and energy and the "situation" awaiting on the pool table, which it bumps into along the way, could "output" something quite different from the cue ball, and additionally to multiple outlets (pockets, in billiards.) Or analogous to a gum ball machine, where one inputs a coin, but it is a gum ball, not a coin, that exits. The Rorschach ink blot test is another example of this, where the output can have attached nature quite different from the input that stimulated it.

So "subjectivity" loses some of its interfering nature, with this definition, which says that "subjectivity" is analogous to both a semi-constant tunable filter response, and to a billiard pool table input-history-changed outlay.

Jim Cline 2004 11 26


A Zap a day is like an apple a day

As part of the expanding worldwide experimenters in electro-wellness, I have found that it surprisingly does maintain my good health condition, and does that very economically.

Probably the impetus for my self-researching on alternative healing methodologies, including electronic ones, came from having an employer who would not provide health insurance for the employees, who were generally underpaid, too, but worked there due to being off the top of the bell curve from some reason or another (mine was that I was an older person in a field of younger people; many others did not speak English well, but were technically highly competent).

My Electronics Engineering background caused me to be skeptical of the circuits I found which were claiming to be able to prevent varous illnesses. However, I believe in the Scientific Method, which requires one to really do the test to see if it works or not; to actually evaluate its efficiacy. And, the instrument circuitry was not that different from circuitry which I had used on the job and on my home hobby projects. That these fairly ordinary circuits and safe voltages could help a person stay healthy did seem unlikely to me, however. I was always in good helath naturally, so there did not seem to be much to test on, so since some people warned me that the zapper handholds, held one in each hand, would deliver current that would go through the heart and kill me, seemed unlikely, as I had routinely been in contact with higher voltages than the 9 volt zapper battery supplied, never a problem; if 9 volts would kill, surely the 12 volts of a car battery would be worse, and I was unaware of vast numbers of car mechanics being killed by a car battery voltage.

So, I set out to test safety, not efficiacy. I built a common zapper close to Clark's original design, which put less than 9 volt peak unipolar pulses of repetition rate about 35 KHz, for 7 minutes from hand to hand, three times in a row, separated by 20 minutes each, and do this series once a day for a year, ever sensing if it was causing me beginnings of some injury.

I continued that test series beyond the one year goal, no injury sensed. Much more interestingly, several mild chronic conditions that were so familiar that I did not consider them a problem, "spontaneously" faded away during that time. The three-decades of chronic sinus infection went away, but left senses exposed so that every car in front of me as I drove down the road, had its own unique aroma, and none were pleasant, for example. Remains of bronchitis deep in lungs faded away "spontaneously" after being mostly dormant but "tight" for many decades. Chronic sub-clinical depression faded but did not entirely go away.

But friends continued to heckle my experimenting with these electrohealing "Clark Zapper" techniques, saying it was the placebo effect, believing something will work tends to make it work. Well, I had considered that I was open-minded about it, not a "believer", at least at first, until results began to accumulate.

The company (which gave no health insurance to employees) laid us all off, me after almost 10 years working for them. A long period of lack of work began. I took a job as custodian of 5 acres, where I worked alone for several months one hot summer, often in an area left over from when it was a stable for horses. One day the back of my hand was jabbed by a rotted piece of wood from under the old stable ground; it ripped a jagged hole about 3/4 inch across. leaving black crud shoved into the wound. I was unable to stop what I was doing for some 15 minutes, then I was able to get a garden hose and flush the wound out. No first aid materials were available. Then I remembered the special Zapper that I had made years before and left in the car, one which would work plugged into the car's cigarette lighter socket. So I found paper towel material, soaked it in water, wrapped the pieces of wet paper towel around the copper pipe handholds, plugged it into the cigarette lighter socket, and sat there for 7 minutes while the 35 KHz pulses went from hand to hand (not in contact with the rip in my hand, note.) That evening when I returned to my apartment, I again flushed the wound out with water, then finished the other two "zaps" of 7 minutes each; I noticed that the wound was not red and swollen like previous injuries had become by that length of time. I had no Band-Aids, so I put a piece of masking tape on the back of my hand to pull the wound closed, and went to bed. For the next several days I did the usual 7 minute zaps, that had kept me from getting sick even during the usual flu/cold season in recent years; and when I pulled the masking tape off the wound to change it, I was surprised that there was no sign of inflammation. It took about four days for the wound to seal, and soon had fully healed, even no significant scar remained. I thought that this indeed was a powerful "Placebo Effect" if that was what it was; and whatever, it worked very well. I'd take it.

Later I got a smaller similar wound, and let it go without zapping, and it quickly got red and swollen as such a thing would do in the past, so my immune system was still normal.

Eventually I got real jobs in Electronics again, ones which provided health insurance, too. However, I continued my electrohealth experiments, along with a few nutritional supplements, and so I cost the health inurance companies nothing, even during the flu season winters when my co-workers were out sick for days, I at worst felt a bit of a start of the "flu" but was quickly gone, no time off the job needed.

As the years went by, only two exceptions were observed, and the circumstances closely confirm H R Clark's warning that polychlorinated biphenyls would coat pathogens making them immune to the zapper signals. It took about a week to recover those two times, each precisely timed to events.

H R Clark's protocols involved other major factors; her assertion that each disease was a product of both a toxin and a pathogen, requires getting rid of both factors, not just the pathogens.

I made a minor inventive improvement on the basic zapper design, but soon the parts I needed to build them, stopped being available to me; fortunately, commercial zappers of much greater sophisitication came on the market.

A research association was formed to develop the Clark technologies, and to raise funds for formal scientific research. I joined the association and have been a member and have benefitted enormously ever since, health-wise, at little cost.

Gradually there came to be a meeting ground between the electronic portions of Clark's technologies and the earlier Rife technologies, also exploring healing by use of specific kinds of electrical and electromagnetic signals in the body. All were "amateur" researchers; it seemed incomprehensible to me that the pharmaceutical companies would not test the zapper etc for efficiacy, until I realized that they were wholly engrossed in doing things in extraordinarlily elaborate chemical ways; asking them to change to electrohealing technologies would be analogous to asking a powerful and wealthy football team to play marbles instead of football.

(Speaking of marbles, when I was much younger, there was a saying going around, that one must play with all their marbles, if one wants to win. Clearly this principle is no longer in effect.)

Meantime, the public loses out, when they need economical and efficiently effective health improvement.

Eventually I began to better understand the dynamics of the various health related industries versus the market of sick people. No "free enterprise" ongoing here, regulations and negative advertising kept the general public from the opportunity for better economical health through adding the usefulness of electrohealing technologies to their options. There is a great advantage, however: as long as electrohealing remains in the catagory of "placebo effect", experimenters like me can stay healthy by use of experimental devices and protocols, even though we are not medical doctors, who otherwise would be in control via very expensive prescription-writing authority to deny economical access to that which is needed for adequate health.

Medical doctors and pharmaceutical researchers, like most of the rest of us, are not likely to eagerly work themselves out of a well-paying job. We become used to an above-average standard of living that our job provides, and our bill-paying committment demands that things do not change much, income-wise. "Don't rock the boat." Focus on a narrow task becomes our whole job challenge, and the larger effect on the greater world is not our problem, we think.