Senseless tragedy patterns making sense

It takes me awhile - often hours or days, sometimes years or decades - to see the patterns that non-Asperger's apparently know instinctively. Yet occasionally I figure out patterns that only then become "obvious" to others. I don't initially know which is which, however, except maybe later getting reactions from others - but they typically either ignore me because they were born knowing the pattern; or instead were embarrassed that they had not already seen the pattern. (People-stuff is complicated.)

So this blog post is about such a basic pattern I have suddenly seen. It too is probably one that most others instinctively knew all along; but maybe not.

The pattern is one I first saw as portrayed in the movies. It is of a crime gang boss giving a member of his gang the "kiss of death" which means the man that got kissed by the gang boss has to go out and do some extremely horrible thing to targeted previously-unknown other people that will get himself killed too. The "horrible thing" was usually to do fulfillment of a "contract" the gang "wrote" to do some dirty work for a nameless client, so that it cannot be traced to the "client" but lots of people will realize what happened, yet cannot prove it, and are thus presented with having to comply with some very uncomfortable demand, or risk having another "senseless tragedy" done to them again sometime without warning.

So this insight is of that kind of pattern happening. And it seems to perfectly fit the recent "senseless tragedy" at the naval base in Washington DC a few days ago.

A perfect fit, and its scope suggests the very heavy-duty players in the game, and the real stakes involved in whatever is being pressured to happen, without being traceable to the real commanders of the events.

It takes real courage in a nation to not give in to such activities, either to comply; or for others to perpetrate; when to not comply means another bunch of innocent people will get killed, somewhere, but exactly when the gang-boss says it will. So it is "comply or innocents will die and only you will know that you could have prevented it" kind of thing.

Do I need to use the word "bullying"? Or is the huge scale and deceptions involved, able to obscure the bully mentality that plays this game?

The part that the public is shown, is the mangled mess physically done by the "suspect" who seems to have acted without reason, but yet with lots of preparation and probably key invisible support along the way - but the public is led to believe that the "suspect" just suddenly went crazy "hearing voices" or "on drugs" etc and that somehow that had caused the "suspect" to go bonkers - for the media to do otherwise might invite the crime-gang-boss to give another "kiss of death" that would result in media personnel and facilities to be next. Scary, and paranoid-inducing; much easier to comply, and besides the real targets are likely strangers anyway so who cares....

So my insight of this pattern, so closely fitting the Naval Base incident a few days ago, also suggests to me that other "inexplicable" tragedies, like the Auoura-Batman-movie-theater incident that took out the Canada-event-survivor soccer game reporter young woman, and the Tucson event including Gifford, are among the events that could be actually the playout of "contract" assaults that are intended to be untraceable to the original instigators - except perhaps by their ultimate effects. (The expertise of deception of the big-players is "people-stuff is complicated" really big-time to me. But what a waste of otherwise good human capability to be constructive and collaborate so all can live better in a long-lasting world. Their choice, not mine.)

I might also be the only one who noticed that Giffords and Kelly were both very much into expansion of support of space utilization prior to the assaults; but since the "crazy man's sudden assaults", they no longer mention space, but only gun control. Is that only an incidental effect?

To solve a problem, it must first be correctly defined. Remember?

Or is it too scary sometimes? Rightfully so; there is very little defense against the Organized Stalkers.

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Gang vs individual re prowess

Getting attention seems involved, in some of the news media articles, and the people involved seem central to what supposedly is about events instead of about people.

Maybe it is because I grew up in a time when fantasized exceptional individuals became virtual mentors on how to be: Captain Midnight, Superman, The Lone Ranger, Tom Mix, the Green Hornet, Batman, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Roy Rogers, are some names of those exceptional individuals of fantasy and fiction that formed examples to follow by the developing kids of the time. Gangs, groups, tended to be destructive and led by a particularly mean individual, usual a male crazed with urge for power over others.

But - perhaps only in my imagination - there seems to have been a reversal and increasingly so in recent decades. The team led by a small faction portrayed as achieving great things constructive, whereas the lone individual just freaks out and causes havoc, messing things up and hurting people - just the opposite of back when I was growing up, and individuals were more self aware and responsible-acting.

Yesterday's news seems to me to show a - maybe too clear? - example of this. The big news of the day was a live video telecast on BBC showing the raising of the capsized luxury liner Costa Concordia over in Italy, the shipwreck the largest ever attempted to be moved. Over a year of work by hundreds of skilled people, guided by engineers, had built the enormous framework and mechanisms to slowly rotate the enormous vehicle, while keeping it from breaking apart and ruining the local environment. This was a constructive effort of the gang as led by the few who coordinated the whole picture to function as a whole, and was successful in uprighting the ship. It was a "yay team," kind of thing. This ought to have been the top news of the world yesterday, a "good for us we can work together and achieve great things," kind of thing as led by competent engineers. There were none of the highly visible glib politicians or wealthy businessmen portrayed as implied being the high achievers and worthy of so much attention, because in this case, the best outcome is just to get the wrecked ship far away then scrap it; and besides, remembering that the shipwreck was caused by a team, the ships crew, does not put the team portrayed better than the individual. So as the Costa Concordia got tilted over upright, it was the lead engineers themselves up front, instead of the wealthy and the politicos, for a change. Or would have been except it all got upstaged.

However, coincidentally (??) yesterday while that was going on, another of those spectacular events was going on, getting the attention, an individual who for no apparent reason had gone to great lengths to get lots of attention simply by going bang bang at a bunch of helpless people.

So yesterday's news was the gang vs the individual, but in this case the gang's constructive efforts were upstaged by the individual's long travel and clear preparation to do a freakout.

That the news will as usual just imply the, well, individuals like that get a gun and blow people away, as if spontaneous despite the obvious long preparation to do that exact freakout - why? - maybe to pass the time of day, individuals just do those kind of things, right? And as for group accomplishment that is extraordinary, well, that is noteworthy only if it has the politicos and wealthy businessmen spotlighted implying they achieved the great stuff.

People-stuff is complicated.

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Puzzle pieces seems about kids this time

My subconscious sometimes brings up something from long ago, and keeps reminding me of it, as if an important thing for me again in the present in some way. So, like the strange car problem event of my previous blog post here, I will describe this new piece of a puzzle seeking where to fit.

The first event was maybe a decade ago, before I moved up here; I had set out from my lowest-rent rathole apartment in Sunland in the early morning as usual, the start of my usual three hour journey of walk, wait at bus stop, ride bus, wait at another bus stop in Chinatown, ride bus, long walk, then arrive to do my volunteer job at the museum of natural history, as I had done for years. Just getting started again on this dull trip, I trudged along stoically ready to endure the three hours; the people who rode the bus system were only the poor people, the downtrodden, we all ignored each other. From my apartment, then the block long walk to the first bus stop. It was rare to see any activity there at that time of day, never anyone else out on foot, and few cars. But this time as I walked toward the bus stop as I crossed a sidestreet, I noticed there were two people walking toward me on the sidewalk, was a tall muscular man along with a small boy alongside him. Something looked odd about them, maybe not father and son; but Asperger's usually cannot figure out people, but if they are out of place at least something some times makes me notice, and puzzle. About then a white sedan comes from behind me, rapidly pulls up to park alongside me on the corner, surely not legal; a lean-mean man hurries out of the driver's side goes around back of car and next is coming up rapidly along the sidewalk behind me. Am fairly dulled, no fun the journey and in the poor parts of town one sometimes sees odd things going on. But about then the tall man and small boy are about twenty feet in front of me and the boy says "He's not the one." The tall man with the boy changes his poker face suddenly into a look of rage and he roars "What do you mean, he's not the one!" Little boy says again, he is not the one. They walk past me, the tall muscleman's face rapidly returning to a different look. I continue the plodding up the hill toward the bus stop. Clearly I was the target of something and if they were going to do it well I could not stop them. And it was silence behind me, nor did I notice anything more of that event. Other than my Asperger's sensory thing had recorded it all in detail, even though my rational mind was not comprehending a whole lot of it; I often figure out things later, much later.

I have had multiple indications that little kids were being told I was a bad person, as shown by their reactions to me. As well as some adults of some acquaintance, they being normal but then blurt out something as if they angrily thought I was a child abuser. Lots of people, like "the word was spread around". And in addition to the small boy per above incident, I suspect I have been saved several times by a perceptive and honest child refuting some adult's contention.

My subconscious has also been reminding me of another of those very peculiar happenings that my mind files away in hopes of making sense out of it. This one happened the most recent trip to Walmart, where I do most of my shopping. It was a predictable trip there, I suppose, having had to drive to a radio club coffee meeting, and since I had driven my car, I made a stop at Walmart to get things accumulated on my shopping list. I had heard from one of the radio folks that Walmart had the fine point Sharpie pens; I still have one that has not run out of ink and so I intended to see if I could find them among the other things at the huge store. I knew where the pens and pencils were along my usual route through the store, and pausing there although I was not seeing Sharpie pens at first, I eventually figured out they must be at the end of the display case, but there was a full-bearded man and a woman there, with a shopping cart; I marked time a bit, the couple seemed to just be standing there, not looking at the pens, but I could not get to where I could access pens there, as a result. I had almost decided to skip it for now, when two teenyboppers came marching past, two girls, dressed stylishly, not pushing a shopping card, just moving staring straight ahead along past me not looking at me, and I tried to figure out what was that about; unable to get to the pens yet, I turned and watched the two girls - maybe 12 years old, and marching along dressed cute but strangely, they went around the counter; I could make no sense of it. I had noticed the bearded man do something fast with his hands but otherwise act normal just when the girls walked past us, then the couple moved aside a bit and I was able to get to look for the sharpie fine point pens; it is not easy for me to identify such things among the many other similar objects. Suddenly there again the two girls were marching past, exactly same as before, apparently having just marched around behind the counter and were repeating the march past me as I looked at them, thinking they looked cute in their outfits and I know girls like to be thought of as cute. One of the girls suddenly said as they walked past me and the bearded man and woman, "thank you" but was not facing anyone, just was right next to me, but did not turn to look at me or anyone. They repeated the methodical march past, I still could not figure out what was going on, but I did think it was an odd thing happening. I finally found a package of two fine-point Sharpie pens; the package was labeled as that but they looked very different than the ones I had had for years. They did not cost much and if they were not the correct thing, not much loss.

Now my subconscious today has brought up the small boy event and the two teenyboppers who appeared to be actors, at Walmart last time.

Also reminds me of another thing recently: new renters next door. Apparently have two little girls, maybe kindergarden age, both seem same size the two times I saw them, maybe twins. The first time was when I was out in my backyard at my garage, I noticed two little girls over at the fence between the two backyards, an old fence with barbed wire on top of it. One of the little girls yelled at me "You're a bad person!" I just turned away and ignored them. A few days later I was cutting weeds in my backyard, and suddenly noticed the two little brightly dressed little girls, this time they were in the space between my house and theirs, where there is no fence nor even the rosebush barrier which is along between the front yards. The one girl was smiling brightly at me while the companion girl was looking game but uncertain; the other clearly was extraverted and the leader. The smiling girl having gotten my attention, then suddenly ran a couple feet into my part of the yard, as if there were an invisible property line; she quickly jumped back onto her part of the property, still gayly laughing and watching me. I waved and said "Hi" then turned away back to my yard work, but I glanced back at them, the one girl, no longer smiling, said "He doesn't want to"; the next glance in that direction they were gone.

My subconscious says "actresses". Peculiar goings on, again. I remember the Shakespeare thing "All the world is a stage" and yet I think sometimes it is moreso a stage than other times.

My subconscious figures out associations, although seems to me to not have things correct all the time. So this blog post seems a way to deal with it. Maybe there are going to be more toughs ready to jump me, but nothing I can do about it.

Now another item my subconscious thinks is related, that repeatedly has come to my memory in recent months. It takes a stretch of imagination and fill-in pieces, however. It is the quote by Neil Armstrong, who had said a bit offline during his walking around on the lunar surface; the controllers asked him about it later but just were answered with a smile. Armstrong had said "Good luck, Mr. Gorsky." The flight controllers thought Mr Gorsky was a rival Russian Cosmonaut, but could find no reference to one with that name. It was very many years later when asked again what Neil Armstrong had meant, that he finally told about it. Mr and Mrs Gorsky had passed away, and now he could speak about it. Neil as a boy playing baseball in his yard, had gone to fetch the baseball which had landed next to the neighbor's house. As he picked up the baseball next to the neighbor's bedroom window, he heard an angry woman yell "You want sex! You want sex? Well you can have sex when the boy next door walks on the Moon!" So, there on the lunar surface walking, Neil had muttered more to himself, "Good luck, Mr. Gorsky."

Kids remember things. I have long noticed what appears to be a widespread very influential effort to block public awareness of my space concepts that can change the future and make some people very wealthy; apparently they want it erased now and waiting for the future, perhaps intending to announce them as their own great inventions, when I am out of the picture, discredited and/or dead. The one problem could be some person who as a kid had gotten to know me and heard me tell of my space concepts, and thus refute the entrepeneur's proclamation that it was a new thing. So one way to keep little kids from becoming friends with me and learning of my space concepts, is to lay a false reputation of me being a child abuser, a bad person, and tell parents to keep their kids away from me. Well, this puzzle-fill-in seems to fit. But is it what is up? I shake my head, who knows what people are up to.

People-stuff is complicated.

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Car power failure but no flying saucers

For the "record" - Here is a personal experience I had. A mere piece of the cosmic puzzle, but where it fits and what it means - is yet to be determined.

Time of occurrence was about 1957 plus or minus year or so. One of the rare times I was not also transporting fellow college students with me.

Place of occurrence: on the mountain highway that connected Las Cruces New Mexico, with Albuquerque New Mexico then, before the now existing freeway was built. It was a winding highway, two lane, one each direction, and at this point was winding through mountainous terrain, a nicely crafted two-lane paved highway, and no other vehicle lights were visible, nor anything but possibly starlight, my trusty 1950 Hudson's headlights serving well as always to show the path ahead. A long somewhat familiar 300 mile trip ongoing, probably eventually to Gallup New Mexico, my High School home town. Nothing unusual to the trip, often driven, as usual now a bit fast, probably 70 mph on a 60 mph highway through the winding mountains.

Then suddenly complete electrical failure. Utter darkness. Engine not running. I pressed on the hydrolic brakes as I strived to remember the shape of the S-curve I was traversing at the point of utter darkness. Pressing on the hydraulic brakes as much as possible per my memory, hopefully without skidding. While using the steering wheel to guide my car in the utter darkness up there in the mountain road, guessing where the road was. The car continued to slow yet not skid. Not into the gravel much alongside the pavement.

Then, finally stopped. Total quiet. Total darkness. Yet, stopped.

Very dark. Engine silent, not running. But I and my car was stopped and had apparently not gone off the road to crash down the side of the mountain; there were no guard rails there.

Well. Now what.

I had a flashlight and found it. I opened the door and got out of my car, to look under the hood. Suddenly by itself, the electrical system started working again. Headlights came on. I was in the gravel alongside the highway, but still safe. I opened the hood of my 1950 Hudson but it looked normal; I was not much into auto mechanics at the time; engine, radiator, battery, looked as before. The headlights continued to shine out across the mountain curve ahead. I got back into the car, shut the door, turned my flashlight off. Started the engine; it started fine.

The path ahead looked reasonable so I let in the clutch and in low gear eased out off the gravel onto the dark pavement, and soon was back up to somewhat slower speed along the curving mountain road, yet tense, waiting for the lights to go out again. Making special effort to look at the curves ahead and trying to remember them as they approached and went, on and on. The headlights kept steady and the engine kept running. The miles went under and the minutes and then hours passed by, like they always had before.

In the months after that, sometimes I tried to do something, anything, to make the electrical failure happen but in safer conditions, but it never repeated, seemed solid as always before. I could not find and fix something that was not happening.

Several decades and lots of life experiences - and cars - later, I read of "Roswell and alien abductions" and even saw movies where a flying-saucer flew over a vehicle and killed its electrical system, as part of the movie adventure.

Hmm. Really a bit similar.

However, I saw no aliens. I saw no flying saucer. No monsters or freaking critters messing around.

Yet I never was able to explain what caused the total electrical failure of my car in a very dangerous curving stretch of a high mountain highway, nor the electrical system's spontaneous coming back to normal functioning, once I had stopped the vehicle before a wreck happened, and was inspecting the engine compartment in effort to figure out what what was going on, then suddenly the headlights came back on. And back in my car, the engine stared easily, and the car drove fine after that, never repeating the phenomenon.

For the Record, if there is one, I don't know what it meant. But something very strange did happen, that was very dangerous.

And, it was curiously like something portrayed in some later movies and novels at times, associated with "flying saucers and alien abductions."

I just remember a sudden very tense scary dangerous time on the highway, involving my car's electrical system suddenly shutting down at a particularly dangerous moment. And later, starting to work again, without apparent cause.

And so I make this effort at a record of the strange event. A piece of some larger jigsaw puzzle.

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On Jon Rapport's post re individual imagination

Well, the articles by Jon Rapport usually most impress me by him being much better at ranting than me. His rants are on different subjects than my own, usually; but increasingly I find his articles go along with what I would say maybe 90%of the article. And some articles really get my attention, like the most recent one. I can't figure out a direct url link but at titled "What concerns all of us at this time" and a point that plugged in a missing piece to my big-puzzle ever figuring out, was where he said "That discredited and stepped-on and discounted faculty of the individual called imagination which, by the way, is not a container holding shielded secrets, but is instead a capability of invention. Everything mind control ever was, is, or will be, is ultimately aimed at producing amnesia about that capability. Therefore, when you bring up the subject of imagination, most people just shake their heads and move on. They are clueless about their own astonishing power...."

That it is possible that much of people's imagination has been usurped by television, movies and videogames, has already occurred to me. But the possibility that people don't ever utilize their imagination at times as governed by their own self-inspired direction, nor even comprehend that could be done by others (unless they have high academic degrees), has gotten me thoughtful. Could explain a few things going on.


A high value-adding business that vanished

Something that has increasingly puzzled me over the past quarter century is what happened to one of the new businesses that I had fortunately discovered back in the late 1980's. Using the supposedly powerful search engines of today, produces nothing as a result of searches for anything related to the company or its innovative products and services.

Although, the supposedly omniscient eye of google sees all and knows all for its search engines, seems to have a great difficulty finding any of my kests to geo and other innovative space concepts I have made available on my websites and blogs, even google-provided blogs like this one; search engines seem to think that my kests to geo writings ceased after the ones I put on Earthlink free web pages back in the mid-1990's. Reminds me of the therm "selective blindness."

Anyway, the company that vanished mysteriously, was a very well developed system for helping people improve the capacity of their thinking, and enable self-processing of some psychological problems if applicable, along with gaining insights about one's relationships so as to improve them.

These are all things that were intended to enable people to live better lives in a great many ways, and would have enormously helped America had it become widely utilized. They innovative founders of the company had recorded a large number of audio cassette tapes, something like guided-meditations to be done with full awareness in a unique technique. And for maximum effect to be used with a special chamber they were making available for rent or sale to people.

My own access to this technology happened while I was doing my usual wandering through the Whole Life Expos that were held every two years, with a little cash available for buying self-help things that I would discover there, that would fit into my cash on hand. I vaguely recall that booth at the Whole Life Expo (one of hundreds of booths) it had some cassette tapes on the counter, some headphones where one could sample some of their tapes, and some ad-boards telling what they offered. The tapes cost $15 each and that was lots of money to me then, but I listened to parts of some tape or two, then walked on; but then I returned and invested in one of the tapes that seemed to claim it could teach me how to become more aware of my surroundings and be better integrated.All seemed a bit unlikely to me, but the one tape seemed a worthwhile investment, and I got their literature given out at the booth. I don't remember the two people manning the booth, but now I suspect they were the founders, as it turned out they had together created al the technology probably out of their own pockets and would not have money to hire staff for the booth until money started coming in.

And indeed money ought to have started rolling in, much as became clear on their tapes, an excellent investment for individuals to utilize the unique audio tapes for their own self-improvement. But, clearly something happened.

Back then, I was working as a technician in a small car alarm manufacturing company in Chatsworth. I also had a somewhat isolated test-and-repair bench job, where i could listen to the tape while working, using headphones. Clearly my work output was quite satisfactory to my managers, so the tapes did not interfere with my work on the job. It probably even improved my work, as i ever so slowly learned through the frequent repaying of that tape, practical means for enabling me to "resonate" with my environment. That was the name of that tape, something like "Environmental Resonating" I think.

Discovering my new living functionality as a result of frequent listening to that tape, I began to send for another tape or two as over the months I hd a little spare money to use for self-help. There were over a dozen tapes on their literature; I bought only the ones that sounded most helpful to me. I shifted to a series that claimed to enable integration of both sides of the brain, a goal I had had since a youth.

These tapes utilized brain-integration binaural tones not unlike commonly used all over the place nowadays, for other purposes; but their tapes required the listener to participate in imagination, according the verbalized instructions on the tapes. They pointed out that the user had to be involved actively, for it to help them. If the user had a mirror handy they said it would help more, but I did not have one for my use back then. As always, my income was little more than what was necessary to survive, little left for fluff like self-help technologies.

About this time I also connected through the National Space Society with the GEnie information network space library for people to upload their files of possible interest to others. And my thoughts were getting better organized, as enabled by the self-help tapes, and I was getting new ideas. The beginnings of my KESTS to GEO group of concepts, and the related Centristation concept, and ground-commute concepts coming back to mind from the 1970's, and my 1972 Mooncable concept got written in text file form and uploaded onto that GENie space and science library. I thought the world would think it was great that I did that, new ideas for businesses for all; but that was not heir responses - they already had their businesses long planned and did not appreciate anything that could upset their prior plans. (Took me years to figure this out, however; people-stuff is complicated.)

Then my next order for buying another of the tapes, included a note saying that they would sell me the last remaining tapes for only $10 each. So I sent for as many as I could; was a bargain yet still lots of money.

It took dimwitted me a long time to figure out that the company had ceased to exist and had vanished. The woman of the couple had sent me the note offering the last of their tapes at a reduced price; then she too vanished.

From listening to the tapes, I learned there were many tapes, many kinds of subjects, and the special mirror chambers they had created and planned to have regional centers all over where the chambers, and the tapes could be utilized. But it became apparent to me slowly that all that was almost as if it never existed.

Now, I personally knew that the technology had helped me enormously, so i assumed they would pop up again, but that never happened. And in recent times I have realized that my most creative years re my space concepts, were achieved after I had utilized their brain-integrating tapes awhile. It had enabled me to finally put together a lot of smaller ideas for space projects i had long had, into an integrated whole, which I eventually called the "KESTS to GEO and Applications" concept group.

Then the car alarm manufacturer suddenly laid everybody off one Friday, after giving out paychecks. We were old to not come back; the company was now closed, surprise. The subsequent disruption to my life trying to find new work - already a much older man than normally employed in the field - to survive, my world was so disrupted that I mostly no longer utilized those self-help environmental awareness and brain-integration teaching tapes.

It has been only recently that I put together the unusual burst of intellectual capacity while I was doing the major concept integration for those space concepts, coincided with my use of those tapes; they were doing just what they said they could do, insofar as the listener participated in the learning per tape's instructions.

So, some months back, I suddenly thought of using the google and other search engines commonly available,including to me. I input all keywords and names I could recall about the founders and the name of the company. Nothing. Google never heard of the company or the founders, period.

Over the decades since, I have bought many tapes and CD's claiming to have brain-integration binaural and isochronic tones in them; some have helped me a little. But none had that amazing performance-enhancing quality of the original and then suddenly vanished technology.

Control of business territory by established businesses, "happens" like that infamous other stuff "happens" so it seems likely to me that the self-help brain integration and awareness etc technology had infringed on one too many other businesses profits, and so the rug was pulled out from under the business. Could be that the technology was snatched for sale at huge price to top corporates; business does things like that, I have fund, even Aspergers-afflicted me eventually figures that out.

a decade or so ago, I realized that my set of their tapes, was probably deteriorating as such cape media does; CDs were then used as a longer-lasting media that retained recording quality better too; some of my more frequently played tapes were getting a bit stretched and distorted in places. I set up a project to copy the tapes over onto CD's to preserve them best I could. And since then copied over into mp3 form for my handheld.

I have little doubt but that the intruders that plague my residences over they years stealing documents, erasing computer files and snatching small objects from my home, and expertly sabotaging some of my items, have also copied all those audio tracks. So even if I get suddenly deep-sixed, the snoops will have the info; but good luck to humanity re getting them for general use from such snoops.

Maybe I don't want to know re economy

It seems to me - when am feeling a bit grumpy like at the moment - that our (American) virtual unifying national religion has become "buy for the least possible, provide the least possible value-added, and sell for the maximum the market will bear."

Such a guiding principle could easily explain how those with a Midas-like compulsion have amassed such fortunes in recent decades, while the general population have greatly received much less compensation for their work. Those "super-winners" presumably approach wealth-production as simply a game playing strategy, with little or no awareness, or care for, of the consequences resulting in the real physical world. And the new conjectured national-political-religion per above, justifies the whole thing.

Gone is the chain of activities, where individual workers like myself (over more than 40 years of work) counted on employers being there to utilize my skills and pay me a little more than survival money (even without significant retirement money) in return; and those businesses in turn were founded on providing some quite needed goods and services to the American consumer. So us workers essentially traded our work hours doing some specific value-adding function, for access to the huge composite of all the goods and services provided by all the other workers, as responsibly guided by our employers. Employers did not pay themselves, especially their CEO etc, incredible huge sums of money, by cutting back on money paid workers, as they do today. Back then, if they did that, the population would have become so enraged that they would have ceased to buy goods and services from those businesses. Nowadays, something prevents people from doing that economy-balancing activity; I wonder why - or rather, how it was done.

Maybe I don't want to know. Maybe something makes me not want to know.

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To squabble internally or externally is the question

Correctly describing a problem is well known to be a pre-requisite activity to resolving the problem. This post is an effort to do that.

And since it involves people, there are those who resist correct solutions, and thus strive to obscure the problem. And the need for drama makes the people-stuff not just super-complicated but also can get overly dynamic.

Apparently often through history rulers have struggled with the problem of how to keep their population from getting too squabbling amongst each other, and have utilized the mechanism of arranging war. War seems to get all the squabbling brothers to stop beating up on each other, to instead be working alongside each other to repel imagined invaders by going over and beating up on the neighbors, thus requiring the population to shift from internal squabbling to cooperative interaction against external foes.

It is not just the continuing sectarian violence in the middle-eastern countries that show the problem. It seems a worldwide problem, and apparently has existed throughout history. The Roman Empire used "bread and circus" to mollify its many subjects far and wide. The brutal coliseum violence sports perhaps another type for those closer to home. Here in the US, the sports teams traveling to each others' towns sports arenas to do mock battle between football teams, for example, has long been needed to satisfy some urges among people; not just for the players, but also for the men in the stadium whooping it up rooting for their home team, but also for their women who get into the excitement too, although probably with somewhat different urges involved that also excite the men.

I have often associated it all with my conjectured basic need for "drama," but there may be another force active in the craving for team assaults with each other, on the soccer field or with tanks and airplanes on the battlefield.

America is winding down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I think the population is getting restless and there is much stirring of internal squabbling long seething and suppressed in the need to unite to confront the external foe.

The media's focus on the NSA as the villain has recently kept it from doing the part of its job to monitor the many groups of "organized stalkers" operating in America. Thus as it is said "when the cat's away the mice will play" and the organized-stalkers seem to be getting ready to more publicly make the daring moves that satisfy their egos and cover their own misdoings.

Allowing myself only a brief bit of anger at people choosing to squabble and group-assault instead of being responsible to their world and constructive for their civilization, I write this blog post. But I doubt that it will be allowed to be heard, as there are some heavy-duty public opinion spin-masters getting into the game, I sense.

Some kinds of people prefer to engage in games or serious conflicts so as to demonstrate who is superior; another kind of people prefer to engage in building things as their teamwork activity.

The conflict-craving types seem to be needing more visibility in recent times, bread-and-circus not enough for them anymore. The focus on the lone high achiever, predominant such as up through the 1950's in America, has been beaten back by the urge for the teams to take the forefront. The schoolyard bullies that gather their following by setting the example of beating up on the lone high achiever, gets tamed a bit as less violent techniques to stay at the front of a group's attention. When this kind of activity gets controlled in a corporation to have a management chain to produce a fine product or service, it seems about an optimum activity for teams.

However, as America's business-political mode has changed enormously since the 1950's, too often businesses teams will discover that they are more interested in making money than in making a fine product for the consumer. Investors who only look at the bottom-line return on their investment, and do not care what means are used to make that maximum money, increasingly business has found that it is far more efficient to seek out and overwhelm upcoming competition and destroy it, than to invest in better internal R&D to make better products for the customers.

Tripping up the rivals is hardly new, as a means to "win." Spot someone else's fine work being completed, is arranged to be destroyed leaving only one's lesser accomplishment the remaining finest thing. However, although sometimes like the stadiums full of howling fans, where the tripping up of the "other people" is publicly accepted and even required as part of the sport, in business dealings it is generally more frowned upon; therefore using more subtle techniques need to be employed. Those who engage in this kind of thing can be lumped into a general category of "organized stalkers."

These organized-stalkers apparently enjoy the companionship and adventure involved, as motivation, providing membership belonging and status in these semi-secret sub-organizations, that seem to be quite common and hardly new.

With the internet's fairly open communications, some of those who have discovered the increasingly unlikely occurrence of specific kinds of events as they go about their daily life, if they are lucky they learn about this organized-stalker phenomenon which apparently is now stalking them. To hide the originating source of the command to stalk particular individuals, there is said to be a "list" passed around among the many groups of organized-stalkers, and once a person is on that "list" it is a lifelong thing, no way to get off the list. (The implied threat of getting put on that list probably also keeps their members in line, fearing what would happen to them if they choose to not do some particularly nefarious dirty-work for the organized-stalkers.)

One kind of person that finds themselves as apparently on that "list" is the potentially innovative but now unemployed engineer, who might come up with an idea for a technology that could compete with some corporation's products and thus reduce their profits for their investors. Keeping those loose-cannon engineers down in the trenches by increasingly obvious organized-stalking and concurrent intrusion into their residences to do document theft, and by spreading nasty rumors among the people the engineer might connect with like neighbors, are said to be common protocols for the organized-stalkers.

I suppose it must be big fun for the members of the organized-stalker vigillanties in their fantasies of the monsters they are united in harassing, to be great heroes among the teams; quite unaware of what they are actually doing to their targets, that ultimately will come around to lower the standard of living for everybody including the organized-stalkers themselves. No matter; the fun and drama of team belonging and fantasied doing drama, is going on. Staying in the herd is a place of safety even among wild mammal groups, and driving out some member, normally a male, feeds the predators and thus protects those who are in the herd for awhile longer. These instincts still lurk among humans, and sometimes find expression, such as in the teams of organized-stalkers.

So at this point, I somewhat suspect that America is once again at that tipping point where focus against a common "enemy" outside the country, fades away enough so that the possible need for those stalked engineers to get re-hired to produce means to succeed against the nation-external enemy, becomes much less than the urge to snuff out the potentially business-disruptive innovative engineers and scientists, and so the long-prepared triumphant dramas of accusatory courtroom or scared run street chases, gets the go signal.

Part of this nearly overwhelmingly complex people-stuff, is the mode among ostensibly dignified members of society and corporations, to "get something on" the others, and this apparently enables some people to feel secure in their jobs, with the implied threat of the misdoings of those other dignitaries being revealed, if the job is lost. I was quite surprised when I learned about this phenomenon many decades ago. The "getting something on" can also be deliberately arranged by such groups too, even if there is no real adequately severe mistake or misdoing having been done by the individual. The need for a high-achieving Asperger to be accepted in the apparently fun things the groups are doing, often gets them put in the position of being deliberately "left holding the bag" to take the blame for the mischief of the group, the Asperger unable to comprehend all of what is going on among people. Someone who has stumbled into "knowing too much" is at high risk for being such a target, even if not wanting to be involved. Thus there is this mass of all the things "gotten on" each other, as part of the seething people-stuff stewing.

Now, is the declaring of war or doing the equivalent, to punish some outside nation, worth doing to prevent the nation-internal fracas from getting really nasty? Hardly seems fair to me, even though I too have long been one of those technological mavericks potentially too business-disruptive with better technologies than the existing corporations employ, and thus would likely would go down in one of the first internal skirmishes. Although that does not appeal to me at all, the sacrificing of thousands of foreigners in a distracting war, is just not a rightful thing to do to prevent it.

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