Puzzling how to deal with new kind of scam

Supposedly, even though someone is a socially dimwit naive Asperger (like me), one can still strive to learn some of the tricks people play, and occasionally recall them in time to figure it out and fend one off.

But some times, a new one pops up. One such is ongoing in my life right now, and despite lots of thinking of what to do about it, nothing comes to mind.

It started maybe a month ago. A knock at the door; was a young man with a bunch of papers in hand, and said they were for a Roberta Stark. I told him there was no one here by that name and I did not recognize the name. He said could he leave it here anyway and I said no; there was no such person here nor expected to be.

(I was also suddenly recalling a similar name, Robin Stark, secretary at a place I worked at a couple decades ago, and I was quite fond of her ... but her name was Robin, not Roberta, and Stark was her maiden name, not married name ... thoughts in my mind flashing through ... recalling how I had wanted to have a relationship with her; and how my supervisor had bragged to me about taking her to Vegas and she begging him to make love to her in their hotel room ... etc etc pile of confusing social stuff to Aspergers me.)

Anyway, about a week later, at the end of a long weary day after a sleepless night due to strange noises banging on my house at night and having to switch around where I was sleeping in effort to avoid the "heat-beam" phenomenon, at dusk another knock at the door, was the same young man. I repeated that the person he was seeking was not here and was not known by me. He said the ones in Moses Lake told him to leave the papers here regardless; that this was the last known address of the people. (I did not think quick enough to ask him when that was supposed to have taken place; nor ask how to contact the ones in Moses Lake.) I repeated that no, it did not belong here, and I shut the door, trying to be polite as possible under the circumstances.

The next day I discovered a sheaf of papers laying on my front porch, presumably the documents the guy was trying to leave here. I ignored them. The next day it was windy and someone had moved the thing closer to my door and set a telephone book on it apparently to keep it from blowing away, so it appeared the perpetrators were not far away, maybe. Days later I tossed the phone book into the trash as it was covering up the name of who the thing was for, in case the people would come by and get it; there have been lots of renters in the houses across the street, dozens of young men and women coming and going briefly living over there at times; and maybe was one of those couples.

The papers remained on my porch. I looked at them: is for a couple of people, Roberta and Robert Stark, and it is a bill for couple hundred dollar monthly child support for a child born in 2004. No address shown, so why was it on my porch.

In my many years of coping more or less with the typical games normals play on Aspergers, such as "get left holding the bag", scapegoat, set-up, and frame-up, and a seeming infinite number of variations on "the old shell game," nothing in my experience suggests how to deal with this, other than leave the thing on the porch. The documents only seemed to leave the option for reply being to return a small envelope with support payments in it, to the State, over on the coast. No indication of who the Moses Lake folks are, to return it to them; the perpetrators kept themselves unidentified.

That it most likely is a scam, is about all I can figure out. The guy was too insistent for it to be a mere error. From dim memories of playing chess as a youth, it looks a bit like a "move" that is preparing for something else to happen; that this is a set-up for something else. Any way I can anticipate what that could be, and take steps to protect myself and property, I wonder. Such a thing could be used for an excuse to stalk and maybe even assault; to gain access to my physical property and thus intellectual property, on the pretense of me "avoiding paying the child support" claimed by the document, even though am not one of those people nor do they live here, and this address is not shown on the document.

There might be connection to the occasional indications, over the years here, that my house had been entered and stuff accessed, particularly when I was shopping over at the Walmart store, which I have to do at times, since I have no woman to be my companion and help with shopping while one person guards the home. And am "straight" and would not tolerate a male companion. That is part of this overall irritation, too, "they" claiming that I have a woman living here with me, while I have endless suffering due to the lack of a woman with whom to make love.

So today, since it is past time to get my porch plants out of the house back onto the front porch for the summer, I printed out an attachment with large letters saying "WRONG HOUSE" and explanatory in smaller font, taped it on the top page, hopefully visible to people, moved the document down a step so my plants can take their customary place.

I have also noticed sometimes when outside, slightly odd acting vehicles cruising slowly past, unfriendly-looking people staring at me from them; although that kind of thing has been going on ever since moving here, it seems much more frequent now. Am reclusive, not interesting to look at at all, so probably something else causing their interest.

And - now in retrospect - on another subject, I realize that maybe a woman would have to forgive my Aspergers goofy ways, to stick with me - maybe that is part of why I have no mate, along with the bunch of expert-snoopy guys that stalk me and make sure I cannot meet a woman.



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