A high value-adding business that vanished

Something that has increasingly puzzled me over the past quarter century is what happened to one of the new businesses that I had fortunately discovered back in the late 1980's. Using the supposedly powerful search engines of today, produces nothing as a result of searches for anything related to the company or its innovative products and services.

Although, the supposedly omniscient eye of google sees all and knows all for its search engines, seems to have a great difficulty finding any of my kests to geo and other innovative space concepts I have made available on my websites and blogs, even google-provided blogs like this one; search engines seem to think that my kests to geo writings ceased after the ones I put on Earthlink free web pages back in the mid-1990's. Reminds me of the therm "selective blindness."

Anyway, the company that vanished mysteriously, was a very well developed system for helping people improve the capacity of their thinking, and enable self-processing of some psychological problems if applicable, along with gaining insights about one's relationships so as to improve them.

These are all things that were intended to enable people to live better lives in a great many ways, and would have enormously helped America had it become widely utilized. They innovative founders of the company had recorded a large number of audio cassette tapes, something like guided-meditations to be done with full awareness in a unique technique. And for maximum effect to be used with a special chamber they were making available for rent or sale to people.

My own access to this technology happened while I was doing my usual wandering through the Whole Life Expos that were held every two years, with a little cash available for buying self-help things that I would discover there, that would fit into my cash on hand. I vaguely recall that booth at the Whole Life Expo (one of hundreds of booths) it had some cassette tapes on the counter, some headphones where one could sample some of their tapes, and some ad-boards telling what they offered. The tapes cost $15 each and that was lots of money to me then, but I listened to parts of some tape or two, then walked on; but then I returned and invested in one of the tapes that seemed to claim it could teach me how to become more aware of my surroundings and be better integrated.All seemed a bit unlikely to me, but the one tape seemed a worthwhile investment, and I got their literature given out at the booth. I don't remember the two people manning the booth, but now I suspect they were the founders, as it turned out they had together created al the technology probably out of their own pockets and would not have money to hire staff for the booth until money started coming in.

And indeed money ought to have started rolling in, much as became clear on their tapes, an excellent investment for individuals to utilize the unique audio tapes for their own self-improvement. But, clearly something happened.

Back then, I was working as a technician in a small car alarm manufacturing company in Chatsworth. I also had a somewhat isolated test-and-repair bench job, where i could listen to the tape while working, using headphones. Clearly my work output was quite satisfactory to my managers, so the tapes did not interfere with my work on the job. It probably even improved my work, as i ever so slowly learned through the frequent repaying of that tape, practical means for enabling me to "resonate" with my environment. That was the name of that tape, something like "Environmental Resonating" I think.

Discovering my new living functionality as a result of frequent listening to that tape, I began to send for another tape or two as over the months I hd a little spare money to use for self-help. There were over a dozen tapes on their literature; I bought only the ones that sounded most helpful to me. I shifted to a series that claimed to enable integration of both sides of the brain, a goal I had had since a youth.

These tapes utilized brain-integration binaural tones not unlike commonly used all over the place nowadays, for other purposes; but their tapes required the listener to participate in imagination, according the verbalized instructions on the tapes. They pointed out that the user had to be involved actively, for it to help them. If the user had a mirror handy they said it would help more, but I did not have one for my use back then. As always, my income was little more than what was necessary to survive, little left for fluff like self-help technologies.

About this time I also connected through the National Space Society with the GEnie information network space library for people to upload their files of possible interest to others. And my thoughts were getting better organized, as enabled by the self-help tapes, and I was getting new ideas. The beginnings of my KESTS to GEO group of concepts, and the related Centristation concept, and ground-commute concepts coming back to mind from the 1970's, and my 1972 Mooncable concept got written in text file form and uploaded onto that GENie space and science library. I thought the world would think it was great that I did that, new ideas for businesses for all; but that was not heir responses - they already had their businesses long planned and did not appreciate anything that could upset their prior plans. (Took me years to figure this out, however; people-stuff is complicated.)

Then my next order for buying another of the tapes, included a note saying that they would sell me the last remaining tapes for only $10 each. So I sent for as many as I could; was a bargain yet still lots of money.

It took dimwitted me a long time to figure out that the company had ceased to exist and had vanished. The woman of the couple had sent me the note offering the last of their tapes at a reduced price; then she too vanished.

From listening to the tapes, I learned there were many tapes, many kinds of subjects, and the special mirror chambers they had created and planned to have regional centers all over where the chambers, and the tapes could be utilized. But it became apparent to me slowly that all that was almost as if it never existed.

Now, I personally knew that the technology had helped me enormously, so i assumed they would pop up again, but that never happened. And in recent times I have realized that my most creative years re my space concepts, were achieved after I had utilized their brain-integrating tapes awhile. It had enabled me to finally put together a lot of smaller ideas for space projects i had long had, into an integrated whole, which I eventually called the "KESTS to GEO and Applications" concept group.

Then the car alarm manufacturer suddenly laid everybody off one Friday, after giving out paychecks. We were old to not come back; the company was now closed, surprise. The subsequent disruption to my life trying to find new work - already a much older man than normally employed in the field - to survive, my world was so disrupted that I mostly no longer utilized those self-help environmental awareness and brain-integration teaching tapes.

It has been only recently that I put together the unusual burst of intellectual capacity while I was doing the major concept integration for those space concepts, coincided with my use of those tapes; they were doing just what they said they could do, insofar as the listener participated in the learning per tape's instructions.

So, some months back, I suddenly thought of using the google and other search engines commonly available,including to me. I input all keywords and names I could recall about the founders and the name of the company. Nothing. Google never heard of the company or the founders, period.

Over the decades since, I have bought many tapes and CD's claiming to have brain-integration binaural and isochronic tones in them; some have helped me a little. But none had that amazing performance-enhancing quality of the original and then suddenly vanished technology.

Control of business territory by established businesses, "happens" like that infamous other stuff "happens" so it seems likely to me that the self-help brain integration and awareness etc technology had infringed on one too many other businesses profits, and so the rug was pulled out from under the business. Could be that the technology was snatched for sale at huge price to top corporates; business does things like that, I have fund, even Aspergers-afflicted me eventually figures that out.

a decade or so ago, I realized that my set of their tapes, was probably deteriorating as such cape media does; CDs were then used as a longer-lasting media that retained recording quality better too; some of my more frequently played tapes were getting a bit stretched and distorted in places. I set up a project to copy the tapes over onto CD's to preserve them best I could. And since then copied over into mp3 form for my handheld.

I have little doubt but that the intruders that plague my residences over they years stealing documents, erasing computer files and snatching small objects from my home, and expertly sabotaging some of my items, have also copied all those audio tracks. So even if I get suddenly deep-sixed, the snoops will have the info; but good luck to humanity re getting them for general use from such snoops.


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