Outlining my 2006 NaNoWrMo novel

Time is fast approaching to begin this year's effort at writing another 50,000 word novel during the 30 days of November. I have decided to do another section of the overall sci fi saga now piecemeal in "Novelway Proto Shop" blog.

Looking at the range where "Novelway Proto Shop" overall outline's chapter 11-15, made into one chapter or broken up into the 5 numerical chapters, which currently are not in strict sequence anyway.

Characterization would again be derived from Temperament principles, as was done in the writing of The Ark.... Possibly 4 on each side of the dichotomy scenario, totalling 8 characters in the novel. Too many?

Start with character playout first in a scenario where elitism has successfully taken over control of America, expressing publicly as owner-management vs employees. The narcissistic rich-elite few had used socio-psychological principles to gain occupancy of the federal government, and proceeded to privatize American formerly government functions, based on the theory that anything worth doing will have a price people are willing to pay for it; therefore can be run like a tunnel-visioned limited territory business as a market for the selfish interest of the business owners. Human need of the people of the American masses were seen merely as leverage for energizing new business for profit of the owner-management folk. Completely eliminating a torturous human need, such as a disease, was not permitted as that would deprive some affiliated business ownership of its means of easy wresting profit from the masses; surely it is stupid to work oneself out of a job.

When the masses of Americans complained that the government was not taking care of crisis like severe widespread storm damage to parts of the country unrepairable by its local inhabitants, the rich-elite considered the storm ruined areas as mere road-kill, losers who had been so stupid as to not be somewhere else when it happened. But it was opportunity to transfer more public money into corporate wealth, so the government merely borrowed money and gave it to big corporations who were told to look like they were doing details of recovery operations for the stricken areas; but their belief was that the unlucky weak perish and the informed elite survive. Hasn't it always been that way, in reality, they justified, although carefully avoiding the too-similar "survival of the fittest" motto of Darwin, as that was a religious-like issue.

Wars were part of statistical history, so wars were arranged since both sides of a conflict crave to lock horns over some issue as it is their nature to do so, so they have to create an excuse to wage war to show who is best. The enormous moneys spent in warmaking were not subject to accounting's careful scrutiny, thus vast money was borrowed against the future of the American non-elite masses to be poured into big corporation faceless treasuries. When election time came up, more socio-psychological fear-provoking techniques were applied, and another 4 years of using fear of mysterious suddenly violent incomprehensible "others" got them an easy another time around. But the political machine of the elitists worked best when it could cleverly abusively manipulate from hiding, leaving the blame to the visible ones on top; so they let themselves lose the next election, knowing the vast network they had established in the meantime, of data about every American's individual ways and doings would enable the computer networks to have their grass roots operatives casually step out just in time to happen to trip up the efforts of the new leadership at key turnings. Between key event sabotage thusly, the operatives practiced their skills by mysteriously harrassing the lives of the relatively few people who were smart enough to design and offer suggestions for greatly improving the lives of the American employees, but were not smart enough to choose to join the elitists regime and suppress such ideas.

(By the end of this novel, this will have progressed into the rich-elite vs 3 musketeers dichotomy scenario that starts the subsequent Ark of 1984 Future novel written a year ago.)

The technological components of the scenario would be a major corporate busyness ostensibly setting up an anchored tether space elevator project to draw attention away from the otherwise overwhelmingly influential KESTS to GEO concept's playout that would otherwise have upset the easy life plans of the powerful conventional aerospace rocket launch businesses. Simply good power strategy, stay on top, then absorb the resources of the vanquished. Demonstrating no responsibility to the American people, of course; but then, the political theory was that the only thing worth doing was successful business enterprise, and all else would come out in the wash. Tomorrow was mere fantasy and had always taken care of itself, no plans needed. Attentions was needed only for intensely thought out strategic takeovers, successes rewarded by the regaling amongst the resources thusly acquired. It was an addictive game.

When years went by and no anchored tether space elevator was actually getting built, a clamor by the masses to get something done now to access the immense resources in nearby space, a compromise was reached, and the Centristation concept (wlphm) gave big new profit to the rocket technology businesses, using the three section launch vehicle technique with which to build it. Entirely pilotless, each launch would lift a segment of a mile-diameter toroid-shaped space habitat designed to be its own fuel tank during its launch; its flyback engine tug module would consume the fuel stored in the habitat module being launched, and would initially be boosted by an airbreathing flyback booster vehicle. The flyback airbreather would release and return to base at the fringes of the atmosphere, while the engine module tug continue lifting into Low Earth Orbit, and precision dock to the previously emplaced toroid segments, teleoperated from the ground. The tug would then release and de-orbit, using a small supply of onboard fuel to maneuver its return to the launch site, and be readied for a subsequent launch. (This is all from my pre-1995 writings, note.) Lots of story adventurers could be gotten from the pre-launch assembly test and modify of the toroid on the ground, as well as in the emplacement. Then a series of lifts for just fuel to power engines attached to the fully functional toroid, to boost it up into GEO, where it was to ostensibly be the crew quarters of the builders of the first anchored tether space elevator. A heavy shielded section would not be included for hiding from any radiation storms that might happen, so that the inevitable accident of a solar storm would cripple the inhabitant crew, and the OwnMan folk then abandoning the whole thing calling it an Emplos boondoggle waste, and return to the more easily controlled business as usual on the ground, like conducting wars and roundups of dissenters.

The separation of the masses of the American "employees" vs the elite owner-management folk gets stronger during all this. Laughter became a tool, used quite differently by each side. Started by the employees (3 musketeers, maybe first called the "Emplos"), describe events where wholesome laughter is taught and practiced to condition people to deal with their struggles, bringing unification by acceptance of each other's strivings. In contrast, using laughter to amplify division; the owner-management OwnMan (later RichElite) not to be outdone in anything that looked like rivalry, took up group a form of group laughing, but at targeted Emplos people's strivings so as to create more divisiveness, displayed on big screens in auditoriums which then would be orchestrated horrific laughter at the displayed Emplos activities and people; during the laughter lots of favors of all kinds would be passed out among the laughers to keep them stimulated to laugh harder at the rivals being shown onscreen. I can clearly describe the contrast between these two kids of laughing, during the playout in adventure of the novel.

The toroid gets final debugging as a living system while in LEO, then is equipped with a spooled seed tether and deployment equipment, then boosted up into GEO, and moved around in GEO to above the equatorial south Pacific Ocean. But a failure to fully deploy and anchor the seed tether to the floating surface station occurs, since the Rich-Elite (AKA owner-management OwnMan) never actually intended to build a tether space elevator, since it would upset the aerospace business status quo too much. By then, those who had prepared the KESTS to GEO project design had faded into obscurity, but the Emplos took the project up on its own, already the front line suffering from depletion of world resources and crumbling of the ecosystem, while the rich-elite OwnMan folk were protected by the reserves of hoarded wealth; so in desperation to save the bulk of humanity, the Emplos on their own begin to build a KESTS to GEO going through a tunnel high in the Ecuadorean Andes Mountains.

Thus Emplos created their own corporations too, as such institutions are necessary to channel large projects into completion. The big difference between OwnMan and Emplos corporations was that Emplos corporations were formed and run to create a needed resulting product and/or service; whereas the OwnMan corporations were business facade gameboard to provide a playground for the elitists, where profit was the only real goal, not product or service. ("Emplos" corporations would be the starting point for the "Three Musketeers" politico-corporation in "The Ark of 1984's Future.")

Here would end the novel at end of November 2006, setting stage for the "Crisis on First KESTS" already written adventure, next chapter.

During the writing of "The Ark of 1984's Future," I had no end-point to provide on schedule. So perhaps a timeline outline of the 30 days would help. Or hinder. The Ark of 1984's Future was written as one huge chapter, although there were some naturally occurring sections. So writing 30 days with a rough lattice of key events, will be a new experience for me. Will that make it more difficult, less fun? Writing a 50,000-word novel in 30 days, as an extra activity, is hard to do already. Perhaps I can print out a linear 30 days showing the key foci described above, then have it to refer to in comparison the the actual day I find myself in, to speed up or slow down certain amplifications.


Ounces of prevention

It has long been wisely said that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure;" but it is the "pound of cure" that makes the big money, and is in a compulsive system in which corporate management dare not violate the profit-maximization principle.

The consumer has long been the fall-guy in this scenario, and big time. It is part of the routine.

The consumer isn't necessarily helpless in this scenario, however. One can choose to more wisely invest adequate effort into hunting down and utilizing the "ounces of prevention" that work for oneself. This preserves more of one's own small portion of that "big money" to be available for one's own more intelligent uses.


Mankind missed the brass ring on the last go-around

Although as a non-subscriber I was locked out of the full article online NYTimes today, the heading of an article was provocative re what researchers say is a species-wide phenomenon of elephants starting to assault people and other animals. I wonder if "species-wide" is related to the "hundredth monkey effect"? Do elephants have a "group mind" and does it have connections with the group mind of humans? If so, does the current shift of mankind away from civilization-building back toward the old strife & rampage mode as currently centered in the country of Iraq, the cradle of civilization? People are able to do far better than that, too, yet somewhere instead elected to collapse into the bounce-n-trounce mode. Muscle rules over brain. Estrangement. It is like mankind missed the brass ring on the last go-around. It is a long way around until the next chance at the brass ring and energy to run it might run out before the next chance happens. Mankind seems more in the mode of "deny, kick & scream" at the energy depletion and world pollution situation, squalling babies instead of alert get-it-fixed mode we were in before.

"Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown" seems to have provided the focus of attention of top leadership, choosing to be rulership instead of leadership. Ah, the test of Americanism failed this time; not the first of course. Supposedly America's strength is the ability to have balance internally, to not tolerate tyrannical control. The use of mass psychology to blindfold the American public, prevented American's from stopping the mess in its tracks years ago, and still has its massive net over the public's mind. America could conceivably rationally describe its problems and choose to fix them, return to balance, even though when a picked self up & dust self off is barely done, the world will demand reparations be paid and quick.

A truer test of strength is the restraint of its use to at most match that of an assault perceived upon itself, and far better to use some of that strength to heal the damage inside, while refraining from lashing out. Yet how long is one to endure the dings from a hidden assaulter? Is there enough arrogance to teach them a lesson? So, we now find ourselves in a situation in which there was enough arrogance to go bash. We lost the remembrance that we are humanity, all brothers and sisters from way back when. We lost the patient tolerance of mature nurturers, when the adolescent mind wreaks havoc in misgided mischief.

How to get out of the "how dare you do that to me?" bull-brained bash-n-trash mode, and get back into the alert get-it-fixed mode & on the road again? Which of us has not been in deep doo-doo before. We've been there done that & we can get back up and dust ourself off again, like back then. We know how to do that; practice makes perfect. Are we not Americans, successful melting-pot of far-ranging ethnicities now joined shoulder to shoulder to achieve our diverse needs together, wrought experts at learning from our mistakes and moving onward?