Easier to see the inconsistencies in others

It is easier to see the inconsistencies in others than my own.

For example, we are at violent expensive destructive war against the Taliban in the Middle-Eastern area of the world, as I understand it partly because of their militant approach to takeover and even more because of their tyrannical treatment of women, as if women were just breeding machines and slaves to the Taliban men. Yet we do not see the inconsistency where even now there is hot debate in America as to whether women have the right to not have a baby that somehow some man got fertilized in her, even if she does not want a baby at that time or by that person. Thus even in America, apparently women are considered breeding machines for some men. And yet, we do not see the inconsistency.

I could also wander here into talking about how we use word labels on things to obscure the nature of things, in this case "right to life" supposedly the excuse, yet it is only the man's opportunity to procreate that is involved there; the woman not having choice of by whom and when, as if women were not citizens or responsible people, with right to guide their own life and their progeny they create and will need to raise for the next 19 years.

In seeing inconsistencies, one needs to examine more than one side to things. For example, another viewpoint is that, at least here in America, women spend a lot of time and effort to pretty up, to become a walking advertisement as if to say "wouldn't it be great to snuggle up with me; we could have great fun playing together;" yet also get close and the sign changes to "don't get close, don't touch, break it and you buy it, and it is really, really expensive."

I also will refrain in wandering into the territory of the kind of powerful men who seek to completely control women's sexuality. While that does maximize the opportunity for such powerful men to reproduce, it does not increase the reproduction of high quality people who will responsibly improve civilization, but instead only increase the powerful controlling ones. Which the world is stuck with enduring thereafter.

And I will also refrain from wandering into the territory of America being the superpower that polices the world, militantly attempting to adjust the societies of some weaker nations to fit our approval. Sure, we have the best system going now, but others might not yet choose that for themselves. They might also be controlled by a dictator or Big Brother regime and the people unable to wrest free of that unjust control, but do we have the right of barging in and trying to fix it? We may look back later at our particular righteousness rampant at the time, and no longer agree with its precepts anymore, too. Thus inconsistencies can appear over time, as circumstances of the world change with time.

Another inconsistency I have, is that normally, as an Asperger's socially inept person I tend to stay in the trenches keeping a low profile; and yet this post is like poking some mean hombres with a sharp stick.