Restarting of two idle nuclear reactors at Kansai Electric's Ohi nuclear plant

Re near end of article, it was mentioned that a decision about restarting some of the nuclear powerplants over on the western part of Japan.

Assuming that the nuclear reactors at Kansai Electric's Ohi nuclear plant powerplants in western Japan are newer than Fukushima - which were soon to be decommissioned anyway even before the quake - from what I have read, if the reactors are built such that they power their own pumps and control systems, and switch over to external utility energy supply only when it can't supply its own power needs, then I think that they ought to be restarted when maintenance is completed and all appears satisfactory.

We need to learn the correct lessons from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The above-mentioned obvious fix seems likely to be able to do that, if it was not already designed that way, being newer and based on more experience.

If not designed that way, well, Fukushima provided the experience.

One does not abandon use of all cars, if one of them gets into a big wreck. Instead, one then seeks to sufficiently improve the part that caused the wreck; then resume use of cars, which now are presumably a bit safer than before.



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