An old man's memories of school

Recalling how my high school classmates who clearly resented my easy going through school, me sitting in front of the class and clearly not struggling, about me later becoming a college dropout, and my subsequent hard struggle in grunt jobs I had to beg to do, was my career. They put thumbtacks on my seat, for example, clearly waiting until I stopped checking to see if a tack was there, before putting another thumbtack for me to painfully sit and jump up hurt. Over and over again. But I sat in front of the class because I could not see well, and also the other students busyness was distracting to me, interfering with my understanding of what teacher was teaching. And generally I was unaware of the other classmates; instead of bragging in front of them, as they apparently thought I was doing. I desperately wanted a girlfriend but did not know how to get one; meanwhile, the cutest gals in class began to show up clearly pregnant, so the other guys were not having my problem, obviously. Life for me is not much different now. Hope they enjoy this blog post; I suspect that lots of folks are maybe not so plush anymore, it is not just me slogging in the trenches.


Events and interpretations

Events are modified by the interpretations that are assigned to those events. Such as the meaning that oneself ascribes to what is happening to and around oneself, real-time and also upon afterthought, which might be significantly different from the first impression oneself has about an event. The same event might have quite a different interpretation as condensed out as group consensus about it, too. Some people take on the task of providing interpretations of events to other people, such as news reporters and associated copywriters. Museum docents have been taught the interpretation of specific items displayed in the museum, and their task is to accompany visitors around in the museum, pointing out items on display while telling the visitors some of the meaning of that item, what part it played in history, for example. In fact, "interpreter" was the name given for such a docent at NHM. An interpreter strives to change the meaning of that which is viewed, tying in aspects which are no longer there to be experienced.



The things that go bump in the night

If it is just the wind,
why don't the things that go bump in the night
go bump in the daytime too?