Asperger political rant re fears of entitlements causing laziness

Reference "Right Fears Entitlements Are Killing American Dream" article by Ari Shapiro.

This article seems to me to go right to the central issues between the polarities of our political system at this time, and thus exploring so as to help my Asperger's social-dimwittedness figure out better the what and why various people do what they do.

Through the article's title itself, two thoughts pop up: one is that the "Right" folks consider that, although it is depriving them of some of the clout to make the sheeple obey them, it is really the American Dream of the Right-wingers that they see in jeopardy, not the American Dream of the peons. If the Right-wingers have to offer the sheeple more pay to entice them to do the work, then there will be less wealth for the Right-wingers to wallow in vast luxury that is their due for being Winners, the Superior Beings of mankind.

Exploring where that rant came up from, in my simple-minded Asperger's struggle to make sense of it all, I have simplified the Right-winger politicos as being the "rulers" of the system where the Left-winger politicos are the "slaves." The work-struggles of the bottom layer of the Big Org Chart consists of the hordes of "slaves", atop of which are layer upon layer upon layer of bosses, the huge pile of bosses of bosses of bosses composing the "rulers" of the "slaves."

Well, go back a bit further. Back to the schoolyard bullies and their victims; I never could comprehend why bullies were bullies, seemed insane. Why go out of one's way to attack and hurt others? Must be something broken inside the bullies, for them to wantonly cause damage to the whole, and for no apparent reason. Now I realize that it the thing that it takes to be a manager of other people, the craving to interact with other people so as to get them to do what one wants instead of them doing what they want.

Now, that is not so goofy a thing to do as it seemed to me for many years, since that control of many folks by an individual, is what can get them to produce larger and more complex things than any one could do alone. thus, bigger and better things can be built, through the action of the bully-type getting productive, instead of merely beating up on others so as to watch them suffer - and thus attract the admiration of the females which on average increases the reproduction of the bully-types enormously, and thus perpetuates itself that way down through the generations.

Now, the present political situation is not of merely a pile of Right-wing bullies having taken control of things merely through wanton destruction of everything not of their own, but instead of considerable very complex power structure through control of finances, of what resources are available to do what thing. Although the Right-wing mentality craves to play games to prove they are winners and therefor the superior beings (for the gals to notice) there has to be the games. Sports like football and baseball are pretty much used up, therefore there are games such as technology, manufacturing, intellectual as well as physical territory to be grabbed and controlled, all as part of the game playing. And as part of all this manipulation orgy ever going on, somewhere at the bottom of the heap are the losers, the sheeple, the peons the "slaves" that are ruled by the "rulers."

Back in the 1960's, there was the version of this, called "Capitalism vs Communism". The word was that Communism could only be a failure, since if everybody owned everything equally, then there would be no incentive to work, and thus nothing would get produced. Capitalism was thus far superior, because the owner-managers who were employers of the peons, could force the peons to work at minimum wages and benefits, and thus get the work done while wallowing in luxury (work that would otherwise would have to be done by the owner-managers, how horrible a thought.)

Yet back then there was also a huge "middle-class," people who were highly skilled and knowledgeable, and able to work autonomously to a large extent, thus reducing the need for some lower levels of management. But the middle-class is said to be rapidly vanishing. That leaves teh upper and lower class, to get everythign done that needs doing.

Now, it must seem silly to think that the lower class, the working class, could get things done without the directions of the ruling class; let the Democrats be on top for awhile, and show that they cannot guide themselves, through their obvious inability to guide themselves; only the superior management-minded class could do that, born and bred for that task; unlike those of the slave class. Yet there was this mode of the masses of slaves, choosing what they want to have done, be able to raise taxes from which to pay managers to guide their coordinated activities to get the needed things done. And the things that the slave-class were picking to get done, ended to be things that would benefit the whole nation of people, instead of being guided by the benefit of the various pockets of the ruling class businesses which were guided by scarcity and need manipulations, with little regard for the nation's functioning as a whole. The slave-class tended to want interstate roadways on which for them to ride freely, paid for by the whole nation. In contrast, the ruler class would instead only have roadways built where proven to be needed locally and would be used to harvest tolls by the owners of the roadway pieces. The ownership of the separate pieces of the roadway system would reap the good life due to the ruler owner-managers, yet also need to manage to keep their own little piece of roadway in good shape and useable; and if things got touch, they could hire some toughs to be trolls who allowed only certain people to pass through their piece of roadway: more leverage for bullying. The free-use interstate highway system prevailed however, at least up to this point, much to the benefit of commerce in the nation, along with the general population, rulers and slaves alike, able to freely cruise from where they were to where they wanted to be.

Yet the slave-class Left-wingers also wanted long-term functionality of the whole nation for their progeny, and that meant knowledgeable guidance of use of all resources, whether of nature's minerals or of human work capacity. This requires observation of what is happening to all those resources as a whole. Are some things becoming depleted and thus no longer available in the future, ought not something be done about this now? In contrast, the Right-winger ruler class merely considers to grab ownership of some territory and exploit it to the best re the principles of supply and demand of the moment. The right-winger ruler-class wanted the goodies of life for their progeny too, but as rulers who continue the process of forcing the masses of slaves to do the bidding of the ruler class, whether the slave-class folks thought it was wise to do that or not, s seen in the bigger picture of the nation as a whole, and as a member of a world full of nations and their various peoples.

To keep the slave-class in line and obedient to the ruling-class folks, the ruling class needs to focus on wielding the carrots&sticks. And that usually means to control the doling out of pay and benefits through employment; if the slave-class will get food and shelter even if they don't do the work for the ruler-class, how will the ruler-class function? After all, the jobs the ruler class provides, no one would choose to do without coercion of the carrots and the sticks. Letting the slave class dream of owning a nice home and having a family so as to produce more slaves, of course; they won't need much education for that, of course.

Thus this rant comes around to confront the why of the Right-wingers thinking that food stamps and free medical and shelter will just let the slaves sulk and not work anymore.

And yet I dream too: what if the ruling-class were to design jobs for the slave class that the slaves would enjoy doing, in addition to receiving enough pay to exist fairly comfortably and raise families? Then the slaves, who could otherwise loll around on the street corners munching their free food, would instead eagerly apply for those fun and interesting jobs offered by the ruling class Right-wingers.

Ah, but that is not the way the bully-mind works. It is only good if the slaves are forced to do the disagreeable tasks demanded by the bully ruler-class; is that not proof of the superiority of the ruling class, proof of the superiority of bullyhood membership? For them to design and maintain fun and interesting jobs for the peons, well, that would be a lot harder to do than just pushing the slaves around, per the instincts of bullies.

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