Losing touch with the ability to resonate with what is real

I recently received a provocative article by one Paul Craig Roberts, who claimed to have been a significant person in the financial media industry until he was blacklisted after he wrote complaints of us starting new wars in the Middle-East. The article got me to thinking.

Sometimes I think there is a tendency to think that, if looking into the bushes and one sees a fanged glowing eyes muzzle, a big patch of fur, and a long scaly tail, that it all belongs to the same beast, the same dragon. Yet to say there is nothing in the bushes since it is not consistent, is also likely to be a mistake. So I will just put some of my stimulated comments here, and not copy Robert's post for reference, which seemed worthy of free press but incompletely informed too.

I wonder if we in America have lost touch with the ability to resonate with what is real, true, because of our exposure to the television for so long, the long hours daily of seeing things happening far away, the cartoon worlds, the pounding by the incessant ads to which one must learn to resist. So when things of import also come in on the same channels, how are people to tell the difference? I’ve seen the same response to some of the things I have said, too, concepts I have proposed that ought to have sparked some inspiration in others to build useful things. It is like talking to a hypnotized audience who sees little but their prior “instructions” and are resisting ads. Also, life has gotten way more complex than it was a few generations ago, too; and despite how smart we are, it may be too much stuff to process adequately.

Since I have the characteristics of Asperger’s – sometimes called “high functioning autism” – I am quite familiar with being bamboozled. And of being set up to be a scapegoat. Usually only obvious in hindsight, unfortunately. So it is perhaps easier to see – from the Asperger’s hard-won experience viewpoint – that there has been – and probably still is – lots of bamboozling of the American public going on. As to who and why, am not exploring here; but I think it may have to do with some people who are merely playing life to “win” in a knee-jerk fashion, unable to evaluate what they are winning nor what they are doing to “win.” But they are real skilled at winning, and deception is merely one more tool with which to win.

I also think that the problem involves that we are no longer learning how things are built, put together, made to work, and sometimes changed to do something entirely new, all done by our own hands and understood by our minds. The keyboard has lots of advantages of speed and accuracy, but it lacks the ability to have the hands actually making analogs of the physical world being affected by ourselves. Without lots of daily practice at doing it yourself – DIY – one loses the connection with the ability to control our own reality, slaves to the boob-tube world in front of us, even when it no longer is the boob tube that we face.

Elsewhere today, I had read of a well-described parameter “customer-focused innovation,” that could be used to evaluate. I also like Roberts’ wording “high-productivity, high value-added American jobs.” These are things we need to bring back into the highlight of American life.

The item by Roberts has, in places, too much of the ring of truth in much of it. But maybe that is because I see from seven decades of experience of life, being a senior on Social Security Retirement, that the former administration was trying to quickly trash – was it because we oldsters know too much, remember too much of what it was like before, and thus are too likely to catch on, to risk having us around? Yet I agree that there looks like a very long ongoing "assassination" - to use a polite term for erasing someone - activity going on, largely using arranged "accidents," yet there is much to the "police state" he mentions that also involves much integrity and even heroism at times to protect those targets. I too seem to have escaped from just too many near-misses in the past decade or two.

Anyway, I repeat that, if looking into the bushes and one sees a fanged glowing eyes muzzle, a big patch of fur, and a long scaly tail, that there is a first tendency to think that it all belongs to the same beast, the same dragon. Yet it is also important to realize that there probably are some critters over in the bushes there, possibly doing something.

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What kind of humanity are we

Despite what is seen as a tragedy, there can be some valuable outgrowth from it. As I graduated from high school with four majors - science, math, english and social studies - I had the continuing intention of being a scientist as a career, focussed at least in part on rocketry and space. Although I had fascination for all the sciences, probably stimulated by being an avid sci fi reader as well as of the popular scientific philosophers of the day such as Isaac Asimov, George Gamow, and Arthur C. Clarke. I was a knowledge sponge absorbing everything with ease, and thought I would learn all of physics in college first, then extend it to include all of chemistry, then extend that to include all of biology, then extend that to include psychology, and extend that to include social science. I was so confident I could do these things that I also intended to work my way through college, working part time at White Sands Missile Range, or White Sands Proving Ground as it was called at the start. At the time, mid-1950’s, each of those scientific disciplines were fairly isolated knowledge domains, the gap between, say, chemistry and biology was still quite wide and even had their own incompatible name sets. But I believed that all of them could be united into a logical whole, and I was going to have fun helping unite them. All of them, starting with physics, as I entered college as a physics major, grieving a bit that college entrance testing showed that I already knew more chemistry than one that would take the requisite college chemistry class would have, so I was not going to be able to take that class, and I had actually enjoyed high school chemistry and psychology more than physics in some ways; but I felt it all was founded on physics and would build up from there, so I would have to start with physics, and learn it thoroughly for starters, all of it. Dreamer! Yet the way I was up through High School, it looked like I could do it, knowledge sponge and conceptual integrator seemed my nature, easy stuff.

Well, I have elaborated elsewhere on the tragedies that then befell me starting in my Freshman year in college - the despair at losing my girlfriend and that was disastrous for an Asperger’s man who has to have a support system; the start of extreme Tinnitus in both ears preventing me from being able to hear what the college professors were saying up front and preventing my concentration doing homework and doing any reading; the below survival level of the part time job’s pay; and the unwitting wheat gluten sensitivity when I was having to sometimes survive only on white bread often stale, essentially a poisoning to my wheat gluten sensitivity as well as having little nutritional value, thus disrupting my ability to function physically and mentally. The getting the boot by my former girlfriend had reduced my sense of self worth to about zero, and all the disruptions like the tinnitus screeching sound in my ears that no one else could hear, seemed to all confirm that. After five years of struggling with this in college, I gave up and became one of the disdained “college dropouts,” quite possibly to the glee of some of my classmates who had been irritated at my former ease of learning, as compared to their struggles to pass classes.

From that background, I have experienced a half century since then of slow healing. Where I would have gone had I not had those misfortunes, is conjectural. But most likely not where I have come to, in the present.

Most likely not to sometimes challenge science’s authority to govern all things, as I do sometimes nowadays. And I consider that a bit fortunate. Not that science cannot embrace an expanded set of knowledge; it is that it sometimes has established an egotistical tribalistic territorial rivalry kind of thing, seemingly totally forgetting what the Scientific Method means, that one must actually test and verify something before declaring it true or false; and thus cannot depend on logical reasoning to come up with all predictions of what can be observable phenomena.

And such a situation is what I have found in the case of what is sometimes called “electronic herbalism,” which explores pathways not apparent to the current school learning mindset. Thus the field gets hit by derisive gutter-sniping, such as calling it “snake oil” and “quackery,” labels that immediately cause the hearer to separate themselves from any connection with the subject, lest they be somehow contaminated. Works in politics, love & war; and works in science too. When positive experimental testing results are irrefutable, the egotists call it merely the placebo effect, trying to write it off as psychological phenomena, since it does not have apparent logical links to the common pathways of college-taught science. Somehow amazingly they don’t comprehend the principle of don’t knock it if it works; if the shoe fits, wear it; they thus miss out on useful processes they could be using to great benefit. Amazing blindness; and looking back at my vision of my future as a scientist as I left high school and headed to college, I too would have been in that camp all my life. Well, maybe. At least a starting point and maybe a tar pit trap for me too like so many of the others nowadays.

The half century of healing for me has been a stumbling along path, with little guiding vision, often just putting one foot in front of the other, just so as to not be staying in the same position I had been stuck in for seemingly eons of moments already, desolation world. One foot in front of the other, that was all the vision I could muster. The particularly deep abyss pits were encountered when my desperate efforts to have a woman as my mate, got trashed once again (and again and again) when the gal disdainfully dumped Asperger’s me. Girlfriends, even a wife of a dozen years; each time a woman disdainfully dumped me it was into the trash pit from which I had to somehow wander out of all over again. But my belief in science and the dim memories of the fun of science fiction adventures was a seed that would grow even in the desert dump a bit; and like the proverbial Lotus that somehow produces the beautiful thousand petaled flower in the sunshine even when growing out of the sewage gutters, things that seemed quite valuable for me would sometimes get to happen. One major set of pathways went toward finding ways to be able to efficiently get into space so as to utilize space resources to help this planetary ecosystem civilization. Another pathway, which is the subject here, is one following the experimental pathways of some others, combining my career in electronics with my scientific curiosity, along with my meager resources and often lack of employer-supplied health insurance.

Yet my electronics engineering frame of mind that I had acquired over my decades in the field of electronics as a super-tech in various companies, was quite skeptical of some claims of the heath useful electronic gadgetry invented by Hulda R. Clark, PhD, in a couple of her early books on self health, something I was finding helpful via nutritional supplements and such things as Educational Kinesciology, interesting stuff I could learn to do and that seemed to speed up my healing. But to have simple electronic gadgets help heal me? Electronic gadgets that looked like child’s play compared to the sophisticated electronic gadgetry I had built and evaluated over the years in R&D departments as well as low level manufacturing plants, such as I was working at, at the time, including low pay and no health insurance, yet a desperately appreciated job considering I was already too old to be considered worthy of being an electronics technician anymore. And mateless again too as was my chronic fate, it seemed, made life quite a deep struggle.

So I was working as a mere electronics technician at a car alarm manufacturing company, a job finally in electronics again, after over a year of job hunting unemployment and short minimum wage jobs such as peeling pineapples for Dole, delivering flowers for Conway, and putting security tags on women’s clothes for Broadway, none of which I was very good at. All electronic corporation’s employment offices looked at my resume and declared that since my last job was as a second level Design Development Electronics Engineer, yet had no college degree, that they could not hire me as an engineer and I would not be happy to again work as a technician; maybe they did not understand I was desperate for some paid work in electronics. Then I interviewed at a small car alarm manufacturer place, where they did not ask for a resume, only gave me a written test and a components test, said I got the highest score of anyone and told me to show up for work Monday morning; I finally had a job, although at a third of my former pay and no health insurance. But I had long ago spent what little savings I still had after my last desperate effort to have a girlfriend, a woman with five mostly grown kids who just used me for income, while her teenager kids and not-so-ex husband and other boyfriends hazed me to leave, once I had spent my savings to rent us all a four bedroom house; eventually I gave up, and my career went crash too shortly thereafter, typical for my life pathways by then. Anyway, over a year later here I was in a different town, Chatsworth, one I had worked in long before, and had a friend who was letting me have a room to live in free while I looked for work. So I had this new technician job working testing and repairing production car alarms, working with coworker Vietnamese boat people survivors and Iran-Iraq Armenian refugees; and making efforts to consciously help myself stay well.

One evening, my nutritional supplements and even Bach Remedy flower essences interests found me in a hard-to-find back nook of far away Glendale, where I sat waiting for some herbal products that were only available there, when I noticed a guy sitting next to me reading a herbal book which had a page with something I recognized, an electronic schematic. Very curious about what it was all about, I got the name of the book and heard it would be on sale at a fair in Santa Monica, where I bought a copy myself a couple of weeks later; it was a book on Hulda Clark’s research toward a cancer cure, and she had invented an electronic thing she called a “Synchrometer” which would provide an audio output that varied according to the resonances between two sets of samples placed on the instrument, it said. I built one of the Synchrometers based on the book’s description of how to build one, although I did not have the resources to get the many samples of materials to do much of the testing of the thing; I could not get it to work for me, but I did not have the setup to do it very well, so was not too much of a surprise.

Then I found her next book came out, and in its front was the description of her discovery of another kind of electronic gadget that supposedly had a wide range of healing capability, and had no reqirement of learning how to use it; it was clearly a simple pulse generator, much like circuits I had built and tested before, for other applications; but this one was to be used to send a signal via wet paper covered copper pipe handholds held one in each hand, sending a pulse rate of about 30,000 Hertz through part of one’s body. How could such a thing help heal anyone; it seemed impossible. I could not quite get myself to build one until I had stumbled on a Holistic Health Fair booth where such a thing was being sold - for $200 each, a lot of money for me even then - but I bought it because I could not get myself to build one from the book’s instructions. I was determined to only use the thing for safety testing, a thing which she ignominiously named the “Zapper,” likening it to the bug zapper used to fry flying bugs in patios, which she believed would do the same for microbes in the body, per her fortuitous discoveries through her extensive biological background and extraordinary ability to perceive and make connections between phenomena, in her pursuit for new modes of healing. She had been pursuing a discovery path that had pointed to a parasite - Fasciolopsis buskii - that could live its entire life cycle in the human liver, if the toxic alcohol isopropyl alcohol, was also in the liver trying to detoxify it. The isopropyl alcohol - a common disinfectant and rubbing alcohol at the time - enabled the parasite’s eggs to hatch and grow in place, and the growing eggs produced the same chemical which was used as the marker for cancer at the time. So she was exploring bioresonance with the F. buskii parasite and its other stages, which she had found that 434,000 Hz would resonantly detect it, and would resonantly destroy it if deliberately applied in higher strength to the body, she had found, using her Synchrometer.

So she asked her son, an Electronic Engineer, to design a simple electronic gadget that would retail for about $25 in large quantities, that would generate the required frequency; she dreamed of everyone having one in their home medicine cabinet thus eliminating cancer from the population, as suggested by her research findings. In contrast to the many thousands of dollars expensive equipment she used to generate the frequencies for her extensive research, which had identified the bio-resonant frequencies of hundreds of parasites, pathogens. So he designed what is now known as the simple 555-IC-based oscillator, but it ran at a pulse rate of 434 KHz, and was chopped 9 volts DC instead of a sine wave, skipping the cost of a coupling capacitor in the output. When Hulda Clark tested the thing, she was amazed to find that it not only achieved the destruction of the F. buskii parasite in the body, but also similarly disposed of several other pathogens in the body, pathogens that were not bioresonant at 434 KHz. Her compulsive urge to chase down anything not expected in research, led to her invention of the “Zapper” which was the same circuit her son Geoff designed for her, except it ran at a much lower frequency, about 34 KHz, chopping the output of a common 9 volt battery to produce the signal that was applied to the wet pipe handholds. She attributed its extraordinary broad spectrum anti-parasite capability to its direct coupled mono-polarity pulse output.

And so I found myself with one of those hand-built prototypes which I had bought from a booth, determined to show that it was safe during doing a year’s testing on myself. Although I did not believe that such a thing could improve my health, such a common circuit, I would be aware of my state of being as I did the daily experiments with the Zapper on myself, and would stop the research if there were any sign it was harming me; a harm other people declared would happen, since the current would include going through the heart area, it seemed; but many thousands of times I had touched such signals with my hands and never felt a thing in the course of my hobbies in electronics and my on-the-job duties over several decades by then.

Of course, out of curiosity I had to open up the Zapper I had bought, and was appalled at the construction involved; it used a wire wrap socket and components tacked here and there on it and the whole thing dangling by its wire wrap wires inside the box, cushioned by a wadded up tissue paper. I soon built a sturdier version, which produced the same signal as the purchased one, but was much better made; and continued to use it in my experiments.

After about the first two weeks of using the Zapper on myself, although I could not feel its 34KHz 9 volt signal, and the only indication it was doing anything was the LED little light that said it was turned on, I noted a couple interesting things happening. The most obvious one was that the chronic sinus infection I had had for over 30 years, had gone away all by itself; and not only had the pus stopped appearing in my throat, but my olfactory sense had returned, surrounding my existence with all kinds of odors, such as every car I followed driving down the road, had its own distinctive odor, and none of them smelled good. And dust reached up into places they had long been blocked from reaching, so dust became a nuisance too. The only thing I could attribute all this spontaneous stuff to was that I was doing the Zapper safety test. Then the low level bronchitis at the base of my ribcage started going away all by itself; I had had it since a youth, not much of a problem, but it too was going away. And then a psychology-savvy friend who routinely called me about once a week to check in on me, demanded to know what I was doing, since I now was no longer tied up in going around in circles about my problems; although I still had the same problems, I would just mention them and drop them and go on to other topics, something she had not seen me do in the decades she had known me; so what was I doing to cause that? I was quite puzzled, had no idea what she was talking about; I was not doing any psychological process that I had not used long before.

But then my puzzling over all this got me to get out the too-thick book by Hulda Clark, from which the front part had told me about the Zapper and how to build it. I looked in the index and found it mentioned such things as sinus infection and even depression. Looking into the interior of the book per the index, I found it described exactly what I was experiencing about those things. It got my attention. But I still did not believe the electronic thingy could be doing it. I continued the zapper use in the years after that, finding that I no longer was out sick each winter like I had been before; and as my co-workers continued to get sick and off the job each winter - and I began to increasingly think the Zapper was making all that happen; although the engineering mind in me would not accept it. If it were, wouldn’t all the doctors and hospitals be using the Zapper all the time, in their practice of healing people? Surely they would, healing was their business. So the Zapper could not be producing the phenomena. Had to be a placebo effect. I skirted the thought that whether a placebo effect or not, if it worked so well, why were not the doctors, nurses and hospitals using it, since it clearly worked for lots of things, that the doctors were still just giving shots and pills for, and did not work so well as the Zapper? Never mind, the doctors were the experts, not me.

I built several varieties of Zappers back then, including one to be carried in one’s car and would work off of the car’s cigarette lighter, in case the internal 9 volt battery had gone dead. It would be an emergency healing tool, I thought. From car alarm work, I knew that a car’s interior could reach 160ºF at times; and the hot melt glue that I used to assemble my Zappers would probably melt; so I used RTV cement instead on this one, but which gave the assembly a rubbery wiggly aspect. Anyway, some years later, when the car alarm manufacturer had quit and laid me and the others off, and I had again run out of my meager savings and was doing a desperate $100 a week job as a custodian at a church to pay my rent, I was working out in the church’s back area one hot summer day and got jabbed hard by a rotted piece of wood coming up out of the ground at the former horse stable site, ripping a deep 3/4 inch wide wound into the back of my left hand, filling it with ugly black gunk from the ground. I could not stop what I was doing at the time, and I was working alone as always. About 15 minutes later, I was able to stop and go find a garden hose, and flush the crud out of the deep large gash in the back of my hand; a big chunk of flesh still dangled; it looked like it was going be be a hard thing to heal, and I had no health insurance, of course. But I remembered my RTV-assembled zapper I had made and put in the car, so I went and dug it out, found the 9 volt battery was long expired; so I plugged it into the car’s cigar lighter socket, and got some paper napkins and wetted them with the garden hose, and held the Zapper copper pipes for the standard 7 minutes, to do the first of the three similar daily signal applications. When I got home later that day, I had no bandages, so I used a piece of masking tape to hold the chunk of flesh back down into the hole of the wound, and did the other two Zaps with my normal zapper that evening. The wound did not hurt, nor had it become red and swollen either; and in fact it never did. About three days later, I took the making tape off, and was surprised to find the flesh had welded itself back in place firmly, and there was no pus nor red swollen area there, just the big gash U-shaped line 3/4 inch across. I put a fresh piece of masking tape on, and continued to do the routine daily zaps; about a week after the injury, I took off the making tape and was surprised to find it had completely healed and there was barely a scar remaining. As a placebo effect, I was all for it; amazing. Impossible seeming. Power of the mind? Impressive. But I wondered, was the zapper interfering with my immune system? So a couple weeks later I again got a much smaller wound on my hand at the custodian job, but this time I just flushed out the small wound with garden hose water, but did not use the Zapper. By that evening it was familiarly festered red and swollen, oozing pus, painfully like normal. So I resumed zapping and that soon cleared up, too.

And again I would find myself thinking, why was this thing not used to save lives in the hospital nowadays? It clearly worked; placebo or not, surely they would be using whatever worked and worked best, as this thing seemed to be doing consistently.

And I still have that question in my mind.

But now I think I have found out why not. A matter of educational arrogance, along with the even more compelling reason that routine Zapper use by people at home, would immensely cut down on the number of doctor visits, and lots of doctors, nurses, and pharmaceutical staff would be out of work, jobs they had studied years for to get so they could live nicely; and would be out on the street along with hundreds of thousands of other similar health field workers. Not a nice prospect, even terrifying. I was well familiar with the struggles of being out of work, with countless other people seeking the same few jobs out there. So, it made sense. Except, what about the people who were ill, sick, some even dying in the hospitals, that would probably be getting well and going back to normal life if the zapper technology were used in the hospitals and doctor offices, and used preventively at home even without a doctor’s guidance? They are the losers, big losers. A tragedy; a big one. And I would have no doubt found myself on the other side of the fence, if I had been able to pursue my high school set course of being an academic wizard. So, in my life tragedy, I was able to find answers to healing, that I would not have dared to go explore before.

Governmental regulations prohibit anyone without a medical degree and license from healing other people, so that blocks the use of the Hulda Clark type Zapper except for one’s personal experimental use. This supports the health field’s business as usual; all go daily to their jobs, do it and return home with a big paycheck, easy does it. All those sick people out there, keep coming in, that keeps the paychecks coming in - and the investor’s checks coming in too, perhaps more importantly for the ultra-wealthy who rule the roost.

But I wonder, what kind of humanity are we, thereby?

Not a very nice one, it seems. Understandable, the callousness, the deception, the blindness to better ways. And maybe, as I again come to the conclusion, it is all about the drama, which spices up our lives. Something that people would die for, it seems.

Which reminds me, this Lenten Good Friday coming up season, about suffering and dying, for no good reason. Except maybe for the drama. What is so special about drama? Well, maybe I had an overdose of it in my early college times and often since then. So I can see it better, maybe. Maybe it is the need for attention. Of conflict and displayed power of winning - well, these things I have not had much experience at, so they are not so attractive to me; and needless suffering and dying seems just plain obnoxious to me at this point.

So what could all those out of work nurses, doctors, pharmaceutical scientists and assistants, office staff, do for a living? What to do with the hospitals, if all they had to work on were broken bones and appendicitis type problems? Well, there are huge numbers of research projects really needing doing, that they could do. And the nurses could practice such things as Educational Kinesciology, Touch for Health, Emotional Freedom Technique, hand out magnetic toothbrushes, offer appropriate aromatherapy - lots of things. So, many would need to go back for some training in new protocols for a while; but, they were good at school work, right?

And maybe, just maybe, with a population that is not so tied down with so much sickness and suffering, they could be far more productive, having time for more wisdom in their doings; and who knows, maybe even look to nearby space to finally open up the earth’s ecosystem to a mankind’s newly wholesome civilization that has a clean energy and toxin free industrial era, at long last using the space transportation and utilization concepts that I have created over my lifetime, such as the Space Escalator Carousel lifting structure encircling the Earth and reaching up to GEO above the far side of the planet from where it is attached on the equator, from where a new level of civilization could be built, powered by 24/7 abundant solar-electric power.

Yet my continual reality testing keeps coming up with the question again: What kind of humanity are we? Maybe the wasting of one's potential is not my exclusive fate.

J E D Cline 201003-1024 Ephrata, WA 98823-1713.

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More grumps about what is happening re health reform

I’m still thinking about what is happening re health reform. And the continuing uproar by the “opposition” is what is getting my attention now. Even though it is a long long way, from ways for enabling better health economically. Getting a little say-so in the matter of health, does seem to have been accomplished, on paper anyway.

Anyway … what my pattern-seeking back-of-the-mind has frequently come up with lately, is that by enabling health insurance for workers even if they are not working, or if they change jobs, this has deprived the employers of a powerful leverage for getting workers to endure unjust conditions on the job, just to keep their health insurance for themselves and their family. In other words, it deprives those who would be essentially slavemasters, of one of their threats against their slaves … er, employees. Thus they would have to improve working conditions and increase pay, to have people continue working for them.

From this train of thought, I sometimes drift into the generalizations, imagining that there are a couple of mindsets involved; using archaic terms, one is that of the peasant and the other of the lord. Terms of Medieval territorial fifedom days. Nowadays some might call it the sheeple and the elite. Or grunts and bosses. A two class system; not so much losers and winners, but the downtrodden and the bullies. Workers and manager-owners. America carved up into two pieces thereby. And the manager-owner class having their staked out territories, each with their pitiful horde of workers. The bully-mentality spends its life beating its way up the hierarchical pyramid, focused on getting others to do their bidding; thus reaching that plush life of the owner-manager class, hobnobbing among the Upper Class, and attracting the best looking women with whom to breed. Yes, lots of incentive to take that road. But the bully mentality may have genetic roots, extending back into the murky battles among the bulls for exclusive mating rights, not striving to protect the herd, but instead striving to injure the other male. This sociobiological force still lurks heavily amongst humanity. It often gets shined up and fancy suit put on and trained in the ettiquete of proper eating and Roberts Rules, and somehow having acquired college degrees to pretend they are people of knowledge and wisdom. But their words are used to do battle, to put down the other person, instead of to build mutually supportive projects.

Not that the grunt class does not have its bullies, too. But am not exploring that here now.

So in light of the furor over health insurance reform beginnings, it could be seen as anger by the owner-manager class of being deprived of one of their whips to drive the sheeple to work harder. Maybe even more because it would seem like the manager-owner class is being given orders by the sheeple class: how denigrating. How could the sheeple class know how to rule, how dare they try?

Backing off from the circus one level higher, it looks like the owner-manager bully class most of all enjoys a good fight, a team fight. Yay team, what exciting fun, get to show our stuff. Otherwise life would be just a dull grow up, breed and die, how boring to them. Got to spice it up with strife. And the Democrats put up a good sporting fight and won a round in the stadium; and that deserves a bit of respect, a more worthy opponent in the big game to them.

And if I shift to one more notch higher in the Big Picture, it seems that the craving for Drama is playing out. Not just among the boys, but amongst the girls, too. How exciting.

I wonder where the sense of responsibility is going to come back into the picture. The responsibility we have of taking care of our world that nourishes us and our loved ones. The responsibility to craft our mutual civilization with our finest wisdom, that we have a much finer world to live in and enjoy.
But instead now, it seems more of just grab, root and growl, to get the most for the least effort. The Creator typically lets it play out, see how worthy the new creations are. Sometimes thay last for tens of millions of years, like the dinos did. Or the cockroaches, been going for 250 million years and still going strong, despite the latest pesticides that mankind sprays on them, ending back up in the people’s food supply too, poisoning us humans too, in our tunnel vision of the overall consequences of our actions. So Homo Sapiens might just be a flash in the pan, a few 10’s of thousands of years or less, the way we are going. We have just too many powerful tools of civilization to not utilize them with sufficient caution and responsibility, lest we take ourselves out along with lots of other species. Even though they have crafted themselves to powerfully direct the activities of others in group effort, the bullies just are not built right to lead humanity in the correct directions. And more despairingly, I suspect that a higher education of the present kind, is not going to convert the bully minds into responsible compassionate minds nearly often enough.

Shrinking the vision level way down again, the struggle to care for the health of all Americans, whether they are working at the moment or not, whether they are on one team or the other team, seems both a compassionate step forward and a wise step forward, since a healthier workforce – and in the larger picture that includes the owner-managers too – surely ought to be able to accomplish more and better deeds. And then hopefully we can next focus a bit on that which purportedly provides better health, an industry that too long has been led by the bottom line instead of the best end result; even corrupting the paths of science toward only that which makes the most profit for the least effort; instead of the most effective body-mind-spirit health product for the best effort.

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Health insurance reform passed, and yet...

Well, it was a cliff-hanger, to use the term, the bill passed at long last. Yet the opponents are still on the warpath against it. So now I write this attempting to make some sense of it, at least to myself.

Originally it was about health for all Americans, I thought. It then seemed to shift to "health insurance" instead. Watching the progression of the talks over the months, I learned a few things to add to what I already knew. The whole subject is quite complex and when in addition it involves some people's business fortunes and political activities, it gets more complex. I stubbornly cling to the intent that it is not overwhelmingly complex.

Health is about human functionality, body, mind and even spirit. We are whole creatures, enmeshed in the larger worlds. Surely America will optimally function as a whole when all people are at their optimum whole person functionality.

Although, when people's hierarchical thinking, tribal thinking, rivalry mentality comes into play, not all will agree with the above; they want the quarry, the rival, the subordinates, to be weaker, so the winners will win by defeating their competitors. Thus, in the real world, not all people want all people to be functioning optimally in body, mind and spirit. In fact, there are a lot of people who think the world's woes would be less if there were just a whole lot fewer humans in the world ... instead of a whole lot more fully functioning humans pitching in to get the big job done. More kinds of points of view involved, here. So, it gets even more complex.

So I will shift to the concept of "health insurance" instead, as the politicians did, no doubt to get something done despite the high valence subject matter. What is "insurance"? Well, car insurance helps cover the major part of the bills when one's vehicle gets squished out there on the road somewhere. One pays a monthly fee for having that financial payment capability when things go wrong. The money does not help prevent car accidents - probably - it just helps deal with the financial aspects of the damage and getting back on the road again eventually. So "health insurance" is lots like that, in that it does not focus on preventing "accidents" and just focuses on covering a major part of the bills for getting the body repaired when things go wrong.

But humans are not like cars, in that humans are largely self-repairing and have a high capacity for avoiding accidents. Cars are just slaves to the drivers, and are stuck with what is dealt them in the course of people's busyness. Perhaps a person might consider their body-mind-spirit just a slave to the person's whims; others would say that the body-mind-spirit is who they are.

I would think that insurance would best involve preventing accidents of cars and humans. But the rates they charge is based on the number of accidents that people and cars statistically risk; by preventing "accidents" they would be working themselves out of a job; people are not impressed by preventing what might have happened, so much. As in, prove that it would have happened. So, is easier to just "insure" to pay for the damages that happen.

Now, why does America not have such an insurance for all, efficiently covered by the nation for the nation's benefit? Would not America be far better functioning if everybody was in optimum shape all the time, so we could work and produce better? Well, there is the above-mentioned rivalry set of viewpoints that asserts itself about here.

So in comes the middlemen, to rake off a profit and jack up the overall cost to the consumer. The middlemen in this case are the insurance companies, and their concept of "group coverage". Somehow it justifies having much higher insurance premiums when smaller numbers of people are in the "group" coverage; and a mere individual pays a lot more indeed. Why? Does not make sense to me at first; but if the insurance company clusters a bunch of people in a group, and considers all of those in that particular group are pooling their insurance premiums in case of "accident" - sickness - to some of them, that if the sickness repair costs exceed the amount of pooled money, the coverage vanishes for all the rest of those in the group. It is a little like a lottery, lots of people put in a little money that is lost, but some get lots of money. Thus the insurance companies make their own risk little. Thus they make lots of money, can even invest some of that money into other endeavors, pay some folks to administer the details to the individuals. And the owners live real fine off the fat, easy money.

So if and when America becomes a "group", in what I think they call a "single payer" system, the middlemen get cut out, the customers all pay less, and the former insurance middlemen go get some productive job instead. But the reality was, those wealthy insurance middlemen really like being wealthy with their easy money, and could pay for lots of attacks on the efforts to get rid of them: good sporting business practice.

As with most things, there are pros and cons to all this. For example, some people fear a totalitarian government that might get in power someday, would then have the power to threaten any individual with reduction of their health insurance coverage; and with no competition, there would be none other to turn to, even of one had the wealth to do it. It would indeed be a threatening thing; and especially easy to visualize when nowadays some people are trapped on some horrid job, unable to get another job instead, because of the health insurance the employer provided as part of the job incentive; but since working on that job, they or someone in their insured family got a long term health risk factor, and thus now to go to some new job, they would be denied insurance because of a "pre-existing condition". Thus, the worker is trapped in a horrid job and their employer can take advantage of the situation and pile the workload on.

With a national insurance system, everything would be a "pre-existing condition" and thus not special. And when a national system is being paid for by everybody in proportion to their income, it ought to become clear that the best situation is for people to not have "accidents" health-wise, in the first place. There is no earnings to the nation by having people sick. Unfortunately, that might take the form of vaccinations, get everybody injected with inoculations to prevent everything; in other words, what would be done by a blind and uncaring beaurocratacy to prevent bad health might simply be whatever some corporation wants to peddle, and conned the officials into buying in on that product.

This has gotten too thick and deep for me at this point. And I have not even approached the problems with the health services themselves. And of science itself, a major mechanism required in getting all this fixed; yet it cannot do the job when it itself is paid for by those who benefit from squeezing the most profit out of the system.

So it is past time for me to go get my cup of red wine for the evening. At least science has multiply proven that ethanol alcohol, consumed regularly in moderation, increases longevity and the quality of life. Although, who was it that paid for that research in each case, I wonder; and what was their motive. Whatever, I can attest to the fact that, in some tiny measure, it briefly improves the quality of life; which I hope will happen for me in a few minutes.

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My paperback science fiction novels

I have been exploring a new function of the publisher who has been printing my Publish-On-Demand paperback sci fi novels, that of also being a sales site. Although so far I have been their only customer for my books (the paperbacks are not nearly as easily available as are my - free - eBook equivalents out there, which have had thousands of copies downloaded so far) they say they now have an eStore. It is really hard to find my novels to buy on Amazon. I need to redesign my website to make this new option apparent. In the meantime, here are the URL's for each of my sci fi paperbacks, in case someone wants to get some: "Building Up" "The Ark of 1984's Future" (which I am currently getting approval of a revision) "It's Down To Earth" (the most popular among the downloads) "The Torus City Ice Shields Returning Home" "Going Past the Town Prison"

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What is seen in an image

Just as individual people might not follow the writer's intended meaning in a spoken or written statement, equally so in images. A recent string of chats including myself in the local writer's group got me to realize that quite clearly, when one of the women of the group showed off the cover of her new book: the cover was artistically done and included some undefinable abstract background along with the bare back of a well muscled man; the women there all admired the cover as exciting, stimulating fantasies of romance.

But what I saw was quite different.

What popped into my mind when seeing that cover image was a memory of when I was a child, riding with my parents on a long trip, and it was somewhere in the south-eastern states or Kentucky/Tennessee I think - we suddenly came across a chain gang. The men each had heavy iron rings around one ankle and they were all tied together by a big iron chain. And they all had sledgehammers and were breaking up rocks alongside the road. In particular I recall two huge men, bare backed like that cover image, tall and muscled young men, holding their sledgehammers; one was a black man and the other an equally large blond giant. And they would raise their sledgehammers and whack at a big rock, then pause and glare with venomous hatred at each other a moment. Then they would raise their sledgehammers and bang the rocks again, then glare a bit. Over and over, as we slowly drove past in the traffic. Off to the side, a guard wearing a gray bland uniform stood casually, yet with a shotgun in both hands as if ready to quickly shoot a rabbit that might pop up, but probably only had his eyes on the prisoners. It was called "sentenced to hard labor" back then. The unwritten story of the evident hatred of the two men as they bashed so hard, got stuck in my imagination as something to be figured out later.

I had forgotten about that childhood memory until seeing that cover's image. So, not everybody sees the same thing in a cover art.

And also in retrospect, the memory says something about the history of some of that crushed rock gravel that lines the roads.

The main point here is that one cannot count on images, any more than on words, to convey an intended meaning equally to all people. The effect can also be used deliberately, as in the well-known "Rorschach Ink Blot Test" where sillouettes are shown to a person and then given options of what the image is portraying.

This is an important aspect of communication, that the sender's message evokes an interpretation dependent on the receiver's nature and current dynamic state, in both words and images - and probably in other sensory systems too.

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The Protection Racket

The ongoing focus on "Health Insurance Reform" as a national need, keeps reminding me of what was known back in the days of gangs in the cities, called "the Protection Racket." It provided wealth for the mobs back then, abundant wealth. In that instance, it was not protection from huge bills for medical expenses; it was protection of shopkeepers from getting beat up and robbed by thugs on the street.

Basically it was a situation, when commerce was done from small shops along the main street - not like Walmart - essentially all were "Mom & Pop stores." The moneymaker was then to have some toughs go rough up the store owners, do some damage and vanish. Then some different thugs, more nicely clothed, would come by and offer to protect the shop from attacks by the thugs, in return for a fee. The collection of the rather high fees from the shopkeepers made the mob gangs wealthy, living quite well.

Somehow it reminds me a bit too much of the "Health Insurance" business. Uncomfortably, quite a bit too much.

Note that it is sick people that make the medical businesses money, not well people; the more sick the better the business. And similar to the Health Insurance businesses. Very powerful folks, too, like the mob gangs were back then, in the days of the Protection Racket.

It is understandable why the "mobs" did that; everybody needs money to buy things and pay bills and taxes, and people are on the lookout for new ways to earn money ... and this was one way. And who knows, some of the instigating mischief by thugs might have been done by random unconnected thugs; the shopkeepers had no way of knowing. But the "protection" fees often were financially breaking the shopkeepers.

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Writing sci fi re management

In writing my sci fi novels, I often use the technique of exaggerating some of the features I had experienced in my life. Working for about 45 years got me lots of contact with employers, primarily in the field of electronics. My novels often have picked on management as being arrogant and tyrannical, bent on enslaving the workers; as I said, an exaggeration of some of my experiences in life.

But it is also true that there were really considerate managers, and the whole spectrum in between. And even managers have their ups and downs. But in writing a hopefully entertaining story, it is the colorful characteristics that need to be accentuated or even noticed enough to put down on adventurous paper.

One of the finest managers I experienced, was also at what was probably the highest point of my employed life. At least the electronics parts. I was working for Shugart Associates, then a subsidiary of the Xerox Corporation. Alastair Heaslett was my last manager I worked for there; one day during my performance review, he said that I was at the very top of the pay scale for top level senior electronic engineering technicians, and that to receive higher pay, I would have to accept an engineer position. I said that I did not want to be an engineer, it would require too much analytical work, and I preferred to do hands-on work. He then said that I had been working for the past year and a half in an engineer's capacity, so there would be no change. And in fact I then became a second level Design Development Electronics Engineer; I could take a whole project, conceptualize how to do it, design it, assemble equipment and build special equipment also needed, perform the experiments, and deliver the data in the form of a report, which I did on the current project, that of characterizing the effects of temperature and humidity on various potential floppy disk material for read-write use. After that I began to explore some servo digital ideas for disk drives; but then the manufacturing went overseas for the key parts of floppy disk drives, and the whole floppy disk manufacturing and engineering division got laid off. Alastair wrote me a nice letter recommending that I continue to stay at the engineer level, that I was well capable, another indication of how considerate and fine a manger he was.

So I need to write a sci fi novel that accentuates that experience, just to have it all balanced, I think.

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Judges, scientists, vaccines, toxins, ASD and healing

Headlines online news today says that the court has ruled that vaccines cannot cause autism. I don't blame the judges for doing that; it must be frustrating to a law person to have people demand that they be a scientist. Especially when the scientists themselves were not finding the answer ... most likely because their salaries, research directions and grants come from the corporate interests wanting to block any such business-expensive ruling. Even scientists do not want to get blacklisted, unable to get a job anymore. So I'd think the judges would be frazzled with the problem getting dumped on them to unravel all that.

And I doubt that vaccines are solely responsible for autism, since the thimerosol I was exposed to was not only from injected vaccines but no doubt also from absorption of the thimerosol in merthiolate, swabbed abundantly all over when I would get cuts and scrapes as a child. Besides, most likely it is other heavy metals too, like lead, that can be involved; thus, not just one cause. Some people may get higher exposures and have less ability to excrete the toxic metals, too. And I have heard of other possible factors, other kinds of toxins and stress factors. Even the combination of immune-stimulating ingredients in some vaccines, which may cause autoimmune dysfunction in the neurological system too. While I question the judges declaration that vaccines cannot cause autism, ASD, to totally pin the problem on just one of the factors would also be unwise and incorrect, I think.

Even after a lengthly detoxification protocol has long been in process, it additionally may require some neurological retraining - such as by using SMR stereo audio and kinesiological education - to get the neurons to work in better coordination, to clear up some of the ASD effects. And then catch up on all that had not been learned before, especially the social complexities. I think it can be done.

I think the focus ought to be on discovering what works to heal the autistic folks, going for efficacy instead of business profit maximization. To have ruled that vaccines are the cause of autism, people would have just been content to get money to be handicapped the rest of their lives: not a desirable fate.

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The pyramid of place

Recent email from a young man who was seeking info on Asperger's - Aspies - ASD people - thinking he himself might be one, and he had found one of my blog posts on the subject. Starting correspondence with me, he had come to the question to me, if hierarchies were the main part of my problem. I replied that only in retrospect was I able to figure out that there had been hierarchical games going on that caused problems; but was not my focus at the time. I awoke this early morning with some insightfulness on the whole subject, an insight that seems uncommonly clear to me, at least right now.

So I write here attempting to describe that insight. Although it has little new that I had not mentioned in these blog posts before, it is arranged more neatly, I think.

I hypothesize that the world of non-Aspies - "normal" people - is made up of people and of who can beat up on whom; a world solely composed of the endless drama of people interacting; that is all.

To the Aspie, the world is made up of "the trees and the stars" (to use the phrase from Desiderata, a document of uncommon wisdom - but maybe wisdom only for the Aspies) and the mountains and the water and the people and the rest of the stuff that makes up the universe, visible and invisible. And each of their natures and how they interrelate. People are just part of all that.

In contrast, the non-Aspie world is only made up of people, and who can beat up on whom is all that counts. Because it is people who take control of everything and share - or not share - what they have acquired to provide the needs of themselves and their chosen others. And thus determines specific survival and reproduction, which makes possible the continuance of the people and the drama.

To the Aspie (at least to the degree I represent a typical ASD person) esteem is related to how well one can do something; and that crystalizes into some focus in life, on which the person prides him/herself as being unusually competent at, whether it be by expertise in tying fishing flies or figuring out nice mathematical summaries of how the world interacts in some way.

And in contrast, to the non-Aspie, it looks to me like their esteem is all about who can beat up on whom, whom is better than whom. It is only the people that count; and their web of hierarchies is formed as a result, determining one's "place".

The Aspie, largely unaware of his/her "place," tends to sometimes wander into other's "place" and thus gets into trouble. It is perceived by the non-Aspies a bit like someone trying to cut ahead into the line at the movie theater, I think; only on a worldwide scale. It is this giant pyramid of "place" that enables them all to function in coordination, taming the urge to beat up and grab away; that if unchecked would have destroyed everybody from the start, and there would have been no people remaining, merely another extinct species. So that hierarchical pyramid is very important. And focus on it is how they survive. Remember their universe is only made up of people, and so that pyramid is made of people. People who come with all the stuff of the universe that they have been able to get their hands on, all just props to their endless drama.

Now all this is from my viewpoint, which here is assuming that other Aspies are a lot like me. Yet the more recent label of "ASD" - Autism Spectrum Disorder - uses "spectrum" to indicate that there is a wide variation among members of the grouping. In my case, I was a bit unusual in that I had no siblings nor consistent peers in my world as I grew up; often having to move to a completely different place in the middle of a school year, losing what few friends I had been able to make in the short time, over and over again. It eventually got to be so painful to lose those friends that I stopped trying so hard to make friends anymore, so I would not sorrow over losing them. As for "who beats up on whom" I was baffled as to why some of the other boys would, for no reason I could determine, assault me physically or assault the things I had made, destroying them; baffling to me and causing me pain and sorrow. Only once - at maybe age of 5 probably - I recall that when some boy began to hit me for no reason, I flailed out with my fists and bloodied his nose and he ran away crying, and I felt a taste of pride in doing that. My self esteem felt different as I thought about that event. But it was soon forgotten in the melee of daily life, seeming a rather useless endeavor, constructing nothing. And it was not repeated. I became a little better at fending off the assaults, was all; but there was no satisfaction in causing hurt to others. I perceived them as being too much like me, and I did not like to be hurt; thus treating them as I wanted to be treated.

(Only much later as an older adult, did I realize that the other boys were seemingly automatically assaultive because they were compelled to begin their "who beats up on whom" quite literally as they strove to climb as high in the pyramid of place from the earliest ages. This insight was reinforced when reading an article recently complaining that some boys were no longer doing "roughhouse;" and thus caused worry that the boys were not quite so male anymore. Presumably "roughhouse" means physically beating on each other and smashing things up - thus establishing a start on their proof of how powerful they were so as to get up to the higher levels of the "pyramid of place." So my experiences with being assaulted by the other boys - sometimes physically, sometimes in different ways - was merely because I happened to be a handy target to assault as another stepping stone in their climb up the pyramid of place. Even later as refinements were taught, such as playing games to beat another person such as the games of chess and monopoly, was slightly modified to have groups pitted against each other; yet according to a set of rules applying to all of them, thus teaching limits as to what they could do in their climb up the pyramid of place.)

Life went on as I learned more about the trees and the stars until I became a young man, and my interest in the opposite sex gathered new kinds of interest in them, more craving for interactivity with the girls. But the girls ignored me, did not seem to notice I existed; yet in high school several of them were coming to class clearly very pregnant, they were clearly involved with other boys in the ways I would like to have been involved with one or two of the girls who I especially admired - yet who ignored me as if I did not exist. Now I realize it was because the girls -the young women - only saw a boy's - a man's - existence in terms of his place in the hierarchy; and my place was so far below as to be out of sight. Eventually I decided - perhaps from the car ads - that having a car, a nice car, was key to attracting the girl. And that kind of thing was explored from then on, somehow getting possession of things that hopefully would make me visible to the cute girls. It did not work well - now I realize the women were only seeing the position in the pyramid of places, and they wanted to tie up with a guy as high up in the pyramid as possible, to share in his abundant goodies in hand.

I write this because it may be useful to see from a different point of view. Water, to a land dweller, may be nicely described - it is wet, it splashes, it quenches thirst, it is H2O, it rains, it is clear and muddy - etc; yet to a fish, a being far more intimately involved with water, who yet may not even be quite aware of the existence of water. So I write this a bit like the land dweller, trying to share insight with the fish, about water.

Naively thinking that the fish would have any interest at all in my opinion about water. Their endless drama is most likely about other things.

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Not seeing some kinds of errors during proofreading on screen

I have prepared, read - and proofed and corrected, over and over again - my own five Sci Fi books, both in making the camera-ready copy for paperback printings, and changing as necessary for being submitted online for eBook formatting - typically converted into a MSWord doc for submission (unlike the the paperback POD publisher which requires it to be in pdf format.) Apparently I am too conditioned to paper hardcopy reading, as I still need a proof printed hardcopy to read to find the last of the corrections needed before publishing. I also had that problem many years ago when writing my space-related technical papers and preparing them as camera ready copy for conferences; but I had thought it was just due to the highly technical aspect of the writing and format.

It does seem strange. But I can't find all the errors by just working on screen. I have assumed that - maybe - it is due to prior conditioning during my formative years; and so the youngsters coming up won't have that problem, having been on screen all their life. Or maybe they will never be able to find those last errors.

Possibly related is that back in the early 90's I recall a co-worker who did the company's graphic arts work, she saying that such artists always had to sketch a graphic out first on paper and then copy it into the computer for final finishing up; that they could not effectively go direct into the computer. Again I had assumed it was a problem due to the flicker of the CRTs then, but the LCD screens ought not have that problem so much. Then I assumed it was an eye-hand-visualization component of art, not seeing the hand doing the tracing out of the image parts. I have wanted to try the drawing tablets to see if they bypass that phenomenon, but have not been able to afford one so far.

But there is this worry that something about the screen interferes with some mental processes. I recall taking an Educational Kinesiology workshop where the teacher advised not eating in front of a computer CRT since the horizontal lines interfered with digestion. She was really smart re kinesiology and physiological phenomena, so it seemed worthy of consideration. LCD's don't have the horizontal scan lines of CRT displays, however, but are full of pixels and probably refresh in a specific sequence maybe horizontal line but only on updates to the image.

Another place, I read that some research found that a person, after being in front of a computer or TV screen for awhile, actually blanked out portions of their total awareness such that it was in sync with the video blanking time while the trace is being shifted up to start a new raster scan, but the person was simultaneously not aware of other phenomena including that which was external to the CRT during the same time intervals. Such as a light flashed or a quick sound in that time interval, the person would not notice it.

Maybe that all is related to the problem of not seeing some kinds of errors during proofreading on screen.

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Would EFT solve the problem of disastrous bullying?

(Caution: this post is likely to “push your buttons” somewhere or another.)

I have been attempting to counter the thought that there are too many trends suggesting that we will eventually wreck ourselves back to the stone age and will have to slowly work ourselves back up again from there, perhaps assisted by caches of knowledge placed for their faster recovery – by exploring the thought that there have been some interesting recent developments which, if adopted widespread, could counter that trend and get us back on a better sustainable path for all concerned, world ecosystem and all – one of those techniques being EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique. There are a few more very interesting means, but for this post I will concentrate on this one.

The “Emotional Freedom Technique” – EFT – has the thesis that “the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” And then it proceeds to provide a range of quick simple protocols to fix those disruptions: by holding some negative emotion’s specifics in mind (such as a fear of heights or of spiders) while lightly tapping on a few places on one’s upper body, such as the inside corner of the eyebrows and just below the nose. Then examining the strength of the “negative emotion” to see if it still exists or not. The technique has well proven itself through efficacy testing, which each individual can quickly examine.

Whether each person will choose to do this, remains for the individual to decide. As we each are usually quite comfortable with the familiar “who we are,” bent out of shape or not; it seems it is all that we have, and so “don’t mess with it.” It does, however, eventually come to what kind of person do we prefer to interact with – one who is programmed by their accumulation of traumas through life and are thus quite predictable re their reactions and thus easily manipulatable by those in the know; or deal with someone who has made good progress in clearing out those disruptions in their energy systems, and thus are more able to make real responses. This phenomena applies currently to all levels of society from the homeless folks to the top level folks (or anyway those of all levels who have not cleared out most of their energy system disruptions.) The problem becomes most visible at the leadership level as in the following example; yet, if the supportive population is mostly still internally ruled by reactions – instead of responses – to their accumulations of disruptions, they don’t even see the effects of a disruption-ruled leadership’s actions. As has been evident increasingly since the turn of the millennium 2000.

An example I came up with, is that if people had been taught EFT starting early in school and encouraged to use it from then on throughout life, if the leadership of our country would have been composed of people who had been thus able to clear out the traumas of their past by consistent use of EFT soon after the traumas each time; and so when the hijacked bunch of planes crashed into buildings, that the response would not have been to go squander the nation’s wealth in an exciting wrecking of a couple desert nations halfway around the planet, killing tens of thousands of people of those nations, all somehow justified by saying we were attempting to assassinate two people declared to be bad guys – but instead, if our leadership had been bought up doing EFT for themselves, they would have had no urge to unleash enormous wreckage mechanisms, a decision (as hypothesized here) based on their individual pasts made up of responses to accumulated traumas in their lives. And further, if the energy disruptions had been cleared out even more worldwide, there would have been no hijacked planes ramming buildings in the first place, of course.

But now I question if this is true or not, based on the phenomena of “bullying.” Are people who are adequately educated – that is, equipped with knowledge and the tools to use it wisely and effectively – and who are not being driven by a pile of traumas big and small leading to their state of development, as unfortunately seem most people nowadays – are they no longer going to react with violence, like starting wars far away? The old adage about “does one fight fire with fire, or instead with water,” is well known, but rarely heeded in the world of people.

The question largely derives from the thought that there are lots of people who have a compulsive urge to bully others into obeying them, thus forming gangs who then are able to overwhelm most other individuals. In young male led gangs the first purpose is to overwhelm the guys who have a girlfriend to knock him away and then take his girlfriend for the gang’s use. And the urge to become top bully seems to be admired by many females and thus tends to have offspring from those bully-types, expanding that presumed innate bully-urge into future generations.

Although we have somewhat tamed this bully urge by codifying it in violence-by-the-rules such as in boxing and football games, and by hiring some stalk-and-assault types into organizations so as to supervise them and provide for their needs while having them stalk&assault the ones that are still loose, – up-righteously called security and law enforcement; the basic problem still remains, even if thusly tamed to a large extent.

And so this trend of thought modifies the original hypothesis of this post by wondering that people who have more knowledge and the tools to use it, might instead merely use that capacity to bully more effectively. Bullying, in this larger context, also applying to urges to form business – corporations for example – who are guided only by the motive of maximizing profit income to be divvied up by their membership – e.g. their investors and top management, focusing on effectively controlling business territories, and cleverly trampling on any upcoming perceived competition including both externally sourced and internal creativity not requested by management; instead of improving their own product and being fully responsible for improvement of the larger whole world system.

So the question is, would EFT solve the problem of bullying – assuming bullying is mostly just a learned thing through being abused themselves, instead of caused by a genetically innate urge – and thus enable civilization to continue to be responsible and prosper long term, preventing the wreckage of the world and finding ourselves again in another stone age? But maybe the compulsive bully types merely think that in a new stone age they would be even more dominant, easier fun bashing with clubs and stones following no rules, leaving the losers to the vultures (if any vultures have survived the mess) what fun and excited girls line up for access by the winners. Dramatic conflict; but for the entertainment of whom – or what? Whatever or whomever it is, it most likely would really resent EFT depriving it.

Although I personally prefer construction, growth and nurturing - is conflict instead what humanity was designed for, I wonder.

And this leads to another train of thought, worth another blog post: that the design says something about the designer.

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