20050724 J E D Cline

As the less noble of humanity’s ways continue to smokescreen my most cherished project, the exploration and utilization of the KESTS to GEO potentials, examination of the relevant trends is prudent now. The near and more distant future quality of life seems to hinge on energy resources and re-use of materials resources, although sociopolitical power plays are likely to continue to disrupt it heavily, as usual.

Applying some wisdom to it all, it seems to me that humanity still has choices regarding their energy future potentials. Fossil fuels plentifulness is on the way out, clearly, and to what level its “greenhouse warming effect" will have on Earth’s ecosystem before it starts receding, is unclear to me. Alternatives can go the “high road or the low road”, some in-between paths more likely too. Hydroelectric sources and some wind sources can provide a baseline energy supply until their machinery made using cheap fossil fuel energy and materials, starts wearing out. Growing sugarcane and corn for making ethanol for liquid storable fuel, and conversion of cars to run on it, can provide some baseline for truck and automobile use to some extent. Nuclear electric power is likely to be expanded again, the desperation from depletion of conventional power sources outweighing worries regarding the extremely long term toxic effects of radioactive wastes thereby produced, and how to cope with those materials. Tree material can be grown to provide both storable combustible fuel as well as construction lumber.

Recycling seems next on the list critical field, and needs to go far beyond the saving of aluminum cans, bottles and newspapers for collection. Recycling takes energy, which also is getting scarce. So, wise and responsible means need to be applied on a wide scale.

Land and Real Estate usage no doubt will continue to be the arena of those who play territorial monopoly-type games of many kinds, easy money, sweet racket: price rises rapidly with no equivalent improvement in the item.

Continuing to fail to utilize the nation’s human resources to the fullest, is likely to result in declaring “overpopulation”, thus excuse for widespread loss of life, from the birth control (including abstention techniques), illness and warfare.

The reality-testing of economical products of small and large business' narrow interests needs to be balanced with some kind of overall perspective humanity- responsible functions. The lofty principle that "if there is a real need, someone will start a business to provide it" has not been working in the real world of business, mostly corporate-interest-controlled. The overall map needs to be available to all who contribute to the business picture, to have a chance of assuring there are not big gaps in the map.

Increasing communication potentials of the Internet and computers may make a voting process that provides much of the decision making function instead of entirely government responsibility, for the overall vision’s creation and filling in of that which makes it all work together.

Insofar as we continue to not use the total human capacity, and focus on strife internal and external, distraction from the responsibility to provide the above-mentioned life needs, may become so serious that major collapse and loss of life will occur, as so cycles of the past history teaches. The KESTS to GEO conceptual design offered the alternatives of a “high road” to follow, which I’d like to think we can still attain, despite the choice so far by the powers-that-be taken choices of strife and maintain status quo of recent years that has cost the nation the finances needed to built KESTS to GEO at its finest. Bewailing the what-could-have-been may be cathartic, but otherwise ia a waste of time beyond teaching lessons about humanity’s reality at yhe present time. The classical cravings to maintain power-as-is will no doubt continue to dominate what opportunities actually get to happen; those who suggest other possible ways deemed irresponsible or crazy, by those of temperaments more physically oriented, bolstered by those of temperaments which focus on proven or traditional ways so as to lower some risks and maintain the comfort of familiarity.

Yet as always it is the responsibility of those of idealist temperaments to look at the big picture with its small components so as to offer wisdom for guiding toward the better of possible futures; and those of rational intellectual temperaments to sort out among those ideal versions as to how to implement those which accumulated knowledge suggests as sufficiently feasable. Those of guardian temperaments then can work to check for harmony between these possible changes with the proven and safe traditional comfortable ways, then offer the result to those artisan temperaments to “make it so.”

All nice and orderly flow, yet the endless problem is the tendency for those high achiever artisan temperament doers taking charge of the ideals, thus forcing the running of the whole show with the limited resulting functionality’s weaknesses until the surplus of the nation has been consumed, and the borrowing beyond tolerability. Then collapse, grab what can be gotten, regroup, and go from there.

Can we do better than that, this time around? I’d like to think so, despite the sociopolitical realities’ devastation ongoing. At least in theory, KESTS to GEO appears to have the potential to totally change civilization's connectivity with the vast resources of nearby space, providing the highly efficient and continuous transportation to enable the construction of all the solar electric clean powerplants for the whole world; to provide total recycling solar powered too; provide spaceports in GEO, high efficiency location for conventional and nuclear powered spacecraft to operate from; and even vast room to build high quality livingspace for huge expansions of civilization, right on our planet's doorstep. So ... for details, see ... I continue to offer KESTS to GEO’s technological integration pattern for your examination, wishing us all the best possible future. Although I do my best, I cannot do it all alone. Do you wait for the big players, like those who built the railroad system so powerfully, to take over and make it happen, but only to increase their power and wealth while limited to tunnel vision? I would like to have a better future than that for my loved ones.


Shoe shoes

If the shoe fits, wear it, it is said. Yet I find it awkward to walk around with one foot in a shoe, the other foot still bare, while I look for a shoe that fits the other foot.

(Another of my attempts at humor. Sorry.)

A latter day parable, version 2

A parable might be made: (second version)

A successful businessman again changed wives, as every few years was the routine custom of the land. However, the folk of the new wife methodically began to take over his businesses, and taunted neighbors so that severe strife poking at each other was ever dramatic. He realized that to prevent becoming completely ruined, he must sadly break the relationship with the new love. But then he found that now his businesses had become managed by her kinfolk, and his wife had run up huge bills on credit, distributing his wealth to her folk while engaged in the new engrossing strife with the neighbors. The vast credit bills would remain even after a divorce, and a newer wife would need money too; so the man contended himself with whatever small comforts she would give him, while her folk continued to ravish that which had been the successful businessman's land.