I told you so - or - we both goofed big time

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At first watching this video and realizing it was an archetype of what mankind is doing to the whole world - and that I had, with decades of struggle and effort, found a way to solve that problem along with other major ones facing us even now - I briefly had an urge to write there "I told you so!" but then realized it is not just the "world's mistake" but my mistake too, in that it was not enough to find a way to solve the problems, but also required that I find those both able to comprehend the problems and the potential of my solutions, and to implement them in time. I got the concept created in fairly detailed integrated forms; and I made lots of efforts to communicate the concepts even to the point of preparing peer reviewed technical papers and traveling to present them at conferences - but I did not get it communicated well enough to make it happen. Thus, is not only the arrogant goofing up by the powers that be, but my own blundering effort goofing up, too.

Backing up to explore the problem a bit more, I imagine the same people who think milk is created in the grocery store shelves where they buy milk, also think that the trash they take out to the bin every day or so, simply vanishes there; or if they think about it at all, assume the trash is hauled to some landfill dump somewhere and covered up by bulldozers, much as a cat digs a little hole and poops into it and covers it up with dirt. The cat poop is recycled by insects and mostly vegetable matter which consider the nitrates and other nutrients as food for their lives - eventually to support that which again feeds the cat - but much of what we human are sending to the landfill dumps is not anything Mother Nature has any ability to recycle. Plants and insects can't deal with discarded televisions, for example; is inedible to them.

The KESTS to GEO (that recent versions even now are hard to find on search engines) had a secondary purpose; its primary purpose was to provide a way around the limitation of the anchored tether space elevator concept's tether materials' strength to weight ratio can't-do, providing a way to achieve the same thing but without that materials unsolved problem. (It would create its own internal centrifugal force as the rotating part of an eccentric hoop around the Earth, contacting the ground on the equator at its low point, and reaching into high earth orbit at its upper point above the opposite side of the Earth, thus primarily supported by stored energy within itself instead of by raw strength of materials) would first have enabled the very low cost transport from ground into GEO to finally build the solar power satellites envisioned since the 1960's. Rocketry has intrinsic limitations and is inadequate to do the solar power satellite job economically. (We try to make the SPS ever lower weight but still the rockets can't do it.)

But the secondary use for such very low cost high capacity continuous space access enabled by the KESTS to GEO, was to haul up our industrial trash, that nature cannot recycle; putting it through solar-powered mass-spectrometer mass-charge ratio separators, the broken trashed television sets get converted into containers full of the purified elements that had made up the trash, and then would be returned down the KESTS to ground for re-use, building newer kids of televisions or cars or whatever - eventually to again be trashed, sent up the KESTS to GEO and totally recycled again; a fully complete recycle system.

The other fate is like in the video at the island in the Maldives. An island once part of paradise.

And that is something else we accepted, along with having to burn hydrocarbons for most of the energy civilization has to have.

And guess what: rockets were the only allowed way to access space because ... that is where the money was, for private business to take over what NASA had so expensively taxpayer-paid developed, and add some newer manufacturing technology, and behold, slightly cheaper rockets provided by moneymaking enterprizers.

And that blocked the solar power satellites way of solving earth's energy problem ... thus the coal and oil companies continue business as usual wealth endlessly pouring in to fuel their lavish lifestyles, what fun for those few.

Grump grump. "Loser" would be the scorn of most, no doubt; yes, I have felt that "loser" not just in the lack of acknowledgement and action on the concepts I created, but also in not even having a woman to make love with at night. Yes, I know "loser" very well. Are you happy?

Yet also I know that when masses of people need to move so as to produce something - like private space launch vehicles - we just do not have the ability to self-correct enough to be able to advance more than a teeny amount at a time. And that is what we are doing. Can we get there in time? Can we ever get there adequately, stuck with rockets as the only means for space access?

Most likely there are those who smugly wait until nuclear powered ground to space rockets are desperately needed by mankind to build the solar power satellites.

Ah yes, the Fashion Police are probably even now cluck-clucking that I am not keeping my place, once again; and thus need punishing, something they know how to do very well, what fun for bullies.



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