Man being always mated to woman is not

It has just occurred to me that perhaps a major reason why the humanitarian principle of every mature (eg physically adult) man being always mated to woman is not a working principle in society, is that it is not just who dates and marries whom, but also just having a date or mate or loving partner is a key prestige item, a mark of superiority of who is better than whom, like the more base "pecking order" phenomenon. Therefore if some men have to do without a woman, it is "proof" that the men who have a woman is superior to the man without a woman, an upsmanship ego hierarchical thing. Thus it is a social force, and clearly reality shows it is more powerful a force than the ancient biblical writing re God's declaration that it is not good for a man to be alone without a woman.


More for Aspies loving the wolf pack

More for Aspies: loving the wolf pack

Remember the ways of the wolf pack: a small wolf pack united by affection and loving, yet each member ever juggling for a higher place in the hierarchy of the pack; and the excitement of going on the team hunt for food for the wolf pack, the group coordinated by position they had established in the hierarchy of the pack-tribe. The united teamwork coordination of the hunt and chase and kill of the luckless quarry, and the shared feast afterwards, the parts of the quarry given dependent on position in the pack.

And remember that if humans were somehow suddenly bereft of the part of them that you as an Aspie have far more than the normal, non-Aspie, does, they would be much like those wolves, bipedal and even more cunning in the hunt and gathering and territorial squabbles with the neighboring tribes and yes the wolves out there. Very much the same: the loving group ever expressing affection with each other yet in a roughhouse hierarchy, that results in the exciting well-led teamwork on the hunt and chase, the sharing of the success of the assault on nature that they had won.

Just think if humans had never had any of the Aspie part in themselves, what would be now. Of course, there would be no Aspies; but also no writing, no agriculture, they would be completely dependent on what they could wrest from nature's reachable surplus. Maybe that would have been better; consider a world where humans had spread all over each of the continents, and when the Bering Straights were no longer walkable the American continent would entirely be populated only by those Asian descendants, all hunting in wolfpack style. Just like in Europe, Africa, Asia, all highly successful hunter gathers. No disruption of the seas since there would have been no watercraft, not even a canoe; no a-bomb nor nuclear waste, no TVs with no way to adequately restore back to nature's reclaim. We could howl at the Moon, with not the slightest urge to walk upon it nor even build space colonies in orbit. No global warming from excessive air-burning of long buried petrochemicals. Although the hugely successful hunter gathers would long ago have bumped up against the limits of nature's abundance, and probably have caused far more extinctions of other species than we have in the actual course of civilization's history. In fact by now we might have caused more widespread loss of land life than a nuclear war would have done, since we are omnivores, can eat just about anything that can't escape our reach; but the seas would be remaining teeming with its kind of life, at least the kinds that do not get close to shore.

Just think, without the Aspie love of humanity's fascinating lively energy, and the naive belief in the innate goodness and wide responsibility potential in humanity, those wolf-pack-like humans would have ravished the earth and be long gone by now. For they would have had no more wisdom nor responsibility for the larger nature world that provides life stuff for them, than we do now, even less without the Aspies to try to remind them; their hunter-gatherer success would have not bumped up against natural limits until too many species had been devoured to extinction, nothing left that flutters even in the wind, no way for nature's land diversity to restore itself.

For memory of that loving exciting wolf-pack-team action form of existence, just go to a basketball game or a football game, sit in the bleachers and thrill to the roar of the crowd as your alpha male pack pits their prowess in teamwork against a similar-looking rival pack, and the scantily-clad fertile females dancing to remind the winners of the takings, urging them to try harder! An ancient kind of activity, feel the thrill energy!

And yet also look at the wonders of Aspie-inspired man's constructions, from high elevatored buildings, to jet airliners far overhead, to libraries and the internet bringing the world's images and knowledge into your home and workplace. So if the computer-equipped bipedal wolf-pack is engaged in the exquisitely refined team sport of cunningly hunting you down to shut your mouth permanently, then just remember what you and your kind have brought them. And wonder, was it a good thing to do? Let them decide by their actions; in fact, they will insist upon doing that.


Efficiency of solar utilization

20080423 JEDCline

Probably the "big picture" of life's efficiency on earth can be derived by the efficiency of the conversion of the solar energy falling over the whole planet, as it is utilized to churn the flow of life from the tiniest creatures on land and sea up to the top of the food chain ... a cherished place where we humans exist and have our being.

How much of those precious solar energy rays are merely used to heat the planet without first enlivening creatures? How much is just bounced out to space? How much more could be utilized of that high quality energy, as we convert high frequency light down to the low frequency of heat or lower, in the processes of reversing the entropy of substance? And how well can we deliberately send those energy waste product lowered frequency heat waves out into space to minimize global warming?

That could be a measure of life's efficiency on the planet, something civilization might well strive to maximize.

More advise for Aspies

More advise for Aspies:

A possible reason that men with high-functioning Asperger's Syndrome (often nicknamed "Aspies") get accused of being a sexual pervert of some kind, is that it actually seems maybe reasonable to men who are tending to be bullies ... since the bully thinks in terms of potential assault ... and it makes juicy gossip that tends to keep the women away from the Aspie men, the women believing the gossip might be true and are "protecting their children from the assaults of the Aspie." Clever trick, very fitting of bullies.

The reasoning is that men who grow up being bullies are very focused on other people, and are ever striving to be high up in the social hierarchy, making them key deciders of what goes on and attractive to women who want to be on good terms with the bosses.

The Aspies, however, due to their mental wiring, are largely unaware of the social hierarchy and who is boss of whom. So when the boss is going jerk on the social chain so as to make something happen, the Aspie not only tends to fall out of the pattern where he had been blending in best possible to survive, but also the Aspies uncannily are where they see the dirty tricks the bullies have pulled although usually do not fully comprehend it all, but do find the energy going on attractive, the Aspie ever trying to join in on the fun going on but just don't get it, those invisible social rules playing out.

The bully-bosses realize that their hierarchy of intimidation is not for sure going to keep the Aspie's mouth shut, and represents a danger to the boss, or so the boss thinks. Thus the need to "spread the word" that the Aspie is a sexual pervert, don't trust him with anything, don't believe the liar. This tends to isolate the Aspie even more from those he needs to be among, especially needing a woman like other men do, but also to help with those social dealings so necessary to life. So the Aspie is often at least looking at the attractive women, thus the top bosses of the social hierarchy can't count on the woman and the Aspie not getting together some time especially if the boss is putting the screws too hard on the woman. While the bullies cannot admit that they ae not the "best" in the eyes of all women, so it is easier to think that since the Aspies are not obedient in the social hierarchy of intimidation, that they might be "perverts" ready to assault women and children. That is also because the bully mind reign of virtual intimidation is based on threat of assault, projects that the Aspie is similarly thinking of who can assault whom too, just like the bully does.

But the reality is that the bully is far more focused on "assault" than the Aspies are. An Aspie might reflexively lash out at what seems to be in process of harming him, but otherwise is not interested in assault. And that is part of the Aspie's problem, in that people thinking he assaults women and children is totally impossible. Only when the backwash of too many social events does the triangulation center on the probability the Aspie is being called a sexual pervert and danger to women and children, weird as that seems to the Aspie. However, the vast majority of people are not Aspies; and thus are compelled to be in lock-step with the social hierarchy web in which they live, it is how they know how to conduct their doings with others, by knowing whom is boss of whom, who is better than whom.

When the news tells of some hidden assault on a woman or a kid, and the quest is on for who-done-it, if they have seen a bully likely having done it they dare not mention that because the bully's penalty to them will be terrible. So it is easier to finger an Aspie in gossip, and use all means especially if the law enforcement and store security networks can be tricked to get in on the fun of bullying an Aspie in any way possible, thus easing the minds of the population, got their eye on that Aspie and so all is well. If something happens and the Aspie goes down, all breathe a sigh of relief, justice has been served. No matter if the assault on the victim was done by the bullies so as to blame it on the Aspie, to get leverage on the high-functioning Aspie who tends to be far too smart for the bosses to trust.

Although I cannot offer any solution to the Aspies out there regarding coping with this kind of problem, I can say that a lot of top-notch men who were Aspies have been brought down by the bully-instigated gossip this cunningly ruthless way; so if you suspect you are targeted, you are in good company. Anyway, being aware of a possible problem, is a step toward dealing with it better, at least knowing what might be going on. Just because you know it is utterly untrue about you, won't protect you from the gossip-fanned fury of the mob, when the bullies are having their revenge "outsmarting you."

20080423 JEDCline


Can inhumanity of polygamy be balanced by polyandry?

Exploring the question, can the inhumanity of ancient polygamy be balanced by polyandry?

Sometimes, if something is ignored, it just won't go away, especially if it is an ancient thing; one such thing is explored here, uncomfortable subject that it can be. But surely it is remembered from school that an essential part of the solution to a problem is to correctly and fully define the problem itself? Know anybody that is single still or divorced: living mateless ... those of us currently in that situation know deeply of its overwhelming ruin, as if trounced by an invisible ruthless rival. Since there is a 50-50 ratio of male to female births, for every exclusive extra mate of a polygamist, somewhere there must be one man that has to live life mateless and without progeny. That is close to his life been effectively terminated very early, or no life at all re passing on his genes. That surely is an inhumane act; yet, an ancient established practice, effectively. For example, in recent news was a man who had 20 wives, and if they all were exclusive to him, then it was much as if he had thereby genetically terminated the lives of 19 men, even if their specific identity is undetermined. Polygamy has been with people for a very long time. Origins of religions both ancient and recent often include a forefather who was common to the offspring males who formed the effective identification requirement of male membership in the religion. Thousands of years ago it was common for one group to invade a neighboring city and if successful in conquering it, killed all the males and the soldiers thus had wives; the soldiers were probably mostly the "extras" happening when polygamist elite of the group took large numbers of extra wives from the group population, thus equal numbers of "extra" men were decreed, and their hope of reproducing was in the conquering of a neighbor city and being rewarded with the wives taken over thereby, by killing all their former husbands. Even in the mammalian herd world, from elephants to walruses, often one male will assault the other males so as to have exclusive reproduction rights of many females; the trait spreads itself not by being most supportive to its kind, but by eliminating the other males of its kind; it works, and notice carefully that humans are mammals too, check it out. So polygamism has a long history; it is with us today even among humans in places. Here in America we have laws against a man hoarding reproductive wives, but it is simple to bypass those rules by using the well-supported "single mom" identity for the extra exclusive wives. The "extra" progeny males of such societies have to go find mates among the neighboring groups, but at least it now does not follow the rules of war and slaughter of other males, although the genetic legacy is about the same in the end result. The mutual support of genetic brothers makes them powerful competitors in the larger world of a peaceful blended society, and the supportive nature of the overall religious-justified group can be a welcome relief to a woman seeking a place to have children. It is not new; for example, the largest Amerind nation got that way by stealing women from other tribes, one at a time, not enough to start a war over, and now they are by far the most populous of all: each woman taken from the neighbors, not only multiplies their own progeny, but also cuts the number of progeny of the neighbors. Polygamism is often religiously-justified and enabled by a supportive reproductive environment for women and the favored descendant males, and population explodes, important when the popular vote is the aim. Is there any relief for the men who are left having to live a mateless life, as well as leaving no genetic progeny for the future to show for their lives? Consider the similarity of "polyandry" to polygamy, merely a different gender as the one who has multiple exclusive mates. Polygamy is simply too powerful and too ancient and too deceptive to be eliminated at the present time, but maybe a compromise can be achieved to reduce the inhumanity of it. One way would be for a woman to have multiple men as husbands, and to have progeny by each of them. That could provide an abundance of support for the woman and her children. If she has many husbands, each man would likely have fewer progeny than if having their own exclusive wife; but at least they would not be totally wiped out of the genetic pool for the future's needs. Also, another relationship form comes to mind, that of several women having a common pool of multiple husbands; if there are fewer women than men in the arrangement, that frees up some women for the polygamists, fulfilling their requirement. The need to find a solution to the polygamy-instincts of some genetic strains is quite apparent in a vast array of forces bringing tragedy around the world, from the ethnic rivalries of the middle east, to here in this country the Waco conflict (80 lives) and the building destruction (168 lives) in Oklahoma exactly 2 years later (although it may not have really been the purpose, it was synchronized to appear that way); polygamy has its invisible ways to let others know to leave them alone to do their thing, else more horrid things "just happen." It is too ancient a mammalian force to be confronted, it is in our deep roots. Yet maybe its basic inhumanity to the ostracized males can be ameliorated by fully enabling some women to openly have extra husbands, busy little bee that would make her, surely some women would fill that role, say with three husbands each. For each such polyandrical woman, it frees up two extra "wives" for some powerful virtual polygamist, and maybe that would placate the system. The very ancient polygynical force would still be greatly out-reproducing other males, thus fulfilling its basic drive; and yet the other males would still have a good chance for passing on some of their genes into the future, even if fewer. And the women of each group, whether the mutually supporting groups of multiple wives of polygamists, or the women who have multiple husbands supporting them, all have extra support for themselves and their progeny. Although this is an uncomfortable "tell it like it is" thing on this infamous day of 19 April, it suggests clear vision of the problem and clear vision of possible solutions, instead of continuing to turn a "blind eye" to what has been going on. Face it fully with understanding and compassionately for all, and deal with it with love for all, not just for some. No one need then live mateless nor without hope of progeny; although it would be quite unequal, that would be the instinctive reward for the "winners" of the system, yet the "losers" would not be total losers, this way. Have compassion for all humanity. And then instead of each eventually fighting for ethnic survival with world neighbors, perhaps all will be able to pitch in to bring this world we all mutually depend upon, back to long term great robust health. A little kindness is much better than no kindness, in this 50-50 gender world.