Backing up protection for Fukushima number 4 pool

Although I don't fully agree with all the contentions of the article my response is to offer suggestions. As I have also done in the past. And which seems to get totally ignored. I could rant a bit about the possible causes of all that, like things getting done only by "hiearchy of bullies" type of interactions to get things done, but instead I will blithely launch into my assumption that the other mode of people getting things done is to all see the same nicer picture and each voluntarily pitch in to help make it happen best possible.

The "nicer picture" I offer here is that the world pitch in to do something about the threat to the world that the teetering Fukushima #4 pool of spent fuel 100 feet in the air, before it comes down (and then people say oh how awful tsk tsk and later eek eek the radiation all over everywhere.) Right now apparently the functional picture is of business-as-usual, keep the pumps running for delivering water into the #4 pool and melted-down reactors.

So how about this addition to the picture: ships from other nations bring the makings of lots of pumpcrete concrete and mixing and pumping it, over to Japan, and build forms all around the base of the #4 building, and pour a reinforced concrete wall that can resist quakes when full of water; and fill it with water. Thus if the floor collapses that holds the pool of spent fuel, it just dumps into a larger pool of water, instead of largely heaped into the air on the ground to roast and start making a huge mess all over the place, perhaps even bringing in the other melted down reactors into the picture as per the subject article's doomsday scenario.

Most likely there are other pieces in this picture needing filling, such as below-ground-level passageways and whatever means that are in place to keep water being pumped up into #4's spent fuel pool as-is.

And also most likely pieces of the picture harder for me to grasp, such as the "we are boss here, get back in line or get out of our business we rule here not you" mentality lurking about. That kind of mentality seems the cause of "KESTS to GEO" project not getting built starting back in 1989 (or even in 2000 when it finally got peer-reviewed and technical paper published by ASCE) and thus would be operational today providing SPS electrical power; in my mind that failure to produce KESTS to GEO transportation structure in time, is a disaster worse than the impending Fukushima disaster the article proclaims. Thus, the "we are better than you we rule get out of here" critters will continue to bring about the future we have to endure.



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