Projection - a Gabrielle Ricco type cluster-vignette

Finally a long time goal has been achieved, that of being easily able to create a Gabrielle Ricco type cluster-vignette on my computer, instead of having to do it by hand and then copy it tediously into computer format, enabled by the OO3 free software package. Her cluster-vignette protocol has long been my favorite creative writing stimulant. For this one, I chose a nuclear word that has seemed provocative to me in recent times: "projection."

Projection extends or copies something internal across time and space to appear elsewhere. It perhaps occupies all the intervening space, such as a rock outcrop that is projecting outward a ways. Or a projection may be invisible until some reflecting object is encountered, such as a movie screen becomes the apparent place where the image is, even though the physical image is actually located elsewhere in space, inside the movie projector. A slide projector can be used to project images on other objects, such as a tree trunk and limbs becoming grammatical interpolation of sentences, as was seen being done one night in a park. Projection from two points is commonly done to produce what appears to be a three dimensional object on paper, such as an architect's rendition of a proposed building project. Projection can be done through time, such as in a forecaster's prediction of outcome of events. Psychologically, “projection” means the process whereby a person projects one's internal imagery onto another physical person, thus in his/her mind, the other person has the qualities that are really of oneself; this can be pleasant feelings such as onto a lover; but they also can be a means of getting rid of some disliked quality in oneself, by projecting it onto another person and believing it is the other person's bad quality instead of one's own, thus making it easier to deal with, out there. The person thusly projected onto probably will not like the intruding image, however. If that image is amplified through gossip to other people, creating a group who all project the same ugly image on a target person, it can become quite uncomfortable to the target person due to an accumulation of people treating the target person as if he/she had the ugly quality. It all has the psychological effect of being able to declare the target person is ugly – or whatever – thus implying the person or people doing the projecting onto are better than the projected-onto person. The transference of qualities or images from a source onto some other object so as to alter the appearance of the screen or object or person, can be an entertaining experience, such as when watching a movie on a movie screen, forgetting that the movie screen is what is being seen and thus imaginatively transported to a nonexistent reality, for storytelling purposes, which can be educational by setting an example of behavior and results.
James E. D. Cline 20090927

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Bio of Hulda R. Clark, PhD, genius healer 1928 - 2009

The info center has provided a bio for Dr Clark, so here it is:

In Remembrance of Dr. Hulda Clark

In Remembrance of Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark 1928 - 2009

Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark was born on October 18th, 1928 in Rosthern, Saskatchewan Canada.

She began her studies in biology at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, where she was awarded the Bachelor of Arts in 1950 , Magna Cum Laude. Dr. Clark was awarded a Master of Arts degree, with High Honors from the University of Saskatchewan. After two years of study at McGill University, Dr. Clark was awarded her Doctorate degree in physiology by the University of Minnesota in 1958. Dr. Clark studies throughout focused on biophysics and cell physiology.

Dr. Clark established a nutritional consulting practice in the late 1960’s as a complement to her university research at the University of Indiana. In 1974 when Federal research funds were eliminated, she began private nutritional consulting on a full time basis. She obtained a naturopathy degree at the Clayton College of Natural Health.

Dr. Clark focused on consulting and independent research in all aspects of human disease, especially cancer.

This research took her down many avenues; from the study of parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungus to heavy metals, solvents and lately radioactivity. She wanted to find out how the human body cells react to these invaders.

She came up with many solutions to rid our bodies of these invaders. Dr. Clark researched the use of herbs, essential oils, orthomolecular therapy and frequency therapy. She focused on the importance of dental health, as well as everyday awareness of environmental factors.

Her most important discovery was the zapper. Zapping means electrocuting pathogens and for years she used a frequency generator to "zap" one pathogen after another. In 1994 her son built a hand held, battery operated, accurate frequency generator. The purpose was to kill the intestinal fluke but she then noticed that the battery-operated zapper killed all pathogens without having to set in a specific frequency. This was a great time-saver.

Another key invention of Dr. Clark is the Syncrometer. It is an audio oscillator circuit that tunes for and detects the resonance in all things in much the same way a radio tuner located a specific station. The Syncrometer can scan for anything in the body – be it an object, an organ, a chemical or virus because everything has a characteristic frequency or set of frequencies.

Dr. Clark undertook all of her research with her Syncrometer and detected the causes of cancer, HIV and other "mysterious" diseases.

Her approach was quite simple. With the use of the Syncrometer she would search for common denominators (e.g. toxins, pathogens) in each case she undertook that was suffering from the same disease (for ex. cancer)

As Dr. Clark would become certain of a discovery, she would seek confirmation of her more critical findings with conventional independent laboratory analysis.
This was often difficult because the Syncrometer detects to specificity well beyond the capabilities of most laboratory analysis.

Dr. Clark has written 7 books of which 5 concerning cancer. In them Dr. Clark details her methods, her results, and her conclusions for all to read. In her later books she describes in detail her newest frequency technologies such as plate-zapping and homeography. In addition each cancer book contains a specific holistic cancer fighting program.

Dr. Clark, with her self-health approach, has touched countless individuals around the globe who have been able to help themselves with the knowledge that she has provided. Dr. Clark endured severe attacks by professional adversaries as well as Government Officials. She nevertheless carried on sharing her knowledge for the benefit of health and mankind.

We are thankful for Dr. Clark’s unselfish dedication and lasting contributions to all.

Dr. Clark passed away on September 3rd 2009 in Chula Vista California.

For more information on Dr. Clark’s protocols, visit the Informative website about Dr. Clark and her protocols here:

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In Memory of Dr. Hulda R. Clark

E-mail this morning from sadly says Hulda R. Clark, Ph. D. passed away last Thursday Sept 3, 2009 from complications from a spinal cord injury. She was such a tremendously dedicated person to the healing and health of mankind, altruistically giving more than anyone I know of. She shared her research freely with the whole world, much as I have been doing. She too was suppressed heavily by the franchised inferior health modality businesses, similar to as I have been re space access businesses. Dr Clark's protocols have probably enabled me to still be alive and even in fairly good health. Her zapper gadget has provided me much electronics entertainment and usage of it and related technologies has surely improved my wellbeing and saved me from much discomfort of sickness in the past dozen years, and hopefully continuing.

Although I never perceived indications of Hulda Clark complaining, surely she was deeply frustrated during the current strife re American health at the national level even under the efforts of President Obama; the media showing no mention of having the nation improve health and drastically cut back on health costs through the use of the many "alternative" health protocols and especially those she personally had developed and published in her books. Her protocols most likely could by themselves cut the American health care system costs by 2/3 easily, while greatly improving the healthy lives of Americans in all walks of life.

This is so similar to my own efforts to enable abundant cheap clean electrical energy to the world in a fairly short time frame and cleanup of severe toxic wastes etc through use of my KESTS to GEO space carousel escalator transportation centrifugally energy supported transportation structure; started back in 1989 with my files about it on the GEnie network; at best I got a few technical papers finally peer reviewed and published in space conference proceedings, but still the world ignores their potentials and disdains me and my efforts to help us all.

So what is it about people, to have caused these things to happen, to their own great detriment? Most likely it is something about business territories and keeping the money coming in from the established businesses. For example, if the American national health care costs are cut by 2/3 from their present cost level (while also people living healthier lives) where do all those people now getting that 2/3 of money get their income ... they all need things to stay just as they are, to keep their livelihood, whether a nurse, scientist, or stockholder ... all dedicated to keeping "business as usual" nevermind the American people's needs for better health and balanced budget.

I too very well know the desperate struggle to keep employed during the 45 years I worked achieving other people's goals for them; the need to support self and family overwhelms almost any other consideration. Definitely the overwhelming need for each next paycheck blinded me to much effort to see beyond that paycheck. My own unique talent for technological innovation to help mankind had to be put way back on the priority list, out of sight most of the time.

Yet America is supposed to have adequately compensated leaders whose function is to see beyond that kind of thing and prepare for the needs of the nation through their guidance, but where are they and why aren't they doing that job? Dr Hulda Clark was such a leader, providing the protocols for providing health for humanity at low cost, better health than the expensive as-is health care system has been doing, by far. But Dr Clark was not in a political position to get her work properly evaluated by peers and put into the American health care system adequately. The people powerful enough to do that were busy doing other things, too often just busy keeping the status quo.

Yet even so, through her technique of having books published describing Dr. Hulda Clark's experiments and findings and insightful explorations and resulting protocols, she has helped the lives of many thousands of people around the world, including myself, to my great benefit. There have been several efforts to create a larger organization built around her works, in particular the Dr Clark Research Association, yet all have been attacked by business rivals even through tricking the authorities to do much of the hazing. Those organizations remain, at least some of them, to carry on the communication of Clark's work. But without the great research powerhouse that Hulda Clark was, now gone to ashes in the sea, the future looks bleak; although through her legacy of her books, there remains an incredible information base for vast research projects that could be done and incorporated into our daily lives, if we choose to do so. Doubtless she realized that need, and deliberately left that free great opportunity for mankind.

In Memory of Dr. Hulda R. Clark


Ignoring the next step in civilization's outreach into space resources

What if the next step in civilization's outreach into space resources is not by the aerospace rocket science of exciting roar and flame of huge rocket launches, but instead by the use of synchronous electrical motor technology, dynamics of rotating machinery, and civil engineering principles?

What would that do the the turmoil mix of human egos, reputations, strivings for wealth and mates, that currently rule what actually happens now including re space? Or will that turmoil just say that if it can't be done their esteemed rocket science way, it just won't be done. In the mix are those that tolerate any space activity only to be sure we have the maintained technology to go after any who attempt to set up nuke missiles on the Moon or Mars moons aimed at us, and otherwise consider all space stuff mere "pork barrel" projects as they call it ... those kind of folks would prefer to use the money and effort to wage war, which is more more in their ability to comprehend; or a good football game would do for them instead too but does not make as much money for them.

Somehow amongst all that, civilization would do well to get the infrastructure to long term provide abundant economical electrical power around the world, and do it before the fossil fuels sink the planet's environment to roasting. Wind turbines and solar panels are important currently possible projects - but to adequately get clean electrical power to supply the whole world in the 15 to 20 year time frame - another 10 years to finish the job - the Solar Power Satellites need be gotten into GEO and done at a 1/2000th of the rocket science cost way of doing it; thus the electrical motor civil engineering approach needs to get going in high gear right away - instead of being sat upon by the powers that be.

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Revising our health care system for the very much better

Breaking the stranglehold that private insurers have over our health care system - which many people believe hold the power of life or death over them as individuals and families - will also require that health care be focused on the actual health of all Americans, seeking anew that which actually works, through supporting the whole person - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - re-examining all health principles and protocols including conventional allopathic and alternative healing protocols, researching to discover those which actually work well and efficiently at low cost.

This will need to be a governmental or non-profit function, since corporations can only function to maximize profit for the investors - which is only loosely connected to best health for Americans at reasonable cost, if connected at all. If we truly want economical quality health care for all Americans (and guests?) it needs to be fully competently researched in a completely unbiased manner, to see what actually accomplishes that goal and discover which actually works and which is best. Unbiased research of many commonly accepted medical protocols has shown that many provide no different results than do placebos, for example.

Ceasing suppression of the "alternative wellbeing" therapies and protocols needs to be done, while re-focusing regulatory attention toward such things as the Monosodium Glutamate additive, which is in far too many foods to stimulate eating more than the body needs, often to become fat and obesity, becoming multiple health problems.

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