Apply Yankee Ingenuity or be roboticised parrots

Reading the article I focused on the 2nd reason per the article, that corporations have been racking up the profits but not investing much of it in their workforce. In previous recoveries the share going to profits was just 19%, compared to this recovery, 85% is going into reaped profits.

So it would seem that this is blocking the recovery, and had not been done before when the nation needed recovery. Thus it seems likely that it is just a political power grab, along with corporations funding the right-wing politicos who will cut the taxes on the big corporations so it can go into their profits and not support the country that makes their abundant businesses possible. OK so "power corrupts..." we all know that. But why did it not similarly corrupt during the prior recoveries?

After a brief moment of indulging in grousing that maybe it is a case of a bunch of Jabba-the-Huts putting the squeeze on America, and other grumping, along with thought that some of them might be saving up for some huge investment particularly in new energy and space projects ... which allows them to individually reap resulting profits instead of America as a whole being involved (or especially to cleverly take over the KESTS to GEO concept after I am out of the picture and that will make them trillions in profits, quite a lure for power grabbers) I then began to think of more factors, not so finger-pointing.

I think that the "typical American worker" is not as capable and naturally industrious as they were several decades ago ... well, at least many decades ago ... and why is that, I pondered. Our educational system has been cranking out graduates galore, yet that does not seem to adequately do the job. Is the educational system producing mere parrots, highly trained parrots that can play back the instructions programmed into them in college, whenever employers push their buttons to do so? And while businesses may think that is the ideal situation re employees - also re them desperately working at lowest pay and benefits - I think that semi-autonomous workers can be more efficient and respond more appropriately to the challenges they face to achieve their job tasks. But semi-autonomous workers need to have a different mentality than parrots; and they are more difficult to manage, making life tougher for the managers who rule the place. And, making their own life easier through controlling others, is a natural for lots of managers who are scrubbed up and brought in line bullies.

But Yankee Ingenuity has long been touted as key to America's successes. And that aspect of people has not been getting nearly enough basic support in America in the many recent decades leading up to now; the identical time span.

For example, the unemployed folks have the ideal setup re expanding their Yankee Ingenuity, by taking up constructive hobbies, learning new things by doing them, their own selves getting to pick what fields of interest those activities are in. Although they have very limited funds, they still can use their sudden surplus of time to practice handcrafts, build electronic kits, build things in their garage, just for the fun of it, finding out what it feels like to do those new kinds of things and see the results of what they created with their own hands and minds ... without being told to do so, by an employer.

But ... if all that has been developed in them is to be parrots, it is unlikely that the unemployed will be capable of self-starting new kinds of hobbies and volunteer work. And thus they are not expanding or even keeping up their job performance capacities.

Some will take more classes in college ... having been programmed to do that ... but this just adds more "words" to their parrot capabilities ... and yes some management may consider this the best for the unemployed sheeple to prepare them for getting back in the workforce at low pay and total obedience even to ruthless management, that corporate profits may expand galore.

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