Progress on my 2006 NanoWriMo novel

Today is Thanksgiving Day, and my novel for this year's NanoWriMo writing contest is progresing on schedule so far.

I am thankful for the NanoWriMo contest activity availability on the web, as well as thankful for here for its availability for free postings of my being-logs, such as this one and the separate ones for each of my novel writing, available for all to read freely (if anyone want to and knows of them, of course, in this busy world.)

My novel for 2006 is titled "Building Up", and has only very roughly followed the outline visualized in my previoous post in this blog. It has started with the construction of a test space elevator; then progressed to the wet-launch of prefab habitat modules of sections of the classic wheel type space station of a mile diameter by unmanned launches and teleoperated docking into final configuration before anyone iw sent up; the wheel starts getting populated via one-way space busses, then a second wheel is somewhat mysterioously added to the hub extending from the first wheel, and this one is then populated as a prison for life imprisonment but most of their "crimes" were only in rebellion against harsh taskmasters. The dual space station wheel then is abandoned by those on the ground, and the wheel population gets integrated after the prison guard staff elliminates themselves while attempting to kill off the inhabitants of the first wheel. The deteorating worldwide ecosystem down on the surface causes clumping of the remnants of civilization, abandoning much of the land areas no longer habitable. The population of the space station have found a way to survive well and hope to bring back their ways to help their relatives still down on earth surface, and begin an exodus back to the now-abandoned launch site facility. So that is where it is as of this writing; most of my writing is done there these days, not much time to write on this general blog for now.
- Jim Cline