The key need of the ongoing health system voting

Reading,0,2426079.story my thoughts: the key need of the ongoing health system voting is for the nation to finance some baseline health level for everybody in the nation, none left out. That baseline health care could be quite low at first, specifying what can be administered to the patient, vs what is excessive cost for benefit for various health issues. Subsequent years could see increases in the baseline health level is specified to be, as the nation prospers more, due to a healthier more competent population. Private insurance options could be had to go above those basic levels to cover more catastrophic health problems; these health desireables could remain as employment incentives for employers and for the wealthy; they could get the heart transplant but the baseline citizen would not be able to do so, for example.

This seems to be compatible with the existing health care system's mode of "allopathic" stance. Then, to get the health level to rise and costs drop greatly, the wider viewpoints held by the whole-person "holistic" or "alternative-complementary" health protocols need to come to join the health system as a full partner, with the operational principle of maximizing the health of all, instead of maximizing the profit to the health businesses; the focus on providing the most efficous products and services for economical health of the whole person, would most likely become the mainstay of health systems when they are fully adopted, with the high-science form of allopathic, pharmaceutical & surgical focused, form of medicine becoming the health arm that handles the tough problems at comparable costs and business earnings.

One of the possible problems of a health system completely controlled by government is that some future administration could then use blockage of health care availability to make life miserable or even impossible to sustain, for politically undesireable foes as decided by that governmental administration, thus a terrible power over the people, democracy no more; much as the interrelated corporate worlds already can blacklist employees who are not of their preferred political stance or even exhibiting independent thinking. Or even more nightmarish scenarios could happen, say some authoritarian administration gets into power for the 4 years, then some catastrophy happens and the admin declares overpopulation and specifies who is to be terminated early, such as those who had not voted for them. Controlling health care availability is one means of doing that early termination thing.

Thus the nation, via government, providing some baseline level of health care to all, with private insurance available to be bought by the customer to take over where the baseline leaves off, seems to have inherent capability to defend against tyrannical militant administrations that happen to get into office at times, as has happened in the past and no doubt will again in the future, hopefully not too soon. The present health care system in America clearly is not working, since there are tens of millions of Americans without health services; it is a very dysfunctional health system, serving the few instead of serving the nation. (Perhaps it basically serves the sickness businesses earnings, which is quite different from serving the American customer.)

Tying wellness to employment (or independent wealth) needs to be seen for what it is; slavery modes are not necessary when the jobs are well matched to the employees to provide them a tolerable compatible job and comfort as the reward for doing the job well.

Again, the key need of the ongoing health system voting is for the nation to finance some baseline health level for everybody in the nation, none left out. That baseline health care could be quite low at first, specifying what can be administered to the patient, vs what is excessive cost for benefit for various health issues. Subsequent years could see increases in the baseline health level is specified to be, as the nation prospers more, due to a healthier more competent population. Private insurance options could be had to go above those basic levels to cover more catastrophic health problems; these health desirables could remain as employment incentives for competing employers, and for the independently wealthy.

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EFT amazingly provides forgiveness in pure form that immediately brings the peace that passes all understanding

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, an emotional stress level connected strategic tapping protocol, can be considered part of one's daily emotional hygiene, like washing one's face and brushing teeth.

EFT amazingly provides the bible's instruction of forgiveness in pure form that immediately brings the peace that passes all understanding.

Of course, as is also taught in the bible, one can choose to continue to hang on to something grievous so as to torment - and be tormented by - any traumatic experience. The hidden question remains: Isn't pain and suffering required to learn proper behavior, to learn right from wrong, to learn the rules of life by pain avoidance? This might need some accurate research to find out for sure, but my guess is that the question itself is from a hostile entity that pops up at times, that wants to rule us through inflicting suffering: the ultimate bully.

EFT seems to provide much of what Jesus spoke of and possibly even healed by. And the bible tells of how the opposition eventually destroyed him in terrible grief, embarrassment and pain in public, "proving" that it still ruled. EFT brings back, after 2,000 years, some of what this insight suggests are healing's that Jesus taught, saying that we can do them too, and more.

EFT does not change the memory of cause & effect of what was experienced, in fact clarifies them some, by removing the emotional disruption component of the experience, a disruption that causes erroneous performance subsequently, not improved performance. But, EFT does not work unless it is performed, like most anything else it needs to be done to have usefulness.

There is an increasing amount of info on EFT to be found on the internet, such as on its founder's site; and on and which all have disclaimers of course, and the latter two seem to be more business focused than helping focused, yet have useful info too. I have been experimenting with EFT for many months, and has helped me a lot, even in the social struggles of an Asperger person by clearing out much of the stored disruptions from the myriad social interaction tries that failed and were baffling as to why, leaving only internal disruption in their wake. Processing those traumatic memories one at a time, increasingly clears out the chaos leaving the orderliness ever more apparent in the mess, which increasingly looks less formidable.

Again, EFT amazingly provides forgiveness in pure form that immediately brings the peace that passes all understanding.

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Improved health along with vastly reduced health care costs to the overall nation

Continued ads in email re the need for public health reform now, brings my thoughtful experienced opinion: There needs to be a universal health system for all Americans.

This will presumably have the effects of better health and functionality for all Americans, enabling greater general prosperity. The extent of health care, however, most likely will vary from one person to another, including a wealthy person can have much augmented health care, as compared to the homeless person; yet all ought to have some baseline health system availability, as supported by the nation and not by their bank account or job-associated benefit.

One prime health system needed is a new education system, probably mostly internet-delivered without cost to the user, that teaches the basics and necessary details about the holistic human body and its needs and options for basic care of all body-mind functions, including homeostasis; this would hopefully teach people to be the first line of health care themselves.

The second line of health care needs to be the system of OTC medicines as now exists, along with their expanded vitamins, equipment and nutritional supplements commonly found nowadays and no doubt more added; additionally, an expanded awareness of the "if the shoe fits wear it" mode of the vast holistic alternative health protocols and products that have become available and proven through repeated customer usage along with their maintained health.

These levels of health care ought to reduce the conventional health care costs a huge amount. The case load per medical professional ought to go way down so each patient can receive better analysis and evaluation by them before administering specific health interventions, which would probably now focus mainly on the bigger problems like car accident trauma instead of people with sniffles waiting in the reception office. Prevention, actually ought to be better called maintenance, is a tremendous reducer of health costs, and awareness of one's own body and its ongoing needs and options for fulfilling them on a minute by minute basis, will probably take care of the majority of that which now fills the medical offices; they would be gone, and thus the doctors can then deal with the serious cases remaining. Even those patients, with the healthy body-mind education's background, will be able to describe much better that which ails them, to the medical staff.

Where does insurance fit into all this, I wonder; insurance is basically a pool of people paying into a system to flatten out medical costs among them; but if the nation takes this responsibility for its people, it would essentially be the "insurer" (and would thus have a stake in healthier people so as to lower the medical system costs.) Now the insurance industry is big business and very influential and would not like to lose its business, so it is reasonable that the nation - somehow - incorporate them into the national health system, giving them a reasonable salary, and buying out any investors in the businesses at fair prices.

With far fewer sick people showing up to the medical professionals, some of the health professionals might need to retrain, such as to support the expanded self-health support systems; but most health professionals and businesses would just take on a higher standard of work, easier hours and lower stress, and hopefully still quite adequate pay.

From all this I would expect a far healthier, more functional, better working America, along with vastly reduced health care costs to the overall nation; and healthier people from the youths to the retired folks would be expected to make far fewer mistakes in life, thus also adding to the overall prosperity of the nation. Acceptance of this scenario would be dependent on the ratio of those who see a competitive relationship with other Americans and the need to be "better than" the other folks in some way to show superiority; versus those who see a nation indivisible as a whole, all on the same ship together for survival and prosperity, all contributing to the ongoing value added and partaking of it proportionally, yet helping all others up so they too can contribute to their best abilities and live well.

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Pondering Apollo 11 and the girl

Pondering the Apollo 11 celebration yesterday and the Apollo program, in fact the whole Mercury-Gemni-Apollo program, all with the goal of getting to the Moon before the Russians, who were prone to be setting up nuke rockets aimed at us that are hard to fend off and the Moon would be such a potentially reachable place, so we had to be able to get there and do who knows what to counter Russian setup of missiles on moon aimed at America.

Yet that goal, which I recall being illustrated on the cover of a Sunday newspaper Parade magazine, a graphic of Russian missiles on the moon aimed at the US while the Cuban Missile Crisis was still fresh in our minds, a close scrape with fears of getting nuked in person, drove that space program.

Not by the sci fi buffs who had thought out how such a travel in space might be accomplished. Yet sci fi had to do with being off in some other place not ruled by present reality people and circumstances, often the man was rescuing the reproduction-ready female to get her appreciation, battling powerful inhuman foes to do so, in those sci fi stories.

But the robot telescopes sent to the Moon, Mars, the moons of Jupiter, even the clouds of Venus, found no such females needing rescuing nor their inhuman pursuers there either.

Yet in the pursuit of these things in outer space, we created technologies and found opportunities we could do, that were worthwhile, such as stationary satellites in GEO that send back photos of the weather patterns of the Earth, and of communications satellites that have such far-ranging reach and yet stay in one place so fixed "satellite dishes" on people's homes and businesses can directly communicate with the satellite and thus to all its other communicants, visible to about half the planet's places through each satellite. And the swarms of lower fast-moving satellites that, with fancy rapid electronic calculations, provides personal immediate locations through peoples' GPS devices.

Without the "space race to the Moon" most likely none of that would exist now, although some folks might be futilly writing about how these things could be possibly done and would be of great benefit to people. And those writers would just be frustrated that none of it was happening.

I know, because I have been writing of next similarly non-mainstream opportunities available through space, (like "KESTS to GEO and enabled applications") but no, people are much too busy "doing something else" as led by influence-people.

And, after all, without GPS and communication satellites in GEO, we could still have microwave relay stations and transcontinental cables laid for distant mass communications, and compass and maps would tell people where they are, just like they have done for centuries.

And similarly, without "KESTS to GEO and enabled applications" people can keep on doing just as they have done for centuries. People could have created GEO communication satellites and the rockets to put them there, along with GPS satellites; people could have created the tiny complex integrated circuits, useful not just in space satellites but also in cellular phones and laptops, without the space race stimulus, but would have they done so, I doubt it. Just like KESTS to GEO applications, people are not interested in enabling great opportunities and solving huge problems that way.

People are not as smart as they would like to be seen. People are quite smart in clever conflict with each other, that is about it, in the endless reproductive games down through the generations, being the guy that gets and being the girl that is got. But that works best when Mother Nature supplies endless resources for the games, and the games keep coming full circle around the finite sphere of the planet, using up Mother Nature's resources and spreading non-vanishing litter leftovers along the way, which then become part of that which is stumbled into, increasingly.

When will we get responsible, working with Mother Nature and the greater solar system of vast resources? Probably only when the girl insists upon that happening, before she is got.

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Establish no-fly zones around SPS power beams

My sci fi novels (such as "It's Down to Earth" and "Building Up") have stimulated a bit of discussion on old and new topics, some of which can be contentious. A new friend who also is into amateur radio (as I am too) and thus aware of potential problems of high power radio beams could have and need to be made safe for all concerned, surprisingly brought up the old argument against the use of Solar Power Satellites in GEO, that the power beams might be dangerous for aircraft to pass through.

Dealing with the effects of flying through a gigawatt power beam going to a 12 square mile area rectenna (rectifying antenna) with a power density (although at a single frequency) about equal to that of sunlight, that much of the solution seems to just do like in other high energy transmission systems such as high tension high voltage power lines, establish an avoidance zone around them, no-fly zones for those beam areas.

Birds flying through them would probably absorb more energy than already absorbing from the sunlight, and unless there are resonant effects, or effects of doubling the heating from incoming energy that is not bounced off their feathers, so research would be needed re this; as to damage compared to the losses of birds and bats to wind turbine blades, another worst-case factor to be researched.

Even though aluminum-skinned aircraft would simply mostly scatter bounce the energy away from their curved metal surfaces, if they strayed anyway into the "no-fly" zones around space sourced power beams, except possibly for any resonant circuits it could pass to in the vehicle, and so aircraft would eventually need to be designed to avoid this frequency-dependent potential problem, or harden any such circuits to pass the sub-centimeter wavelength energy shorting it out.

As I envision the widespread use of such electric power beams, enabled built there such as by using my proposed economical transportation methods, eventually there might eventually be a hundred such 12 square mile no-fly-zone power beams going down to various places around the world. Additionally probably an equal number of much lower energy density beams serving smaller countries and isolated areas.

Regarding the subject of having an ill-will group take over such a power station and modify its beam to make it much smaller and use it as a weapon, it seems to me that the full sized such GEO-sited gigawatt energy transmitters would need to have their antennas designed and built to prevent such focusing down to smaller than the, say, 12 square mile receiving area on the surface of the earth. Wisely design and build them so they can't be used mischievously by the misguided, instead of attempting to use enforcement schemes, which history shows too often get taken over by the misguided who crave control over other people.

Smaller power energy satellites that would be used to deliver propulsion energy to tracked-position airliners, ships at sea and trains in some places, would need to shrink their power beams down to that which would be received by the much smaller rectennas on those vehicles; but the energy would be a closely controlled factor just as any large fast moving vehicle has much energy density that needs to be controlled so as to not run amok and cause damage, including at the hands of misguided aggressive folks who might attempt to take one of them over and use it to cause deliberate damage (not all humans have grown up yet, unfortunately.)

The way things go slowly in the rivalrous business world where the already existing powerful energy businesses (such as coal, oil, nuclear) and existing rocket-based space access system businesses, would strive to suppress such power sources and the new types of space access transportation structures (such as my proposed KESTS kinetic energy supported space escalator transportation system) needed to build and maintain them up in GEO, just to keep their business profits coming in; so probably by the time such space energy sources were fully in place, the wind turbines will have been worn out, that are needed built at the present time.

Such big business suppression of that which the world needs so desperately now - abundant cheap clean electrical power for the world and solar powered means to economically totally recycle toxic materials our industrial civilization produces, back into useful purified chemical forms - and maybe even huge new living space and easy access to asteroid mining potentials - does not make them evil or of destructive intent; they are just naturally wanting to keep their money rolling in without even a brief interruption to maintain their nice lifestyle they have established along with massive influence to control events; and to gain time to take over any such new power systems that might be built in the future, thus to be controlled by themselves in their own good time. Of course, such existing power corporations are the ones who have the wealth to quickly build such space-based clean power systems, but why bother when they already control as it is, without any more work and risk? Business profit is a hallowed thing in our culture, and most anything goes in that game.

Let's hope humanity can survive by somehow getting out of such narrow-visioned modes; we live in a big-picture wide visioned world, whether we see it or not. We are within reach of the technologies to wisely solve our problems, if we can stop quarreling and get on with solving our mutual problems and enabling efficient fulfillment of all our mutual needs to thrive far better on into the future.

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More on the subject of Independence Day

The subject of Independence Day 4th of July has been of interest lately, and a new acquaintance who seems more thoughtful than many people, has been focusing on aspects of national defense. A string of email conversation is ongoing, and my most recent contribution seemed worthy of being put in my blog here. So here it is:

Sleep deprivation seems to not be just used for torturing captives to get them to talk, but is increasingly happening among American citizenry, and causes are not clear. Sleep deprived people are unable to cope well with new events, and thus more easily programmed to accept repeated statements, being unable to evaluate it themselves anymore due to the sleep deprivation preventing the brain from clearing out the old stuff in sleep so new stuff can be processed in real time. Probably a group of causes, not always the same for all people. Some are probably accidental, like upsetting the circadian rhythm by watching too much TV late at night. But others are chemical, nutritional. And more worrisome are indications that some causes are electronic and not all are accidental. Yet there seems to have been some deliberate effort to make that happen, possibly - but not for sure - caused by simple business trickery along with a concurrent PR program, when the nutritional supplement called L-Tryptophan (a critically important nutrition for humans, which is increasingly difficult to get in proper ratio in the modern diet without supplementation), which had been in widespread public use for a couple of decades and was giving fine sleep enabling, without use of prescription sleep drugs that provided only unconsciousness. So a batch of cleverly poisoned L-Tryptophan was sent here and people started dying; the FDA jumped on it and claimed it was L-Tryptophan that was causing all the deaths; and banning the sale did stop the deaths, apparently proving their assertion (since it also stopped use of the poison in the batch.) The FDA did not notice that the supplement had been use for some 20 years with no sickness or deaths prior to that, a finding that ought to have been clear to any honest evaluation. But the pharmaceutical business folks had been pressuring the FDA to block L-Tryptophan sale so as to force sale of their inferior sleep potions, and the batch of poisoned L-Tryptophan gave them that excuse, and they eagerly grabbed it and enforced it... all of which seems against the needs of American people, and thus possibly a form of an attack on the American people from within. The "electronic" forms of sleep disruption are more obscure. Over a decade ago, I had stumbled into some lectures by several people who had been instrumental in discovering one such phenomenon, which was traced to signals coming from the then soviet union, some we called "woodpecker" due to its pecking sound when heard in receivers; and the race was on for us to develop our own version of the weapon. Who and why it would be used for now, is another question. Sneaky tools for disrupting and controlling other people seems to be a fascination by some types of people, perhaps classifiable as "bullies" in general.

Yes, some are more concerned with national defense and others concerned with the space program. Vast numbers of things to be focused upon that at the moment seem top priority to different people; it is a big complex interrelated world, ever changing too. My early years as a child becoming aware of what was happening was concurrent with WWII, it was all about national defense by conducting warfare abroad; and was my only frame of reference as to what was important in the world. As peace and more wars later happened, this was added onto my impression as to what was important in the world. Eventually I grew to consider that more important than who was beating up on whom, who was stronger and more clever, were other underlying factors, such as resources and in particular energy became clear that it was key to civilization. And new energy sources seemed to be possible by nuclear research; and/or by space research, since the vast solar energy was available in the space not that far overhead, 24 hours a day, continuously and in volumes far beyond what civilization needs.

I had been interested in space from my earliest memories. I made model Buck Rogers type spaceships out of modeling clay as a small boy, and when at age 9 given an X-Acto woodcarving knife set and some balsa wood, glue and paint, from then on I made my spaceships out of balsa wood. Some of them I still have. I was a bookworm that easily did my schoolwork, uncaring about grades, I just craved knowledge and especially about the sciences. My initial effort at college was to work my way thorough by working at White Sands Missile Range helping test guided missiles; my college major was physics. I quickly got interested in electronics, then a part of physics, and it bent my subsequent career into that. But my prior genius quickly ended early in college, due to no support system, and having to mostly eat white bread to save money and not knowing that its wheat gluten was highly toxic to me; I developed severe Tinnitus that made it very hard to understand what was being said in class lectures and endlessly distracting when trying to do homework. I finally dropped out, after briefly shifting my major to psychology, trying to figure out what was going on; the only set of courses I finished was that of Army ROTC, which I finished the mandatory 2 years. Life was quite a struggle, built upon traumas collected more traumas occasionally. Yet I retained my Asperger focus on space travel, all aspects of it. Not all my early genius was destroyed, and in time I was able to determine possible ways to use space to help civilization in a big way; these focused on several needs: the need for cheap, CO2-free and widely distributed continuous electrical power; the need to be able to economically fully process the toxic materials generated by civilization back into fully usable materials again; room to build homes for lots of people which would not disrupt the earth's ecosystem; and ways to reach out economically for the vast materials resources existing in space while also bringing life to the moons and planets which have no life now. This all needed to be economically accomplished by means beyond that of conventional rocketry, and I felt I had found several promising promising electrically powered mechanisms for providing the transportation - through kinetically supported structure space escalators up as high as GEO; but GEO is an excellent place in which to build a huge infrastructure, such as the long-proposed Satellite Solar Power Plants. Despite my fear of public speaking - and lack of academically accepted credentials - I prepared and presented my concepts to space technical conferences; at first I was just laughed away, but eventually the response was just a sullen acceptance despite what I was showing was not in their current business plans; my concepts finally began to appear as peer reviewed technical papers published in conference proceedings nine years ago. Yet I found their focus was all about making money, not about enabling health and thriving to America and the world; my concepts were buried by the powerful, waiting for me to be disposed of so they could take full control of the concepts for their less noble purposes afterward in their own time. Fairly recently I took up the writing of my concepts in the form of science fiction adventures, and so that is what my books are about, and there is some interest in looking at them where I have offered them freely, but not to buy the paperback ones - such as my sci fi novel "Building Up" by J. E. D. Cline - which Amazon oddly has been hiding - I wonder why. So that is where it is at today; I support the "green" efforts of solar and wind power, all the non-space ways, since that is all the current business-driven system will look at since that is how they can make money quickly with little risk. But that is ignoring the concepts I had proposed, which would potentially be able to stop the need for use of oil and coal for energy purposes, starting a dozen years from when an all-out effort was begun. But a huge number of powerful vested interests, clearly caring about nothing except their own wealth and power, are suppressing the process; and are supported by preservation of lots of well-paid professional egos, easily wiping me out - especially considering my Asperger social confusion and verbal incompetence.

So you may see where my space program focus is seen to protect America and bring thriving to her as well as to the whole world, with no need to be invading anybody anymore unless merely acting out old traumas which involve fantasies about opponents who all play the same kind of game, just different labels on themselves; a sad fate for humans who could have done so much better.

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Establishing a big picture responsible national authority

Laying awake this morning, thoughts were something about how to preserve the technological development stimulus of business competition to make a better product for the customer, as proven by what the customer base is buying; while also having a larger governing influence that is making sure that the big picture's resource details are also getting filled in, even if businesses are not taking care of all of the needs for some reason or other.

Also related is how to suppress the use of intense advertising to control the customer's urge choices to buy, such as was being done by the American automotive industry causing customers to buy ever more gigantic gas-guzzling SUV's as their sole means of transportation including commute to work, grocery shopping and soccer-moms taking their urchin to the field to play, all of which could be easier done in a small hatchback using half the gas for the trips and being far less dangerous in traffic accidents; all caused by the giant corporations playing on the public's fears of the other drivers and preparation for mass exodus into the wilderness areas, armed with high power rifles to acquire food in a time of sectarian upheaval in the US, appealing to the "survivalist" mode of thinking too; a man could acquire a woman to have children by providing her with a house and a SUV for protection of the family, thus making more profit for the auto mega-corporations and the gas companies, much of that fuel having to be bought from the middle-east oil fields, paid for somehow in trade by a country increasingly unable to manufacture their own goods, gas only to be merely burned up in the daily job commute and soccer-mom trips, but the payment in real goods still having to somehow be paid in trade to the middle-east.

The "big picture" was clearly lost in that system, causing great stress to the country and the world.

Another example is in the American health care system, where tunnel-visioned guidance has bypassed cost-effective potentials (for example, where is the honest intelligent comparison of the efficacy of the various Rife & HRClark electrohealth devices, so widely and well proven by vast numbers of experimenters around the world now, especially integrated into the many discoveries published by HRClark; or the many holistic whole-person-health methods; these would cut into the business profits of the megapharmaceuticals to a significant extent, thus are suppressed, at the tragedy of the public's health), since corporate R&D is guided toward maximum business profit, not maximum customer need-filling at low cost. The virtual franchise on health care is erroneously enforced by governmental authorities, believing the existing business medical system has done the full science behind their services and no one can do better. But the science was guided by businesses who were guided by the requirement to pay maximum dividends to investors, thus only weakly linked to efficacy in maintaining optimum health for the population. As a result we have a poor health population and enormous national burden in health care; should this be any surprise knowing the system was ever guided in development toward maximizing profit by health-related businesses?

By having the big picture available and in reference, hopefully the nation could begin fixing these major goofs we got ourselves into. Expecting businesses, corporations, to fill in all the needs of the nation with good efficacy is mere fantasy; corporations do not want such a responsibility either, they are just there to get a piece of the action. If a big picture responsible national authority were established, the "action" could be more optimally fulfilled.

How to stop such a big picture authority from becoming taken over by politics and vested interests, lobbyists, corrupting the vision and the responsible governance? That part I don't know, but it seems likely that it needs to be directly accountable to the nation of individuals we are, and on a fairly quick basis.

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