What kind of humanity are we

Despite what is seen as a tragedy, there can be some valuable outgrowth from it. As I graduated from high school with four majors - science, math, english and social studies - I had the continuing intention of being a scientist as a career, focussed at least in part on rocketry and space. Although I had fascination for all the sciences, probably stimulated by being an avid sci fi reader as well as of the popular scientific philosophers of the day such as Isaac Asimov, George Gamow, and Arthur C. Clarke. I was a knowledge sponge absorbing everything with ease, and thought I would learn all of physics in college first, then extend it to include all of chemistry, then extend that to include all of biology, then extend that to include psychology, and extend that to include social science. I was so confident I could do these things that I also intended to work my way through college, working part time at White Sands Missile Range, or White Sands Proving Ground as it was called at the start. At the time, mid-1950’s, each of those scientific disciplines were fairly isolated knowledge domains, the gap between, say, chemistry and biology was still quite wide and even had their own incompatible name sets. But I believed that all of them could be united into a logical whole, and I was going to have fun helping unite them. All of them, starting with physics, as I entered college as a physics major, grieving a bit that college entrance testing showed that I already knew more chemistry than one that would take the requisite college chemistry class would have, so I was not going to be able to take that class, and I had actually enjoyed high school chemistry and psychology more than physics in some ways; but I felt it all was founded on physics and would build up from there, so I would have to start with physics, and learn it thoroughly for starters, all of it. Dreamer! Yet the way I was up through High School, it looked like I could do it, knowledge sponge and conceptual integrator seemed my nature, easy stuff.

Well, I have elaborated elsewhere on the tragedies that then befell me starting in my Freshman year in college - the despair at losing my girlfriend and that was disastrous for an Asperger’s man who has to have a support system; the start of extreme Tinnitus in both ears preventing me from being able to hear what the college professors were saying up front and preventing my concentration doing homework and doing any reading; the below survival level of the part time job’s pay; and the unwitting wheat gluten sensitivity when I was having to sometimes survive only on white bread often stale, essentially a poisoning to my wheat gluten sensitivity as well as having little nutritional value, thus disrupting my ability to function physically and mentally. The getting the boot by my former girlfriend had reduced my sense of self worth to about zero, and all the disruptions like the tinnitus screeching sound in my ears that no one else could hear, seemed to all confirm that. After five years of struggling with this in college, I gave up and became one of the disdained “college dropouts,” quite possibly to the glee of some of my classmates who had been irritated at my former ease of learning, as compared to their struggles to pass classes.

From that background, I have experienced a half century since then of slow healing. Where I would have gone had I not had those misfortunes, is conjectural. But most likely not where I have come to, in the present.

Most likely not to sometimes challenge science’s authority to govern all things, as I do sometimes nowadays. And I consider that a bit fortunate. Not that science cannot embrace an expanded set of knowledge; it is that it sometimes has established an egotistical tribalistic territorial rivalry kind of thing, seemingly totally forgetting what the Scientific Method means, that one must actually test and verify something before declaring it true or false; and thus cannot depend on logical reasoning to come up with all predictions of what can be observable phenomena.

And such a situation is what I have found in the case of what is sometimes called “electronic herbalism,” which explores pathways not apparent to the current school learning mindset. Thus the field gets hit by derisive gutter-sniping, such as calling it “snake oil” and “quackery,” labels that immediately cause the hearer to separate themselves from any connection with the subject, lest they be somehow contaminated. Works in politics, love & war; and works in science too. When positive experimental testing results are irrefutable, the egotists call it merely the placebo effect, trying to write it off as psychological phenomena, since it does not have apparent logical links to the common pathways of college-taught science. Somehow amazingly they don’t comprehend the principle of don’t knock it if it works; if the shoe fits, wear it; they thus miss out on useful processes they could be using to great benefit. Amazing blindness; and looking back at my vision of my future as a scientist as I left high school and headed to college, I too would have been in that camp all my life. Well, maybe. At least a starting point and maybe a tar pit trap for me too like so many of the others nowadays.

The half century of healing for me has been a stumbling along path, with little guiding vision, often just putting one foot in front of the other, just so as to not be staying in the same position I had been stuck in for seemingly eons of moments already, desolation world. One foot in front of the other, that was all the vision I could muster. The particularly deep abyss pits were encountered when my desperate efforts to have a woman as my mate, got trashed once again (and again and again) when the gal disdainfully dumped Asperger’s me. Girlfriends, even a wife of a dozen years; each time a woman disdainfully dumped me it was into the trash pit from which I had to somehow wander out of all over again. But my belief in science and the dim memories of the fun of science fiction adventures was a seed that would grow even in the desert dump a bit; and like the proverbial Lotus that somehow produces the beautiful thousand petaled flower in the sunshine even when growing out of the sewage gutters, things that seemed quite valuable for me would sometimes get to happen. One major set of pathways went toward finding ways to be able to efficiently get into space so as to utilize space resources to help this planetary ecosystem civilization. Another pathway, which is the subject here, is one following the experimental pathways of some others, combining my career in electronics with my scientific curiosity, along with my meager resources and often lack of employer-supplied health insurance.

Yet my electronics engineering frame of mind that I had acquired over my decades in the field of electronics as a super-tech in various companies, was quite skeptical of some claims of the heath useful electronic gadgetry invented by Hulda R. Clark, PhD, in a couple of her early books on self health, something I was finding helpful via nutritional supplements and such things as Educational Kinesciology, interesting stuff I could learn to do and that seemed to speed up my healing. But to have simple electronic gadgets help heal me? Electronic gadgets that looked like child’s play compared to the sophisticated electronic gadgetry I had built and evaluated over the years in R&D departments as well as low level manufacturing plants, such as I was working at, at the time, including low pay and no health insurance, yet a desperately appreciated job considering I was already too old to be considered worthy of being an electronics technician anymore. And mateless again too as was my chronic fate, it seemed, made life quite a deep struggle.

So I was working as a mere electronics technician at a car alarm manufacturing company, a job finally in electronics again, after over a year of job hunting unemployment and short minimum wage jobs such as peeling pineapples for Dole, delivering flowers for Conway, and putting security tags on women’s clothes for Broadway, none of which I was very good at. All electronic corporation’s employment offices looked at my resume and declared that since my last job was as a second level Design Development Electronics Engineer, yet had no college degree, that they could not hire me as an engineer and I would not be happy to again work as a technician; maybe they did not understand I was desperate for some paid work in electronics. Then I interviewed at a small car alarm manufacturer place, where they did not ask for a resume, only gave me a written test and a components test, said I got the highest score of anyone and told me to show up for work Monday morning; I finally had a job, although at a third of my former pay and no health insurance. But I had long ago spent what little savings I still had after my last desperate effort to have a girlfriend, a woman with five mostly grown kids who just used me for income, while her teenager kids and not-so-ex husband and other boyfriends hazed me to leave, once I had spent my savings to rent us all a four bedroom house; eventually I gave up, and my career went crash too shortly thereafter, typical for my life pathways by then. Anyway, over a year later here I was in a different town, Chatsworth, one I had worked in long before, and had a friend who was letting me have a room to live in free while I looked for work. So I had this new technician job working testing and repairing production car alarms, working with coworker Vietnamese boat people survivors and Iran-Iraq Armenian refugees; and making efforts to consciously help myself stay well.

One evening, my nutritional supplements and even Bach Remedy flower essences interests found me in a hard-to-find back nook of far away Glendale, where I sat waiting for some herbal products that were only available there, when I noticed a guy sitting next to me reading a herbal book which had a page with something I recognized, an electronic schematic. Very curious about what it was all about, I got the name of the book and heard it would be on sale at a fair in Santa Monica, where I bought a copy myself a couple of weeks later; it was a book on Hulda Clark’s research toward a cancer cure, and she had invented an electronic thing she called a “Synchrometer” which would provide an audio output that varied according to the resonances between two sets of samples placed on the instrument, it said. I built one of the Synchrometers based on the book’s description of how to build one, although I did not have the resources to get the many samples of materials to do much of the testing of the thing; I could not get it to work for me, but I did not have the setup to do it very well, so was not too much of a surprise.

Then I found her next book came out, and in its front was the description of her discovery of another kind of electronic gadget that supposedly had a wide range of healing capability, and had no reqirement of learning how to use it; it was clearly a simple pulse generator, much like circuits I had built and tested before, for other applications; but this one was to be used to send a signal via wet paper covered copper pipe handholds held one in each hand, sending a pulse rate of about 30,000 Hertz through part of one’s body. How could such a thing help heal anyone; it seemed impossible. I could not quite get myself to build one until I had stumbled on a Holistic Health Fair booth where such a thing was being sold - for $200 each, a lot of money for me even then - but I bought it because I could not get myself to build one from the book’s instructions. I was determined to only use the thing for safety testing, a thing which she ignominiously named the “Zapper,” likening it to the bug zapper used to fry flying bugs in patios, which she believed would do the same for microbes in the body, per her fortuitous discoveries through her extensive biological background and extraordinary ability to perceive and make connections between phenomena, in her pursuit for new modes of healing. She had been pursuing a discovery path that had pointed to a parasite - Fasciolopsis buskii - that could live its entire life cycle in the human liver, if the toxic alcohol isopropyl alcohol, was also in the liver trying to detoxify it. The isopropyl alcohol - a common disinfectant and rubbing alcohol at the time - enabled the parasite’s eggs to hatch and grow in place, and the growing eggs produced the same chemical which was used as the marker for cancer at the time. So she was exploring bioresonance with the F. buskii parasite and its other stages, which she had found that 434,000 Hz would resonantly detect it, and would resonantly destroy it if deliberately applied in higher strength to the body, she had found, using her Synchrometer.

So she asked her son, an Electronic Engineer, to design a simple electronic gadget that would retail for about $25 in large quantities, that would generate the required frequency; she dreamed of everyone having one in their home medicine cabinet thus eliminating cancer from the population, as suggested by her research findings. In contrast to the many thousands of dollars expensive equipment she used to generate the frequencies for her extensive research, which had identified the bio-resonant frequencies of hundreds of parasites, pathogens. So he designed what is now known as the simple 555-IC-based oscillator, but it ran at a pulse rate of 434 KHz, and was chopped 9 volts DC instead of a sine wave, skipping the cost of a coupling capacitor in the output. When Hulda Clark tested the thing, she was amazed to find that it not only achieved the destruction of the F. buskii parasite in the body, but also similarly disposed of several other pathogens in the body, pathogens that were not bioresonant at 434 KHz. Her compulsive urge to chase down anything not expected in research, led to her invention of the “Zapper” which was the same circuit her son Geoff designed for her, except it ran at a much lower frequency, about 34 KHz, chopping the output of a common 9 volt battery to produce the signal that was applied to the wet pipe handholds. She attributed its extraordinary broad spectrum anti-parasite capability to its direct coupled mono-polarity pulse output.

And so I found myself with one of those hand-built prototypes which I had bought from a booth, determined to show that it was safe during doing a year’s testing on myself. Although I did not believe that such a thing could improve my health, such a common circuit, I would be aware of my state of being as I did the daily experiments with the Zapper on myself, and would stop the research if there were any sign it was harming me; a harm other people declared would happen, since the current would include going through the heart area, it seemed; but many thousands of times I had touched such signals with my hands and never felt a thing in the course of my hobbies in electronics and my on-the-job duties over several decades by then.

Of course, out of curiosity I had to open up the Zapper I had bought, and was appalled at the construction involved; it used a wire wrap socket and components tacked here and there on it and the whole thing dangling by its wire wrap wires inside the box, cushioned by a wadded up tissue paper. I soon built a sturdier version, which produced the same signal as the purchased one, but was much better made; and continued to use it in my experiments.

After about the first two weeks of using the Zapper on myself, although I could not feel its 34KHz 9 volt signal, and the only indication it was doing anything was the LED little light that said it was turned on, I noted a couple interesting things happening. The most obvious one was that the chronic sinus infection I had had for over 30 years, had gone away all by itself; and not only had the pus stopped appearing in my throat, but my olfactory sense had returned, surrounding my existence with all kinds of odors, such as every car I followed driving down the road, had its own distinctive odor, and none of them smelled good. And dust reached up into places they had long been blocked from reaching, so dust became a nuisance too. The only thing I could attribute all this spontaneous stuff to was that I was doing the Zapper safety test. Then the low level bronchitis at the base of my ribcage started going away all by itself; I had had it since a youth, not much of a problem, but it too was going away. And then a psychology-savvy friend who routinely called me about once a week to check in on me, demanded to know what I was doing, since I now was no longer tied up in going around in circles about my problems; although I still had the same problems, I would just mention them and drop them and go on to other topics, something she had not seen me do in the decades she had known me; so what was I doing to cause that? I was quite puzzled, had no idea what she was talking about; I was not doing any psychological process that I had not used long before.

But then my puzzling over all this got me to get out the too-thick book by Hulda Clark, from which the front part had told me about the Zapper and how to build it. I looked in the index and found it mentioned such things as sinus infection and even depression. Looking into the interior of the book per the index, I found it described exactly what I was experiencing about those things. It got my attention. But I still did not believe the electronic thingy could be doing it. I continued the zapper use in the years after that, finding that I no longer was out sick each winter like I had been before; and as my co-workers continued to get sick and off the job each winter - and I began to increasingly think the Zapper was making all that happen; although the engineering mind in me would not accept it. If it were, wouldn’t all the doctors and hospitals be using the Zapper all the time, in their practice of healing people? Surely they would, healing was their business. So the Zapper could not be producing the phenomena. Had to be a placebo effect. I skirted the thought that whether a placebo effect or not, if it worked so well, why were not the doctors, nurses and hospitals using it, since it clearly worked for lots of things, that the doctors were still just giving shots and pills for, and did not work so well as the Zapper? Never mind, the doctors were the experts, not me.

I built several varieties of Zappers back then, including one to be carried in one’s car and would work off of the car’s cigarette lighter, in case the internal 9 volt battery had gone dead. It would be an emergency healing tool, I thought. From car alarm work, I knew that a car’s interior could reach 160ºF at times; and the hot melt glue that I used to assemble my Zappers would probably melt; so I used RTV cement instead on this one, but which gave the assembly a rubbery wiggly aspect. Anyway, some years later, when the car alarm manufacturer had quit and laid me and the others off, and I had again run out of my meager savings and was doing a desperate $100 a week job as a custodian at a church to pay my rent, I was working out in the church’s back area one hot summer day and got jabbed hard by a rotted piece of wood coming up out of the ground at the former horse stable site, ripping a deep 3/4 inch wide wound into the back of my left hand, filling it with ugly black gunk from the ground. I could not stop what I was doing at the time, and I was working alone as always. About 15 minutes later, I was able to stop and go find a garden hose, and flush the crud out of the deep large gash in the back of my hand; a big chunk of flesh still dangled; it looked like it was going be be a hard thing to heal, and I had no health insurance, of course. But I remembered my RTV-assembled zapper I had made and put in the car, so I went and dug it out, found the 9 volt battery was long expired; so I plugged it into the car’s cigar lighter socket, and got some paper napkins and wetted them with the garden hose, and held the Zapper copper pipes for the standard 7 minutes, to do the first of the three similar daily signal applications. When I got home later that day, I had no bandages, so I used a piece of masking tape to hold the chunk of flesh back down into the hole of the wound, and did the other two Zaps with my normal zapper that evening. The wound did not hurt, nor had it become red and swollen either; and in fact it never did. About three days later, I took the making tape off, and was surprised to find the flesh had welded itself back in place firmly, and there was no pus nor red swollen area there, just the big gash U-shaped line 3/4 inch across. I put a fresh piece of masking tape on, and continued to do the routine daily zaps; about a week after the injury, I took off the making tape and was surprised to find it had completely healed and there was barely a scar remaining. As a placebo effect, I was all for it; amazing. Impossible seeming. Power of the mind? Impressive. But I wondered, was the zapper interfering with my immune system? So a couple weeks later I again got a much smaller wound on my hand at the custodian job, but this time I just flushed out the small wound with garden hose water, but did not use the Zapper. By that evening it was familiarly festered red and swollen, oozing pus, painfully like normal. So I resumed zapping and that soon cleared up, too.

And again I would find myself thinking, why was this thing not used to save lives in the hospital nowadays? It clearly worked; placebo or not, surely they would be using whatever worked and worked best, as this thing seemed to be doing consistently.

And I still have that question in my mind.

But now I think I have found out why not. A matter of educational arrogance, along with the even more compelling reason that routine Zapper use by people at home, would immensely cut down on the number of doctor visits, and lots of doctors, nurses, and pharmaceutical staff would be out of work, jobs they had studied years for to get so they could live nicely; and would be out on the street along with hundreds of thousands of other similar health field workers. Not a nice prospect, even terrifying. I was well familiar with the struggles of being out of work, with countless other people seeking the same few jobs out there. So, it made sense. Except, what about the people who were ill, sick, some even dying in the hospitals, that would probably be getting well and going back to normal life if the zapper technology were used in the hospitals and doctor offices, and used preventively at home even without a doctor’s guidance? They are the losers, big losers. A tragedy; a big one. And I would have no doubt found myself on the other side of the fence, if I had been able to pursue my high school set course of being an academic wizard. So, in my life tragedy, I was able to find answers to healing, that I would not have dared to go explore before.

Governmental regulations prohibit anyone without a medical degree and license from healing other people, so that blocks the use of the Hulda Clark type Zapper except for one’s personal experimental use. This supports the health field’s business as usual; all go daily to their jobs, do it and return home with a big paycheck, easy does it. All those sick people out there, keep coming in, that keeps the paychecks coming in - and the investor’s checks coming in too, perhaps more importantly for the ultra-wealthy who rule the roost.

But I wonder, what kind of humanity are we, thereby?

Not a very nice one, it seems. Understandable, the callousness, the deception, the blindness to better ways. And maybe, as I again come to the conclusion, it is all about the drama, which spices up our lives. Something that people would die for, it seems.

Which reminds me, this Lenten Good Friday coming up season, about suffering and dying, for no good reason. Except maybe for the drama. What is so special about drama? Well, maybe I had an overdose of it in my early college times and often since then. So I can see it better, maybe. Maybe it is the need for attention. Of conflict and displayed power of winning - well, these things I have not had much experience at, so they are not so attractive to me; and needless suffering and dying seems just plain obnoxious to me at this point.

So what could all those out of work nurses, doctors, pharmaceutical scientists and assistants, office staff, do for a living? What to do with the hospitals, if all they had to work on were broken bones and appendicitis type problems? Well, there are huge numbers of research projects really needing doing, that they could do. And the nurses could practice such things as Educational Kinesciology, Touch for Health, Emotional Freedom Technique, hand out magnetic toothbrushes, offer appropriate aromatherapy - lots of things. So, many would need to go back for some training in new protocols for a while; but, they were good at school work, right?

And maybe, just maybe, with a population that is not so tied down with so much sickness and suffering, they could be far more productive, having time for more wisdom in their doings; and who knows, maybe even look to nearby space to finally open up the earth’s ecosystem to a mankind’s newly wholesome civilization that has a clean energy and toxin free industrial era, at long last using the space transportation and utilization concepts that I have created over my lifetime, such as the Space Escalator Carousel lifting structure encircling the Earth and reaching up to GEO above the far side of the planet from where it is attached on the equator, from where a new level of civilization could be built, powered by 24/7 abundant solar-electric power.

Yet my continual reality testing keeps coming up with the question again: What kind of humanity are we? Maybe the wasting of one's potential is not my exclusive fate.

J E D Cline 201003-1024 Ephrata, WA 98823-1713.

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