Judges, scientists, vaccines, toxins, ASD and healing

Headlines online news today says that the court has ruled that vaccines cannot cause autism. I don't blame the judges for doing that; it must be frustrating to a law person to have people demand that they be a scientist. Especially when the scientists themselves were not finding the answer ... most likely because their salaries, research directions and grants come from the corporate interests wanting to block any such business-expensive ruling. Even scientists do not want to get blacklisted, unable to get a job anymore. So I'd think the judges would be frazzled with the problem getting dumped on them to unravel all that.

And I doubt that vaccines are solely responsible for autism, since the thimerosol I was exposed to was not only from injected vaccines but no doubt also from absorption of the thimerosol in merthiolate, swabbed abundantly all over when I would get cuts and scrapes as a child. Besides, most likely it is other heavy metals too, like lead, that can be involved; thus, not just one cause. Some people may get higher exposures and have less ability to excrete the toxic metals, too. And I have heard of other possible factors, other kinds of toxins and stress factors. Even the combination of immune-stimulating ingredients in some vaccines, which may cause autoimmune dysfunction in the neurological system too. While I question the judges declaration that vaccines cannot cause autism, ASD, to totally pin the problem on just one of the factors would also be unwise and incorrect, I think.

Even after a lengthly detoxification protocol has long been in process, it additionally may require some neurological retraining - such as by using SMR stereo audio and kinesiological education - to get the neurons to work in better coordination, to clear up some of the ASD effects. And then catch up on all that had not been learned before, especially the social complexities. I think it can be done.

I think the focus ought to be on discovering what works to heal the autistic folks, going for efficacy instead of business profit maximization. To have ruled that vaccines are the cause of autism, people would have just been content to get money to be handicapped the rest of their lives: not a desirable fate.

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