My paperback science fiction novels

I have been exploring a new function of the publisher who has been printing my Publish-On-Demand paperback sci fi novels, that of also being a sales site. Although so far I have been their only customer for my books (the paperbacks are not nearly as easily available as are my - free - eBook equivalents out there, which have had thousands of copies downloaded so far) they say they now have an eStore. It is really hard to find my novels to buy on Amazon. I need to redesign my website to make this new option apparent. In the meantime, here are the URL's for each of my sci fi paperbacks, in case someone wants to get some: "Building Up" "The Ark of 1984's Future" (which I am currently getting approval of a revision) "It's Down To Earth" (the most popular among the downloads) "The Torus City Ice Shields Returning Home" "Going Past the Town Prison"

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