Would EFT solve the problem of disastrous bullying?

(Caution: this post is likely to “push your buttons” somewhere or another.)

I have been attempting to counter the thought that there are too many trends suggesting that we will eventually wreck ourselves back to the stone age and will have to slowly work ourselves back up again from there, perhaps assisted by caches of knowledge placed for their faster recovery – by exploring the thought that there have been some interesting recent developments which, if adopted widespread, could counter that trend and get us back on a better sustainable path for all concerned, world ecosystem and all – one of those techniques being EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique. There are a few more very interesting means, but for this post I will concentrate on this one.

The “Emotional Freedom Technique” – EFT – has the thesis that “the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” And then it proceeds to provide a range of quick simple protocols to fix those disruptions: by holding some negative emotion’s specifics in mind (such as a fear of heights or of spiders) while lightly tapping on a few places on one’s upper body, such as the inside corner of the eyebrows and just below the nose. Then examining the strength of the “negative emotion” to see if it still exists or not. The technique has well proven itself through efficacy testing, which each individual can quickly examine.

Whether each person will choose to do this, remains for the individual to decide. As we each are usually quite comfortable with the familiar “who we are,” bent out of shape or not; it seems it is all that we have, and so “don’t mess with it.” It does, however, eventually come to what kind of person do we prefer to interact with – one who is programmed by their accumulation of traumas through life and are thus quite predictable re their reactions and thus easily manipulatable by those in the know; or deal with someone who has made good progress in clearing out those disruptions in their energy systems, and thus are more able to make real responses. This phenomena applies currently to all levels of society from the homeless folks to the top level folks (or anyway those of all levels who have not cleared out most of their energy system disruptions.) The problem becomes most visible at the leadership level as in the following example; yet, if the supportive population is mostly still internally ruled by reactions – instead of responses – to their accumulations of disruptions, they don’t even see the effects of a disruption-ruled leadership’s actions. As has been evident increasingly since the turn of the millennium 2000.

An example I came up with, is that if people had been taught EFT starting early in school and encouraged to use it from then on throughout life, if the leadership of our country would have been composed of people who had been thus able to clear out the traumas of their past by consistent use of EFT soon after the traumas each time; and so when the hijacked bunch of planes crashed into buildings, that the response would not have been to go squander the nation’s wealth in an exciting wrecking of a couple desert nations halfway around the planet, killing tens of thousands of people of those nations, all somehow justified by saying we were attempting to assassinate two people declared to be bad guys – but instead, if our leadership had been bought up doing EFT for themselves, they would have had no urge to unleash enormous wreckage mechanisms, a decision (as hypothesized here) based on their individual pasts made up of responses to accumulated traumas in their lives. And further, if the energy disruptions had been cleared out even more worldwide, there would have been no hijacked planes ramming buildings in the first place, of course.

But now I question if this is true or not, based on the phenomena of “bullying.” Are people who are adequately educated – that is, equipped with knowledge and the tools to use it wisely and effectively – and who are not being driven by a pile of traumas big and small leading to their state of development, as unfortunately seem most people nowadays – are they no longer going to react with violence, like starting wars far away? The old adage about “does one fight fire with fire, or instead with water,” is well known, but rarely heeded in the world of people.

The question largely derives from the thought that there are lots of people who have a compulsive urge to bully others into obeying them, thus forming gangs who then are able to overwhelm most other individuals. In young male led gangs the first purpose is to overwhelm the guys who have a girlfriend to knock him away and then take his girlfriend for the gang’s use. And the urge to become top bully seems to be admired by many females and thus tends to have offspring from those bully-types, expanding that presumed innate bully-urge into future generations.

Although we have somewhat tamed this bully urge by codifying it in violence-by-the-rules such as in boxing and football games, and by hiring some stalk-and-assault types into organizations so as to supervise them and provide for their needs while having them stalk&assault the ones that are still loose, – up-righteously called security and law enforcement; the basic problem still remains, even if thusly tamed to a large extent.

And so this trend of thought modifies the original hypothesis of this post by wondering that people who have more knowledge and the tools to use it, might instead merely use that capacity to bully more effectively. Bullying, in this larger context, also applying to urges to form business – corporations for example – who are guided only by the motive of maximizing profit income to be divvied up by their membership – e.g. their investors and top management, focusing on effectively controlling business territories, and cleverly trampling on any upcoming perceived competition including both externally sourced and internal creativity not requested by management; instead of improving their own product and being fully responsible for improvement of the larger whole world system.

So the question is, would EFT solve the problem of bullying – assuming bullying is mostly just a learned thing through being abused themselves, instead of caused by a genetically innate urge – and thus enable civilization to continue to be responsible and prosper long term, preventing the wreckage of the world and finding ourselves again in another stone age? But maybe the compulsive bully types merely think that in a new stone age they would be even more dominant, easier fun bashing with clubs and stones following no rules, leaving the losers to the vultures (if any vultures have survived the mess) what fun and excited girls line up for access by the winners. Dramatic conflict; but for the entertainment of whom – or what? Whatever or whomever it is, it most likely would really resent EFT depriving it.

Although I personally prefer construction, growth and nurturing - is conflict instead what humanity was designed for, I wonder.

And this leads to another train of thought, worth another blog post: that the design says something about the designer.

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