Projection - a Gabrielle Ricco type cluster-vignette

Finally a long time goal has been achieved, that of being easily able to create a Gabrielle Ricco type cluster-vignette on my computer, instead of having to do it by hand and then copy it tediously into computer format, enabled by the OO3 free software package. Her cluster-vignette protocol has long been my favorite creative writing stimulant. For this one, I chose a nuclear word that has seemed provocative to me in recent times: "projection."

Projection extends or copies something internal across time and space to appear elsewhere. It perhaps occupies all the intervening space, such as a rock outcrop that is projecting outward a ways. Or a projection may be invisible until some reflecting object is encountered, such as a movie screen becomes the apparent place where the image is, even though the physical image is actually located elsewhere in space, inside the movie projector. A slide projector can be used to project images on other objects, such as a tree trunk and limbs becoming grammatical interpolation of sentences, as was seen being done one night in a park. Projection from two points is commonly done to produce what appears to be a three dimensional object on paper, such as an architect's rendition of a proposed building project. Projection can be done through time, such as in a forecaster's prediction of outcome of events. Psychologically, “projection” means the process whereby a person projects one's internal imagery onto another physical person, thus in his/her mind, the other person has the qualities that are really of oneself; this can be pleasant feelings such as onto a lover; but they also can be a means of getting rid of some disliked quality in oneself, by projecting it onto another person and believing it is the other person's bad quality instead of one's own, thus making it easier to deal with, out there. The person thusly projected onto probably will not like the intruding image, however. If that image is amplified through gossip to other people, creating a group who all project the same ugly image on a target person, it can become quite uncomfortable to the target person due to an accumulation of people treating the target person as if he/she had the ugly quality. It all has the psychological effect of being able to declare the target person is ugly – or whatever – thus implying the person or people doing the projecting onto are better than the projected-onto person. The transference of qualities or images from a source onto some other object so as to alter the appearance of the screen or object or person, can be an entertaining experience, such as when watching a movie on a movie screen, forgetting that the movie screen is what is being seen and thus imaginatively transported to a nonexistent reality, for storytelling purposes, which can be educational by setting an example of behavior and results.
James E. D. Cline 20090927

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