Revising our health care system for the very much better

Breaking the stranglehold that private insurers have over our health care system - which many people believe hold the power of life or death over them as individuals and families - will also require that health care be focused on the actual health of all Americans, seeking anew that which actually works, through supporting the whole person - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - re-examining all health principles and protocols including conventional allopathic and alternative healing protocols, researching to discover those which actually work well and efficiently at low cost.

This will need to be a governmental or non-profit function, since corporations can only function to maximize profit for the investors - which is only loosely connected to best health for Americans at reasonable cost, if connected at all. If we truly want economical quality health care for all Americans (and guests?) it needs to be fully competently researched in a completely unbiased manner, to see what actually accomplishes that goal and discover which actually works and which is best. Unbiased research of many commonly accepted medical protocols has shown that many provide no different results than do placebos, for example.

Ceasing suppression of the "alternative wellbeing" therapies and protocols needs to be done, while re-focusing regulatory attention toward such things as the Monosodium Glutamate additive, which is in far too many foods to stimulate eating more than the body needs, often to become fat and obesity, becoming multiple health problems.

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