In Memory of Dr. Hulda R. Clark

E-mail this morning from sadly says Hulda R. Clark, Ph. D. passed away last Thursday Sept 3, 2009 from complications from a spinal cord injury. She was such a tremendously dedicated person to the healing and health of mankind, altruistically giving more than anyone I know of. She shared her research freely with the whole world, much as I have been doing. She too was suppressed heavily by the franchised inferior health modality businesses, similar to as I have been re space access businesses. Dr Clark's protocols have probably enabled me to still be alive and even in fairly good health. Her zapper gadget has provided me much electronics entertainment and usage of it and related technologies has surely improved my wellbeing and saved me from much discomfort of sickness in the past dozen years, and hopefully continuing.

Although I never perceived indications of Hulda Clark complaining, surely she was deeply frustrated during the current strife re American health at the national level even under the efforts of President Obama; the media showing no mention of having the nation improve health and drastically cut back on health costs through the use of the many "alternative" health protocols and especially those she personally had developed and published in her books. Her protocols most likely could by themselves cut the American health care system costs by 2/3 easily, while greatly improving the healthy lives of Americans in all walks of life.

This is so similar to my own efforts to enable abundant cheap clean electrical energy to the world in a fairly short time frame and cleanup of severe toxic wastes etc through use of my KESTS to GEO space carousel escalator transportation centrifugally energy supported transportation structure; started back in 1989 with my files about it on the GEnie network; at best I got a few technical papers finally peer reviewed and published in space conference proceedings, but still the world ignores their potentials and disdains me and my efforts to help us all.

So what is it about people, to have caused these things to happen, to their own great detriment? Most likely it is something about business territories and keeping the money coming in from the established businesses. For example, if the American national health care costs are cut by 2/3 from their present cost level (while also people living healthier lives) where do all those people now getting that 2/3 of money get their income ... they all need things to stay just as they are, to keep their livelihood, whether a nurse, scientist, or stockholder ... all dedicated to keeping "business as usual" nevermind the American people's needs for better health and balanced budget.

I too very well know the desperate struggle to keep employed during the 45 years I worked achieving other people's goals for them; the need to support self and family overwhelms almost any other consideration. Definitely the overwhelming need for each next paycheck blinded me to much effort to see beyond that paycheck. My own unique talent for technological innovation to help mankind had to be put way back on the priority list, out of sight most of the time.

Yet America is supposed to have adequately compensated leaders whose function is to see beyond that kind of thing and prepare for the needs of the nation through their guidance, but where are they and why aren't they doing that job? Dr Hulda Clark was such a leader, providing the protocols for providing health for humanity at low cost, better health than the expensive as-is health care system has been doing, by far. But Dr Clark was not in a political position to get her work properly evaluated by peers and put into the American health care system adequately. The people powerful enough to do that were busy doing other things, too often just busy keeping the status quo.

Yet even so, through her technique of having books published describing Dr. Hulda Clark's experiments and findings and insightful explorations and resulting protocols, she has helped the lives of many thousands of people around the world, including myself, to my great benefit. There have been several efforts to create a larger organization built around her works, in particular the Dr Clark Research Association, yet all have been attacked by business rivals even through tricking the authorities to do much of the hazing. Those organizations remain, at least some of them, to carry on the communication of Clark's work. But without the great research powerhouse that Hulda Clark was, now gone to ashes in the sea, the future looks bleak; although through her legacy of her books, there remains an incredible information base for vast research projects that could be done and incorporated into our daily lives, if we choose to do so. Doubtless she realized that need, and deliberately left that free great opportunity for mankind.

In Memory of Dr. Hulda R. Clark


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