Ignoring the next step in civilization's outreach into space resources

What if the next step in civilization's outreach into space resources is not by the aerospace rocket science of exciting roar and flame of huge rocket launches, but instead by the use of synchronous electrical motor technology, dynamics of rotating machinery, and civil engineering principles?

What would that do the the turmoil mix of human egos, reputations, strivings for wealth and mates, that currently rule what actually happens now including re space? Or will that turmoil just say that if it can't be done their esteemed rocket science way, it just won't be done. In the mix are those that tolerate any space activity only to be sure we have the maintained technology to go after any who attempt to set up nuke missiles on the Moon or Mars moons aimed at us, and otherwise consider all space stuff mere "pork barrel" projects as they call it ... those kind of folks would prefer to use the money and effort to wage war, which is more more in their ability to comprehend; or a good football game would do for them instead too but does not make as much money for them.

Somehow amongst all that, civilization would do well to get the infrastructure to long term provide abundant economical electrical power around the world, and do it before the fossil fuels sink the planet's environment to roasting. Wind turbines and solar panels are important currently possible projects - but to adequately get clean electrical power to supply the whole world in the 15 to 20 year time frame - another 10 years to finish the job - the Solar Power Satellites need be gotten into GEO and done at a 1/2000th of the rocket science cost way of doing it; thus the electrical motor civil engineering approach needs to get going in high gear right away - instead of being sat upon by the powers that be.

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