Pondering Apollo 11 and the girl

Pondering the Apollo 11 celebration yesterday and the Apollo program, in fact the whole Mercury-Gemni-Apollo program, all with the goal of getting to the Moon before the Russians, who were prone to be setting up nuke rockets aimed at us that are hard to fend off and the Moon would be such a potentially reachable place, so we had to be able to get there and do who knows what to counter Russian setup of missiles on moon aimed at America.

Yet that goal, which I recall being illustrated on the cover of a Sunday newspaper Parade magazine, a graphic of Russian missiles on the moon aimed at the US while the Cuban Missile Crisis was still fresh in our minds, a close scrape with fears of getting nuked in person, drove that space program.

Not by the sci fi buffs who had thought out how such a travel in space might be accomplished. Yet sci fi had to do with being off in some other place not ruled by present reality people and circumstances, often the man was rescuing the reproduction-ready female to get her appreciation, battling powerful inhuman foes to do so, in those sci fi stories.

But the robot telescopes sent to the Moon, Mars, the moons of Jupiter, even the clouds of Venus, found no such females needing rescuing nor their inhuman pursuers there either.

Yet in the pursuit of these things in outer space, we created technologies and found opportunities we could do, that were worthwhile, such as stationary satellites in GEO that send back photos of the weather patterns of the Earth, and of communications satellites that have such far-ranging reach and yet stay in one place so fixed "satellite dishes" on people's homes and businesses can directly communicate with the satellite and thus to all its other communicants, visible to about half the planet's places through each satellite. And the swarms of lower fast-moving satellites that, with fancy rapid electronic calculations, provides personal immediate locations through peoples' GPS devices.

Without the "space race to the Moon" most likely none of that would exist now, although some folks might be futilly writing about how these things could be possibly done and would be of great benefit to people. And those writers would just be frustrated that none of it was happening.

I know, because I have been writing of next similarly non-mainstream opportunities available through space, (like "KESTS to GEO and enabled applications") but no, people are much too busy "doing something else" as led by influence-people.

And, after all, without GPS and communication satellites in GEO, we could still have microwave relay stations and transcontinental cables laid for distant mass communications, and compass and maps would tell people where they are, just like they have done for centuries.

And similarly, without "KESTS to GEO and enabled applications" people can keep on doing just as they have done for centuries. People could have created GEO communication satellites and the rockets to put them there, along with GPS satellites; people could have created the tiny complex integrated circuits, useful not just in space satellites but also in cellular phones and laptops, without the space race stimulus, but would have they done so, I doubt it. Just like KESTS to GEO applications, people are not interested in enabling great opportunities and solving huge problems that way.

People are not as smart as they would like to be seen. People are quite smart in clever conflict with each other, that is about it, in the endless reproductive games down through the generations, being the guy that gets and being the girl that is got. But that works best when Mother Nature supplies endless resources for the games, and the games keep coming full circle around the finite sphere of the planet, using up Mother Nature's resources and spreading non-vanishing litter leftovers along the way, which then become part of that which is stumbled into, increasingly.

When will we get responsible, working with Mother Nature and the greater solar system of vast resources? Probably only when the girl insists upon that happening, before she is got.

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