Improved health along with vastly reduced health care costs to the overall nation

Continued ads in email re the need for public health reform now, brings my thoughtful experienced opinion: There needs to be a universal health system for all Americans.

This will presumably have the effects of better health and functionality for all Americans, enabling greater general prosperity. The extent of health care, however, most likely will vary from one person to another, including a wealthy person can have much augmented health care, as compared to the homeless person; yet all ought to have some baseline health system availability, as supported by the nation and not by their bank account or job-associated benefit.

One prime health system needed is a new education system, probably mostly internet-delivered without cost to the user, that teaches the basics and necessary details about the holistic human body and its needs and options for basic care of all body-mind functions, including homeostasis; this would hopefully teach people to be the first line of health care themselves.

The second line of health care needs to be the system of OTC medicines as now exists, along with their expanded vitamins, equipment and nutritional supplements commonly found nowadays and no doubt more added; additionally, an expanded awareness of the "if the shoe fits wear it" mode of the vast holistic alternative health protocols and products that have become available and proven through repeated customer usage along with their maintained health.

These levels of health care ought to reduce the conventional health care costs a huge amount. The case load per medical professional ought to go way down so each patient can receive better analysis and evaluation by them before administering specific health interventions, which would probably now focus mainly on the bigger problems like car accident trauma instead of people with sniffles waiting in the reception office. Prevention, actually ought to be better called maintenance, is a tremendous reducer of health costs, and awareness of one's own body and its ongoing needs and options for fulfilling them on a minute by minute basis, will probably take care of the majority of that which now fills the medical offices; they would be gone, and thus the doctors can then deal with the serious cases remaining. Even those patients, with the healthy body-mind education's background, will be able to describe much better that which ails them, to the medical staff.

Where does insurance fit into all this, I wonder; insurance is basically a pool of people paying into a system to flatten out medical costs among them; but if the nation takes this responsibility for its people, it would essentially be the "insurer" (and would thus have a stake in healthier people so as to lower the medical system costs.) Now the insurance industry is big business and very influential and would not like to lose its business, so it is reasonable that the nation - somehow - incorporate them into the national health system, giving them a reasonable salary, and buying out any investors in the businesses at fair prices.

With far fewer sick people showing up to the medical professionals, some of the health professionals might need to retrain, such as to support the expanded self-health support systems; but most health professionals and businesses would just take on a higher standard of work, easier hours and lower stress, and hopefully still quite adequate pay.

From all this I would expect a far healthier, more functional, better working America, along with vastly reduced health care costs to the overall nation; and healthier people from the youths to the retired folks would be expected to make far fewer mistakes in life, thus also adding to the overall prosperity of the nation. Acceptance of this scenario would be dependent on the ratio of those who see a competitive relationship with other Americans and the need to be "better than" the other folks in some way to show superiority; versus those who see a nation indivisible as a whole, all on the same ship together for survival and prosperity, all contributing to the ongoing value added and partaking of it proportionally, yet helping all others up so they too can contribute to their best abilities and live well.

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