Establishing a big picture responsible national authority

Laying awake this morning, thoughts were something about how to preserve the technological development stimulus of business competition to make a better product for the customer, as proven by what the customer base is buying; while also having a larger governing influence that is making sure that the big picture's resource details are also getting filled in, even if businesses are not taking care of all of the needs for some reason or other.

Also related is how to suppress the use of intense advertising to control the customer's urge choices to buy, such as was being done by the American automotive industry causing customers to buy ever more gigantic gas-guzzling SUV's as their sole means of transportation including commute to work, grocery shopping and soccer-moms taking their urchin to the field to play, all of which could be easier done in a small hatchback using half the gas for the trips and being far less dangerous in traffic accidents; all caused by the giant corporations playing on the public's fears of the other drivers and preparation for mass exodus into the wilderness areas, armed with high power rifles to acquire food in a time of sectarian upheaval in the US, appealing to the "survivalist" mode of thinking too; a man could acquire a woman to have children by providing her with a house and a SUV for protection of the family, thus making more profit for the auto mega-corporations and the gas companies, much of that fuel having to be bought from the middle-east oil fields, paid for somehow in trade by a country increasingly unable to manufacture their own goods, gas only to be merely burned up in the daily job commute and soccer-mom trips, but the payment in real goods still having to somehow be paid in trade to the middle-east.

The "big picture" was clearly lost in that system, causing great stress to the country and the world.

Another example is in the American health care system, where tunnel-visioned guidance has bypassed cost-effective potentials (for example, where is the honest intelligent comparison of the efficacy of the various Rife & HRClark electrohealth devices, so widely and well proven by vast numbers of experimenters around the world now, especially integrated into the many discoveries published by HRClark; or the many holistic whole-person-health methods; these would cut into the business profits of the megapharmaceuticals to a significant extent, thus are suppressed, at the tragedy of the public's health), since corporate R&D is guided toward maximum business profit, not maximum customer need-filling at low cost. The virtual franchise on health care is erroneously enforced by governmental authorities, believing the existing business medical system has done the full science behind their services and no one can do better. But the science was guided by businesses who were guided by the requirement to pay maximum dividends to investors, thus only weakly linked to efficacy in maintaining optimum health for the population. As a result we have a poor health population and enormous national burden in health care; should this be any surprise knowing the system was ever guided in development toward maximizing profit by health-related businesses?

By having the big picture available and in reference, hopefully the nation could begin fixing these major goofs we got ourselves into. Expecting businesses, corporations, to fill in all the needs of the nation with good efficacy is mere fantasy; corporations do not want such a responsibility either, they are just there to get a piece of the action. If a big picture responsible national authority were established, the "action" could be more optimally fulfilled.

How to stop such a big picture authority from becoming taken over by politics and vested interests, lobbyists, corrupting the vision and the responsible governance? That part I don't know, but it seems likely that it needs to be directly accountable to the nation of individuals we are, and on a fairly quick basis.

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