More for Aspies loving the wolf pack

More for Aspies: loving the wolf pack

Remember the ways of the wolf pack: a small wolf pack united by affection and loving, yet each member ever juggling for a higher place in the hierarchy of the pack; and the excitement of going on the team hunt for food for the wolf pack, the group coordinated by position they had established in the hierarchy of the pack-tribe. The united teamwork coordination of the hunt and chase and kill of the luckless quarry, and the shared feast afterwards, the parts of the quarry given dependent on position in the pack.

And remember that if humans were somehow suddenly bereft of the part of them that you as an Aspie have far more than the normal, non-Aspie, does, they would be much like those wolves, bipedal and even more cunning in the hunt and gathering and territorial squabbles with the neighboring tribes and yes the wolves out there. Very much the same: the loving group ever expressing affection with each other yet in a roughhouse hierarchy, that results in the exciting well-led teamwork on the hunt and chase, the sharing of the success of the assault on nature that they had won.

Just think if humans had never had any of the Aspie part in themselves, what would be now. Of course, there would be no Aspies; but also no writing, no agriculture, they would be completely dependent on what they could wrest from nature's reachable surplus. Maybe that would have been better; consider a world where humans had spread all over each of the continents, and when the Bering Straights were no longer walkable the American continent would entirely be populated only by those Asian descendants, all hunting in wolfpack style. Just like in Europe, Africa, Asia, all highly successful hunter gathers. No disruption of the seas since there would have been no watercraft, not even a canoe; no a-bomb nor nuclear waste, no TVs with no way to adequately restore back to nature's reclaim. We could howl at the Moon, with not the slightest urge to walk upon it nor even build space colonies in orbit. No global warming from excessive air-burning of long buried petrochemicals. Although the hugely successful hunter gathers would long ago have bumped up against the limits of nature's abundance, and probably have caused far more extinctions of other species than we have in the actual course of civilization's history. In fact by now we might have caused more widespread loss of land life than a nuclear war would have done, since we are omnivores, can eat just about anything that can't escape our reach; but the seas would be remaining teeming with its kind of life, at least the kinds that do not get close to shore.

Just think, without the Aspie love of humanity's fascinating lively energy, and the naive belief in the innate goodness and wide responsibility potential in humanity, those wolf-pack-like humans would have ravished the earth and be long gone by now. For they would have had no more wisdom nor responsibility for the larger nature world that provides life stuff for them, than we do now, even less without the Aspies to try to remind them; their hunter-gatherer success would have not bumped up against natural limits until too many species had been devoured to extinction, nothing left that flutters even in the wind, no way for nature's land diversity to restore itself.

For memory of that loving exciting wolf-pack-team action form of existence, just go to a basketball game or a football game, sit in the bleachers and thrill to the roar of the crowd as your alpha male pack pits their prowess in teamwork against a similar-looking rival pack, and the scantily-clad fertile females dancing to remind the winners of the takings, urging them to try harder! An ancient kind of activity, feel the thrill energy!

And yet also look at the wonders of Aspie-inspired man's constructions, from high elevatored buildings, to jet airliners far overhead, to libraries and the internet bringing the world's images and knowledge into your home and workplace. So if the computer-equipped bipedal wolf-pack is engaged in the exquisitely refined team sport of cunningly hunting you down to shut your mouth permanently, then just remember what you and your kind have brought them. And wonder, was it a good thing to do? Let them decide by their actions; in fact, they will insist upon doing that.


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