Mankind missed the brass ring on the last go-around

Although as a non-subscriber I was locked out of the full article online NYTimes today, the heading of an article was provocative re what researchers say is a species-wide phenomenon of elephants starting to assault people and other animals. I wonder if "species-wide" is related to the "hundredth monkey effect"? Do elephants have a "group mind" and does it have connections with the group mind of humans? If so, does the current shift of mankind away from civilization-building back toward the old strife & rampage mode as currently centered in the country of Iraq, the cradle of civilization? People are able to do far better than that, too, yet somewhere instead elected to collapse into the bounce-n-trounce mode. Muscle rules over brain. Estrangement. It is like mankind missed the brass ring on the last go-around. It is a long way around until the next chance at the brass ring and energy to run it might run out before the next chance happens. Mankind seems more in the mode of "deny, kick & scream" at the energy depletion and world pollution situation, squalling babies instead of alert get-it-fixed mode we were in before.

"Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown" seems to have provided the focus of attention of top leadership, choosing to be rulership instead of leadership. Ah, the test of Americanism failed this time; not the first of course. Supposedly America's strength is the ability to have balance internally, to not tolerate tyrannical control. The use of mass psychology to blindfold the American public, prevented American's from stopping the mess in its tracks years ago, and still has its massive net over the public's mind. America could conceivably rationally describe its problems and choose to fix them, return to balance, even though when a picked self up & dust self off is barely done, the world will demand reparations be paid and quick.

A truer test of strength is the restraint of its use to at most match that of an assault perceived upon itself, and far better to use some of that strength to heal the damage inside, while refraining from lashing out. Yet how long is one to endure the dings from a hidden assaulter? Is there enough arrogance to teach them a lesson? So, we now find ourselves in a situation in which there was enough arrogance to go bash. We lost the remembrance that we are humanity, all brothers and sisters from way back when. We lost the patient tolerance of mature nurturers, when the adolescent mind wreaks havoc in misgided mischief.

How to get out of the "how dare you do that to me?" bull-brained bash-n-trash mode, and get back into the alert get-it-fixed mode & on the road again? Which of us has not been in deep doo-doo before. We've been there done that & we can get back up and dust ourself off again, like back then. We know how to do that; practice makes perfect. Are we not Americans, successful melting-pot of far-ranging ethnicities now joined shoulder to shoulder to achieve our diverse needs together, wrought experts at learning from our mistakes and moving onward?


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