A latter day parable, version 2

A parable might be made: (second version)

A successful businessman again changed wives, as every few years was the routine custom of the land. However, the folk of the new wife methodically began to take over his businesses, and taunted neighbors so that severe strife poking at each other was ever dramatic. He realized that to prevent becoming completely ruined, he must sadly break the relationship with the new love. But then he found that now his businesses had become managed by her kinfolk, and his wife had run up huge bills on credit, distributing his wealth to her folk while engaged in the new engrossing strife with the neighbors. The vast credit bills would remain even after a divorce, and a newer wife would need money too; so the man contended himself with whatever small comforts she would give him, while her folk continued to ravish that which had been the successful businessman's land.


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