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Again now in a task that involves separating "subjectivity" from my observed results of testing, so as to obtain a purer evaluation of that being tested, new thoughts emerge on the subject.

Subjectivity: could it be considered "that which one is tuned to receive." I like that definition, in that it implies one gets "tuned to" receive whatever. For "signal" to output, filter bandpass and specific signal component presence needs to be happening. Too narrow of a "tuning" could pick out incorrect significance, however; for example, if the whole signal is "what a fine day it is" and one's filter is narrowly tuned to pass only the components "a fine", then one would hear only "a fine" as the message, thus stimulating worrisome wondering if the parking meter needs more coins to avoid a parking ticket fine, instead of the cheery real message about how fine a day it is.

Thus "Subjectivity" definition takes on useable modifiability, including one's own deliberate tuning via such things as "positive affirmations and visualizations" of desired events and situations. Awareness of external factors doing some of one's "tuning" such as advertisements encountered, the grapevine rumor mill, and "group think", for examples, along with the various means that aggressive others plug their demands into you.

Main part here is that the "tuning" analogy brings the modifiability factor to the definition of Subjectivity, even possible definability of the specifics of one's subjectivity ongoing. One can measure a filter's response by deliberately inputting a series of constant amplitude signals of differing frequencies, and measuring the amplitude of the signal that outputs from the filter.

Yet also am now seeing the analogy of a billiard pool table event, the input signal could be like a "cue ball" which dependent on its input vector and energy and the "situation" awaiting on the pool table, which it bumps into along the way, could "output" something quite different from the cue ball, and additionally to multiple outlets (pockets, in billiards.) Or analogous to a gum ball machine, where one inputs a coin, but it is a gum ball, not a coin, that exits. The Rorschach ink blot test is another example of this, where the output can have attached nature quite different from the input that stimulated it.

So "subjectivity" loses some of its interfering nature, with this definition, which says that "subjectivity" is analogous to both a semi-constant tunable filter response, and to a billiard pool table input-history-changed outlay.

Jim Cline 2004 11 26


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