Musings on oil to not be sold in dollars and why

This parallels another UK article today
This ought to be a real wake-up call to Americans, big time, but it does not even make it into the native news.

I have been letting it be on the back burner all day boiling down to something a bit more substantial looking, sort of.

Common denominator as it seems now to me is that America needs to recognize herself as a nation responsible for herself. Instead of being only an uncoordinated basketfull of corporations, businesses employees and consumers, all buying and selling to each other, assuming where there is a need someone will start a business to fill the need. Unless we can figure out some way to make that work, we need to do it a far more integrated way, ever watchful that some tyrant does not see opportunity to take over big or little pieces. A nation needs to use its resources wisely and efficiently, and those resources include sustainable natural resources and most of all human resources. Human resources are the most renewable of them; yet like solar power must be used when it shines as there is no second chance to use yesterday. Wasting human resources is like wasting anything else; and more than most natural resources, human resources are running with their clock ticking 24/7 whether used or not, a definite "use it or lose it" phenomenon. We currently seem to be in a funky mode where America is sitting on its hands waiting for nameless faceless businesses and corporations to hire all the idle people so as to get the nation in optimum efficiency again, but all those individual businesses are effectively saying "we are not here to help the nation, we are here to make a fast buck for ourselves and get out of the game." Can a gaggle of such entities make a nation work? Would be nice if it did, maybe would avoid petty dictatorships corporate or regulatory in theory, but it has not yet worked in reality and does not seem to be headed that way at all, near as I can see.

In pointing out a problem, one ought to also point to a possible solution or source of solution to the problem. My efforts to do that seem to have fallen on mostly deaf ears - "so what's new" - but can be seen at 2009-01-25 Home internet-linked manufacturing workstations of which there have only been 87 reads since it was reformated and put there last April. (This is in comparison to 203 copies from the same site for my revised sci fi novel "It's Down to Earth" which is freely available at ) 2009-03-07 Pondering what has gone wrong in this country and why; and 2009-03-02 The need to directly tie the needs of the consumer to the economy's process 2009-02-22 Identifying and fixing the real problems

Many decades ago, there was a survey made to find out what percent of Americans would take a million dollars in exchange for never ever being able to watch television again, and nobody took them up on the offer. We depend on the boob tube as an essential part of our life. That is where we learn about what is going on in the news, but more significantly it is where the ever-present ads are telling us what is available to buy and why we should buy it; if something is not advertised adequately in our face, it might as well not exist. There are no TV ads proclaiming the above suggestions; thus to Americans, they do not exist, are less real than, say, the Simpsons or Star Trek's doings.

If this is the causative phenomenon, surely we are deeper into the stuck muck than the change away from the dollar into other nation's currency indicates. It means somebody has to fork out the money to hire the advertising firms and buy air time - all very big bucks - or people won't even know there are such proposed solutions - but even then their hardened resistance to sales pitches would say its not on their grocery list or equivalent and ignore it.

So the proposed solutions have problems more than mere implementation problems.

I could say that, well, I did my part, was not me that dropped the ball; but that does not help a bit, just some cheap sleazy balm for my vestigial ego. And am weary now, need to get some rest.

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