More of the alternative healing greats suddenly going down

Today it was announced that another of the greats in the alternative healing scene - Sara Klein Ridgley has passed away of an aggressive cancer. That makes the third in recent months; the type of cancer has not yet been told but the first two with similar descriptions were from the formerly rare pancreatic cancer type.

The other one of the greats in the alternative health field was already mentioned below - the tributes continue to pour in - who passed away a month ago was Hulda R. Clark, PhD - she was only one not to die of that cancer but of complications from a spinal injury.

Some quotes from Hulda Clark's last book have been circulating that say something about her attitude: “Ordinary laypersons have a great deal of wisdom. This book will help you to practice and express your own wisdom. Your instincts and questions are well worth pursuing. Your discoveries and experience, together with others’, are valuable and very much needed. When wisdom is accumulated, it can contribute to a new bank of information for persons in the future that face the same dilemma that you may have faced. Solutions can be found by communicating and listening to others in similar predicaments. It is my cherished belief that in this way you and others can solve human health problems that lie languishing as orphans as well as our most common ones. I invite you to do so" Also from "The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers" book: “Only when each layperson and common laborer possess the knowledge about cancer prevention, as they already do for scurvy prevention, will the medical profession stop claiming an exclusive right to cancer treatment. It will no longer be lucrative. Till then its power to restrict and hold hostage the patient will continue. At present this power seems quite misplaced, since medical professionals know neither how cancer begins nor how it progresses. In the future, preventing cancer, like preventing scurvy will not generate high incomes for anybody. Nor will herbal and natural treatments. These therapies will fall to lay health advisers and lay nutritionists. It will be a huge step of progress for humanity.”

One her key findings in her last research was a molecular combination she believed was common to all cancers, and for the first time it included a radioactive source as it requires an atom of Polonium in each molecular combination.

Although I have come to believe that she was a bit too optimistic about the wisdom in comprehending health existing untutored in the average person, as well as she did not fully understand the ruthlessness of faceless business corporations toward "potential competition" where profit is concerned for paying off investors, she made available a vast new area of health knowledge as her legacy; and if the Nobel Prize were given just for incredible achievements in the advancement of health of people, but without ties to corporate sponsors or academic organizations, Dr Hulda Clark would surely be deserving of that honor.

Meantime, I continue to notice the sudden taking down of the greats in the alternative healing field. What does this point to, I wonder; it seems far beyond randomness. That "wisdom" factor may have vanished too far these days.

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