Is it health care or is it health insurance money?

The American health care system is still up front much of the time, and it is indeed a thorny issue that can affect the lives of all of us.

The issue includes a lot of special vested financial interests, whose only interest in it all is that of making maximum money, with "health" only being the means of leverage. On the other hand, there are the folks who depend on the health care system to be able to recover from sickness or other injury.

The broader issue ought to be that of "staying healthy" which would include getting help when down with illness or injury, but would bring in a larger set of health means, and would include the prime responsibility for a person's health as being the person him/herself.

Currently this part is done haphazardly: some people deliberately seek ways to be more aware of their physical-emotional-mental-spiritual needs and study and try various means for improving and restoring health on each of those levels; but other people tend to have no deliberate effort in those areas, preferring to just press on with other life issues and when something breaks down, take it to the doctor to get it fixed.

Most likely those who have little awareness of and care for the various parts of themselves, will have more breakdowns that need fixing by somebody else; so part of a better health care system would be to teach these folks something about the being that they are and how to be responsible toward all parts of it. This would increase their quality of life and reduce the cost of health "repairs."

To assist people in keeping their physical-emotional-mental-spiritual selves in reasonably good functionality and health, there are many protocols and small businesses out there which have developed ways for doing that care for oneself, sometimes also assisting directly with that care. Some of it is done by conventional health medical establishments, but the vast majority of it is done by the folks involved with providing "Complementary Alternative Medicine" and "holistic well-being" protocols which have a huge diversity, enabling best fit for the various kinds of people and situations in which they live. The origins of much of this is from the Asian cultures who have had millennia to find things that actually worked, yet there are many new protocols and technologies originating in Western, American sources.

This seems to be the necessary approach to American health well-being, yet does not seem to be mentioned in the current healthcare debates, which seem to be more of providing insurance to pay for medical "repairs" for all Americans, not just those who currently have employment that pays for such things.

It is analogous to car insurance in some ways, yet we are not cars, not at all. Maybe what is happening is that the public can only understand car insurance type health care, the doctors and hospitals the repairmen for when things break down, but no user's prime responsibility for keeping it in shape and preventing damage in the first place. At best, there is standard medical advise to stop smoking, get more exercise, get your vaccinations, then you're done.

No mention of such things as avoiding foods that have Monosodium Glutamate in them to prevent over-eating's extra weight, or of determining wheat sensitivity so the person can avoid wheat-containing foods before their digestive system is too badly damaged, or learning the simple Emotional Freedom Technique tapping protocol to take care of their own emotional traumas before they can express as stress-related illness in some way.

With all the vested business interests who profit by keeping things just as they have been, keeping hordes of too-often sick people, getting vastly wealthy at the expense of America while public health deteriorates, perhaps the best that can be done now is to have the government provide some basic level of "health insurance" for all those who do not have such "health insurance" through an employer's help. This would raise the level of ability to cope with sickness and injury of the average American, and remove some of the leverage employers have over employees through the health insurance provision as part of the job, thus enabling some employees in intolerable jobs to seek a better job elsewhere, without major fears of loss of "health insurance."

Then becoming a national responsibility, paying for the medical "repairs," there could then be more emphasis on staying healthy in the first place, and putting the prime responsibility for conscious educated personal activities for well-being on the individuals themselves.

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