My stance on coal and environment at this point

There needs to be a balance between protecting our environment and maintaining our energy supply; along with heavily cutting back on dependence on offshore oil and its one-way flow of huge amounts of our money. Coal is our local hydrocarbon energy source burned in the air, but it creates much CO2 and toxic contaminants in air and soil; it needs to be expanded some as clean as feasible while speedily building up wind turbine energy sources and solar panel energy sources. Would also be very wise to carefully examine and begin to implement the "KESTS to GEO" hoop-type electrically powered space transportation system between equatorial ground terminals and GEO so as to quickly and economically start building the long-proposed multi-gigawatt Satellite Solar Power Stations in Geostationary Earth Orbit to beam down plentiful clean electrical energy 24/7 to supply America's power needs and become an energy exporter to the rest of the world, too, the same way. Petrochemicals need to be saved and used only for materials manufacturing for the future's needs, not to be burned for energy production anymore now than absolutely necessary. See and for example descriptions of the "KESTS to GEO" project concept, which have references to published technical papers; concept does not use rockets thus not of interest to present day aerospace businesses, so the country is the potential creator of the project, much as was for Apollo project; but this time a space race against time so as to provide abundant clean cheap electrical power derived from the 24/7 solar power in orbit, while also sharply conserving the world ecosystem. KESTS to GEO also paves the way for a new way to clean up our industrial toxic materials by conversion back into their constituent materials in solar powered mass-spectrometer facilities in GEO, all enabled by ultra-low-cost transportation to GEO by the KESTS space escalator carousel structure. Meanwhile, maximum effort to build the wind power and solar panel power along with some increase in coal power with intent to phase it out as soon as possible.

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