On computers, health, and competition

If Windows and Macintosh got together and created a mutual operating system combining their patents and production expertise, might make a good one; but then would no longer have the competition that supposedly drives innovation and improvements. Then we would have another monopolistic tyranny like the current medical system has become, with its virtual franchise over the lives of Americans, to make maximum profit but without concurrent responsibility for maximum health for Americans; it is sick people that make them money, not healthy ones - so guess what, business is business. Without the competition from Apple, the computer system probably then would go the same way, very expensive crummy computers and no options for anything else. I'm no fan of rivalry, but with "normal" people they seem to have to have the stimulation of competition to get them to do anything better. And maybe that is because "normal" people are in relationship with the other people who are grabbing their attention (mirror cells?) instead of being in conscious supportive relationship with the civilization that provides the level of way of life for all of us.

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