Another of my comments on human spaceflight

I have recently also opened up a Facebook account, and contributed several of the necessarily very brief items to the ongoing "Human Space Flight Plans Committee" blogging there. While that asociated conference looked like just another business sponsored conference actually only promoting a very specific launch and space enterprise scenario, instead of the titled claim to be promoting space access and utilization itself by any means, I contributed comments anyway.

(Over the past 14 years of space conferences, I have ruefully found that it has been a bit like seeing conferences titled "Transportation in America" and so I take my Ford to participate, but find it is actually a conference put on by GM to promote only their cars, not cars in general; and even resents even bicycles, trains or elevators being mentioned.)

So anyway, here is what I posted this morning as a comment to the departing post of the "Human Space Flight Plans Committee" which asked for comments on human spaceflight:

NASA was born in the cold war space race to the Moon. Yet the then opened opportunity for space utilization for civilization became absolutely tremendous. But compromising with all the special interests bogs NASA down. If NASA were to fully serve the interests of the American people instead of mere political business, then, instead of continuing its suppression, it could truly look into the centrifugal-supported-structure "Space Escalator Carousel" concept, freeing from the limits of rocket launch from the ground, instead letting rockets ply to and from GEO to the solar system sites, with very low cost electrical lift up to GEO from the equatorial ground. SPS construction would be easy then, among many other ways to massively utilize nearby space, to the great benefit of civilization and profit to business. And expeditions to Mars would then be very easy, too. The vision for space utilization thus could become wide indeed, and in our time.

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