Maybe it is suppression of technological advancement

Interesting phenomenon chatting with someone who has some idea about some of my space concepts, who can understand, yet clearly has business interests that constrain conversation. The subject matter is not involved in this post, but are the interesting thoughts developed in myself, apparently as a result.

One is the contrast between the two old sayings: "A bell cannot be un-rung," vs "If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound."

The other is that, on revisiting my experiences writing files and posting them on the GEnie network - before the internet - and the equivalent of chat threads, the interesting thing now twenty years later, is the fact that responders chose to respond to my writings and chat threads with antagonism instead of happiness that they now had new opportunity for creating fine new things, with the ideas now existing because I had made them and made them freely available there.

That puzzled me back then, as well as was frustrating to me then; but now, there is a bit of different thought coming up about it. It was their choice, to work constructively with me; or to tear my creative concept constructions down or hide them from others' view. The overwhelming response was to go the destructive interference path. That is the thing I am noticing now.

Something about their psychology, or their situation, most likely caused that to happen. What could it be?

Supposedly everyone in that group had the same goal, to advance into space as fast and as well as possible. The concepts I had created and wrote about on my dozens of files on the GEnie Space and Science Library, would help achieve those mutual goals.

It still does not make sense to me.

There has got to be more to it all.

Maybe it is simply suppression of technological advancement; but then, again, why? It ought to benefit everybody, so why assault it?

I could push my self-protective paranoid-button, and say it was not my concepts under attack, all varieties of them, but instead it was me under attack.

Well, that again ends up in another door to nowhere: why? Or even, why bother doing it? ... maybe it has something to do with why there are bullies. Might be the same answer to both questions.

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