Being stalked in stores and contract killing

Re the referenced article, it appears to be a contract killing. And such a thing is quite commonly set up, in my experience. Very frequently I have had men stalking me in WalMart - and Safeway and Radio Shack too. Sometimes just one man; sometimes a group of four, and at least one of them carrying a sealed soft drink bottle held by the neck as if ready to use it as a club.

Oftentimes the club-carrying man shows up right behind me in the checkout line, if no one else is there. Typically he has no cart being pushed; just has the beverage bottle being swung suggestively by its neck, instead of being held the normal way of holding such a container.

Interestingly, whenever I bicycle to Walmart and wear my helmet while in the store, the bottle-club carrying guy phenomenon does not happen. I wear my bicycle helmet in the store because oftentimes the personnel seemed to think I was stealing it from the store, so by wearing it while walking into the store, hopefully security personnel will notice that. I did not correlate the wearing of the helmet and the lack of a stalker in the store isles or behind me carrying a beverage bottle held like a club, until many trips there; apparently the intent was to strike me in the head with the bottle-club, and the helmet would possibly protect me from such an assault.

Part of the weird phenomenon is that apparently the guys arrive there just before I do, as if somehow they had figured out where I was going a bit in advance. Seems impossible; but fairly consistent.

Pondering the possible who and why of it, has produced only possibilities, some going back to the 1960's militant nuts; most of the possibilities from later times such as by those who have stolen my technological concepts for their businesses, probably related to the very expert robberies of my residences over the years; and also what apparently is carefully contrived bad-mouthing about me to ruin my reputation, done by some widespread influential group. Mixed in at times has been mere "crazy-making" mischief, too, to confuse things.

And I wonder, when is the "boss" going to give the go-ahead for a killing, like the article describes. Unfortunately I have no other way to get food and supplies, so I have to endure this.


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