If cell phone use does not cause tumors does that mean it is totally safe

For several years I have watched the research reports about dangers of cellular phone use. A repeated finding, such as the linked one here, is that cell phone use apparently does not cause cancer or tumors, per studies.

Somehow I get the feeling that people take this to mean it is safe to use cellular phones. As if something is found to not cause cancer, then that the something cannot harm in any other way.

Similarly I have noted that, as an amateur radio operator as a hobby, that obtaining a license involves rote learning that the only effects of radio waves is heating of tissues. This has to be "learned" to be able to pass the licensing testing.

The main career i ended up spending my life on, employed life that is, was hands-on electronics technician work of many kinds, often engineering related. Lots of years of experience intensely in electronics equipment surrounds.

And in recent couple of decades, a scientific hobby exploring potentials of electro-herbalism, such as the Clark-zapper type equipment, on myself.

There is a huge variety of types of signals that can be received by the human body, as well as by different parts of the body. I have seen far more effects on my body, than could be caused by mere "heating," by electrical signals.

And cell phones up close can deliver other energies besides RF from the antenna. For example, inductors can produce local energy of a different type too, alternating-magnetic field type, limited to very close range but the brain is close range to a cell phone.

And my 15 years of electro-herbalism experiments intensely suggests the frequency and form of small electrical energies into to the human body, can cause very specific effects, unrelated to "heating." The ones long researched by amateur scientists in the field, consistently find they can be very helpful to the body; and the frequencies, waveforms and energy levels have long been explored as to which ones are useful. Safety of these appears be quite high.

But the cellular phone does not emit such energy signals. And therefore is a potentially somewhat different field of study. The point here is that different forms of electromagnetism, as well as different frequencies, and physical body input area, do appear, I believe, to make a significant difference in effects.

Some cell phones, held against the side of my head while making a call or receiving one, can sometimes give me a peculiar headache that takes a long time to go away, for one thing. Caused by mere heating? I wonder. Mere warming up part of my brain cells seems unlikely to do much different that normal heating by sunshine or hot shower, which do not cause such localized peculiar headaches. But delivery of resonant energy to small areas, could possibly cause some disruption, I think. Could be killing off some brain cells each time used; but we have trillions of them, therefore so what? How would one measure the killing off of a fraction of one's brain cells be detected and proven, I also wonder, considering that millions are "normally" lost all the time.

I often see girls and young women going around with a cell phone to their head, as they go down the street. If it is burning out bunches of their brain cells, how good a mother will they be able to be, to their children. Or employees somewhere. Or wife to a husband. How can such accumulating dysfunction be separated by normal human variability, I wonder.

And maybe no one cares. Especially the makers and sellers of the products; no disruption in sales appreciated by them.

Hundreds of millions of the cell phones are in use around the world; look how many popped up taking movies of the recent brutal killing of Gaddahfi, for example; they had to be already in their pockets beforehand. All those hundreds of millions of people are carrying out reality testing of possible harmful tests of cell phone use. They are not dropping dead on the spot. That indicates some level of safety: that they are not dropping dead on the spot, is the specific data measured. And the gadgets clearly are really liked by all those folks, around the world. I have one in my pocket too, though it is usually turned off. In my youth, the comic strip character Dick Tracy wore such a device on his wrist all the time, a videophone to talk to other people; it is a device long envisioned.

And yet, I occasionally feel some odd subtle energy striking me, that appears to be some radiated energy from elsewhere. For example, one of my kitchen windows cannot be walked past without getting a fairly noticeable headache on the side of my head facing the window; keeping the metal venetian blinds mostly closed, helps, but it takes a metal shield beyond them to better block whatever it is. And papering the inside of my front wood door with aluminum foil, works well to block the oddity of a different kind of pin-point spark-like "energy" sometimes hitting me through the closed wood door when certain vehicles rumble past when aligned with my door. Am probably more sensitive to this kind of thing, due to my background.

I think that there is a lot yet to be learned on these subjects. Unfortunately the main people with such money for research are only wanting new weaponry and surveillance technologies. Hopefully some research will be also done by unbiased benign folks, and the findings made available to everybody.

As with everything, such knowledge and technologies can be used to help or to harm, depending on the nature and intent of the user.

Yet, some things can be designed to be mostly useful for helpful things.

And inadvertent characteristics of things needs to be explored too; which are too often ignored in the cheap-as-possible rush to market. Exploring lateral possibilities is often not even considered in development work, especially in science and engineering. Even more so when the research path is strictly limited by upper business management toward getting maximum bang for the buck.



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