There has got to be the responsibility for the big picture

The defeat in Congress of the plan to up the taxes of the super-wealthy, to pay for creation of some jobs that the super-wealthy did not create from their vast surpluses, is the result of some reality-testing now done. Attempting to comprehend what is going on, my first thought is that President Obama is, and has been, responding to the situations as he finds them in his job, that he expects law makers to be as rational as judges, and that is his skill, to plead his client's case. In this case, his client is the people of the United States.

An insight I had - urging this post be written - is that his rational lawyer mind is not having to deal with the fairly rational field of lawyers and judges, but instead with the ruffians who originally create the situations that then require court scenes to sort of fix. He is thinking he is dealing with rational lawyers but really is dealing with gangsters instead, and he does not seem to realize it.

He does get the part about the game of rival political parties, the part where it is important to each side that they "win." Nevermind what the other effects will be, which in normal sports is just who has the ball, who gets the trophy, who gets the hoorahs. It is a mindset. It is not completely appropriate to the governing of a nation, where the fate of hundreds of millions of people are at stake.

The GOP uses its banner that says that all jobs must be created by private business, period. They apparently are blind to the fact that private business has had the opportunity to do that all along, still has the opportunity right now, and yet has not done so, is not doing so. Those are the reality test's results. How cannot they see the fallacy in their claim? Most likely they don't care, they just want back in the driver's seat, a power-craving phenomenon.

Perhaps they are suggesting that private industry moguls are just sitting on the needed jobs, held hostage but will open them up if the GOP wins. Or maybe expect the desperate voters will hope so, and put them back in the office, so they can do the 2000-2008 thing again. (Are we ready for spectacular excuses to go to big war again?)

And, the scenario is that where private business controls things, there is a kind of class system going on, the owners and managers, vs the working class.

I was a member of that working class for the almost 45 years of my employment working for a huge number of companies. I have seen the patterns. I see little reason they have or will change soon. So I have basis for what I babble about here, as if someone else will hear.

Most of that work was done for private business, although some of the early years, nine of them, were for the federal civil service. So I have seen lots of variety. Even the civil service provided variety for me: I trod the deserts helping survey land and objects on that land; I worked as a museum technician, helping prepare displays; I operated missile testing equipment; I maintained complex electronic equipment. Private industry employment only provided electronics high-tech work for me, measuring, testing, building, debugging, making things work; yet in a wide variety too.

Owners and managers got in their positions generally because they had the urge to control other people, and had talent and opportunity to do so. The others, the working-class like myself, were willing to let others do the planning and provide pay for doing whatever their boss told them to do, then the worker could go home and live their own life until going back to work the next day. It was a system that worked, although rarely led to the full potential of people be applied to the full needs of the nation. It all was sort of happenstance, whatever goods and services that some owners thought up that would make them some money. Not fill the needs of the nation in a larger world; had no interest nor attention in doing that. Not their responsibility. It was the government that had the responsibility for the bigger picture, and strove to fill in the cracks in what was needed to enable the nation to work as a whole.

In the GOP plan, it appears that they assume that this would all would magically change, that business people would somehow start automatically filling in all the cracks in operating a nation, even though they have never voluntarily done so in the past.

Maybe the GOP has some secret formula to resolve all this, kept in hiding. (Maybe it is that they themselves plan to rule over all, forcing everybody in the nation to beg them as individuals to do favors and work for pay, so they can survive. Bullies have those instincts to force those situations, and it works well for them.)

There is one kind of scenario where this scenario seems to work, in some circumstances. We currently have several large "religious" groups who tend to have the larger picture of enabling their males to breed faster than other group's males, and the thusly growing larger voting population gets them into office eventually. These "religious" organizations have the intent and expertise for helping their members prosper, that the organization itself prospers as a result, and reproduces faster. What if the whole nation were to be declared all members of one of these "religious fundamentalist" groups? Would they then apply those impressive chains of assists to get all the people in the nation to usefully work, considering the whole nation as the system needing assistance in prospering? At present, such organizations depend on prospering by taking from the larger non-member group in which they exist, the nation. If they were in control of the whole nation, they would possibly then see the whole world as the larger group from which to extract goodies - and of course extra women so that the in-group of the "religion" can reproduce faster - the root motive for it all, most likely, when all the fluff and layers are peeled off. To solve a problem accurately, one needs to first define it accurately. Or one can merely look at a little piece of the problem and seem to solve it, job done.

But in the upcoming situation, it looks to me like the problem needs more clearly defining, or it will just get messier as a result of efforts to fix things. And, that can provide lots of continual conflict that provides the drama that people seem to crave.

Do I want it to get more drama, messier? There is a balance between colorful interesting events ongoing in my life, vs the neat and predictable gray-suited stiff walking lock-step mode of life.

The kind of drama I would like is that of scientific discovery and comprehension, responsible care of our planet's ecosystem that gave us life, and reaching out to the lifeless vast areas of space to which we can bring life, and get living room and resources aplenty in return.

But the current drama is of the type of "who does what to whom." Much too much so. It appears that is because that is all they know how to do. The responsibility for the people and the world is mostly missing in it all. The responsibility seems to be of my family prospering at the expense of your family fading away as a result, the "who does what to whom" kind of thing.

We don't have to do that. We have a choice in the kind of drama we experience. A small part of that is in the political process, who we vote for to put into office. We can hope that those voted for have better capability and knowledge and good-will to do the job better than we ourselves could do. This can get to become a sport game playing activity, much as is tying our country's progress up in knots lately.

Could we somehow start looking at the big picture of America - and America in the larger world at times - and see all the needs needing filled, and arrange private business to get all the pieces, every one, done? Congress paid NASA to pay prime contractors and sub-contractors to build and operate the Moon landings. Private industry generally would not have done that, no big profit from selling a few moon rocks acquired as a result; no reason to go to the Moon, nevermind the Soviets' doings. But private industry did get the pieces done, big and small; yet were paid by the federal government from taxes the people of the nation paid to have it all get done, no missing pieces.

There has got to be the responsibility for the big picture.


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