What happened to the 200 KHz stereo system technology?

As I wait year after year for a particular new kind of product to come out, that it has not done so, gets more puzzling.

It has maybe been ten years ago that I read of a very interesting technology, that would enable low energy hi fi stereo for homes. Excellent bass yet without big woofers. Highly directional music, for stereo in different parts of the room. Ought to be low cost, too.

I got even more interested when seeing employment ads by a company in San Diego looking for engineers to help create these products.

Yet, I keep looking and reading, and even bought some systems that I supposed used that technology, but did not; were something else each time.

What I remember of the technology, it used ultrasonic signal generators, probably crystal resonators, small and low cost. Operated around 200 KHz acoustical mode. Worked by the interference pattern at the ears recreating the sound, in great stereo and also as a function of where you were located in the room, such as real variation at where an orchestra plays. System operated at low power.

I have wondered if the Bose receivers that came out about then, used that technology; since it advertised exceptional stereo music yet low power, but I could not afford the then $300 to buy one to find out.

Recalling the descriptions of that 200 KHz audio technical concept and findings, it was also useful for steering the interference patterns so as to have some things only perceivable by people at certain locations in a room. That could be useful, for, say, a movie director wanting to send instructions to specific actors on stage.

As time goes on and I continue to not find such type high fi stereo devices on the market, I wonder if somebody figured out a not-so-nice use for the technology, and bought the rights out. The ability to direct audio to people located at specific places in a big room, could be used for not-so-nice manipulation of people and events. Bullies would probably like such a tool to do their control issue thing, another trick to fiddle with other people's lives. That could explain why I cannot buy a nice low energy high quality stereo setup for my home, that uses such 200 KHz interference pattern music delivery technology.



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