The effect I got from the Bad Karma of unnecessary killing of an animal

A friend has suggested I write a post here which is part of what i wrote her in response to her feedback re my post re the tigers etc, and asking about my former marriage, long ago. She has suggested labeling it "The effect I got, from the Bad Karma of unnecessary killing of an animal......" So, here it is:

"... Re the unfortunate rattlesnake, that happened - about 1968 - in Old Topanga Canyon, our home for 6 years until she decided it was time to ditch me, and my life was ruined for years after that, in my own self pity and despair. I threw away a potential career at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, for starters. However, I slowly have learned how to function as a lone Aspy over the decades since then, living without a "normal" woman to deal with the intracies of social world existence.

Recalling that incident of the tragic rattlesnake's killing, I now have also recalled another item that seems related: the snake symbolizes one's R-Complex (short and polite for the "Reptilian-Complex" part of our brains), the part that deals with the physical world; the next rainy season, in the very place where I killed the snake, in the middle of the stormy night, the side of the mountain in back of the house collapsed and smashed in the house, mashing in the 20 foot long wall, and we had to abandon the home in the dark and raging pouring storm, phone, electricity, water all already torn out, across the then-footbridge to escape, only to find the road had been washed out in front of us and a huge tree had fallen behind us, so we could not leave.

So be careful, do not offend your R-Complex."

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