Did Gadahffi have long term lead poisoning?

A blog is a place where one can spout off about things that do not directly concern him or herself.

So, in that opportunity here, after more reading online about Muamar Gadaffi's recent past and even more recent demise accounts, in looking at his photos, I wonder, he looks like he has major lead poisoning, probably for a long time. An old bullet never removed, from original fighting?

Accounts of his last months as leader, reminds me of the erratic decisions and brutal orders of the Roman Empire rulers before its fall. Their case, lead poisoning by the lead water pipes and drinking utensils.

So I would suggest via this post, that no doubt will not get heard let alone headed, I would suggest that a bit of hair and some drawn blood from the corpse, for analysis of heavy metals poisoning, and possible other factors, be gotten. Some for contemporary technology formal chemical analysis; and other samples saved for the far more sophisticated analysis techniques being developed.

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