Twinning a rich MCG with a poor MDG to infill the world

Am trying to convince myself that the MCGs have more chance of success than the goal of getting Jabba the Hutt to voluntarily morph into Robin Hood. Millennium Consumption Goals for the world's rich, to pair with Millennium Development Goals for the world's poor, could take the form of twinning: linking each specific 20% MCG in a rich country/community with a specific 80% MDG in a specific poor country/community, covering the whole world. Like the Sister Cities idea. Jabba, what say?

Most likely we Americans cannot get our collective hypnotized focus off of the "us vs them", "me vs you", "make them look bad so we will look good", "who is better than whom", kind of paradigm, to even consider this kind of thing. But, hey, writing it down is maybe a start.

I wonder, how did we get out of the feudalistic Dark Ages up into our industrialized enlightened civilization? Might be worth a think, as we apparently are headed toward a Feudalistic mode of the Aristocracy vs Serfs, divvying up of America; Owner-management vs Sheeple. A head start in placing seeds to get out of that trap, might make it easier. And take less time than from the Dark Ages.

And am a bit sad that the best that the 99% can do to get their potential productivity back online nicely, is to sit on the doorstep of the 1%. Are we really just Sheeple?

Sure, the owner-managers are the ones with the right-stuff to get productivity going; the workers are not generally built that way. But the owner-managers are apparently out to lunch. Or maybe out in their mega-yachts unaware of it all. Or maybe their college degrees did not teach them responsibility for the whole system that supports them and everybody else; instead got taught mere grab-root-growl competitiveness to "win," nevermind the whole system that provides us all existence?

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