Little gold and diamond lapel pin from supervisor

Suddenly now recalling at Shugart job, circa 1982, when I was walking down the hallway, my then-supervisor stopped me and said that there had been a big ceremony meeting in appreciation for long time employees, giving out little gold and diamond lapel pins as part of it; and here is yours for five years service, he said as he handed me a lapel pin and then strode on down past me without another word of explanation, leaving me holding the little pin and wondering why I had not been invited to the ceremony.

The little lapel pin was shiny gold, stamped with a "5" on it, and had a tiny diamond as part of it, kind of pretty. I held it a moment longer there in the hallway, still trying to digest the difference in form of ceremony. Aspergers makes it real hard to figure out people's doings in real-time. Finally I pinned in on my shirt and continued on to where I was going down the hallway, and no further mention of it was ever made.

Usually despite Aspergers, eventually people's doings make a kind of sense to me. But in this case, it still doesn't. Thus this post is my way of dealing with it.

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